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This is my G+ Business Channel - Please Take a Look Around!
This is my G+ Business Channel - Please Take a Look Around!

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The ability to grow your online testimonials is an important part of every local business today. Not only can customer reviews increase a company’s ranking on search engine results, but are very likely to play an important role in buying decisions.

It is never too late to develop a strategy to capture reviews online

We have listed below some key points to keep in mind when building out your strategy.
It goes without saying that you should never write fake reviews for your own business. Nor should you ever consider paying or using 3rd parties to post fake reviews. Your patrons must post their own reviews using their accounts on the related review site.
I always advise my clients to implement a review capture strategy to include a simple yet effective web form. Our technology in particular, encourages positive reviews to get posted online, and limits negative reviews from being posted.
Training of your staff is also an important part of the reputation culture. The more that employees understand the value of exceeding customer expectations, the easier it will be to pile on the reviews.
Keep in mind, there is no rush to gather 5-star reviews, having a solid plan is most important. Please contact us if you have any questions. Visit our YP listing at, or give us a call we are glad to help 248-716-1936.

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It may be time to fix your online reputation, or even better start to build one!

Local business in Michigan, rely on their reputation to attract and maintain their clients. Social media and review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and City Search can help local businesses build a great reputation online. Review sites make it very easy for happy (and not so happy) customers to leave online reviews. Hundreds and even thousands of individuals, search daily for many of the services you provide, in your local market. If your web presence is in question, it could more often than not, cost you missed opportunities.

The first step is to commit to improving your online reputation

Many individuals now turn to the internet to find out and learn about a company’s reputation. Just think about it, who would you choose; a company with five, 5-star reviews or a company with five, 3-Star reviews? No doubt, you most likely would choose the company with a better reputation online.

Software has come a long way and today more than ever, you have options! Having a great reputation online can positively impact the success of your business, an impact that goes beyond improving your search results.

Contact our Michigan company today and learn more!

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It’s hard to believe, however, in In today’s digital age, 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews!

If you already have a strategy in place to gather and boost your reviews online, then you are far ahead of the curve. Managing your reputation online can be a tall order for some business. However, if you have a plan, the process can be much more attainable.

Regardless, of how involved you are with managing your business reputation, one point is very clear; reviews online are important for many reasons;

• They influence consumers purchasing decisions
• Can improve rankings in local search engines
• Improve the overall image of your business

Reviews in today’s mobile search world, are critical to your local SEO strategy. Just as you improve your onsite SEO, reviews must be part of your overall strategy. In this post we will dive a bit deeper into “how online reviews affect decision markers.”

How do consumers use online reviews to make buying decisions?

It is important to keep in mind, consumers often identify with prior consumers. Let’s face it, if you are contemplating a choice between two companies, who would you choose? Company A with seven 5 star reviews or Company B with NO or even Poor reviews? The answer should be obvious – Company A!

Often, when a consumers is considering reviews to make a buying decision, they already know what they want. Then then typically imagine how the store will fulfill their desire. If they read several positive reviews, especially for the specific service they are looking for…then …the decision is clear.

You must keep in mind that the gap between reading an actual review and making the decision to move forward is very small. Hence, your reputation online can, in most cases, determine whether you get the business or not.

At business review services, we can help your business put in place a plan to tackle this very issue. Please contact us today for a free consultation!

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As always, we are keeping an eye out for great articles regarding online reputation management. We thought you may like this one!

7 Ways to Use Negative Customer Feedback to Beat the Competition

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” — Bill Gates
Negative feedback from customers can be a hard pill to swallow. It often feels unjust, unhelpful and inaccurate. Even the most professional business owners can be defensive and emotional in the face of criticism. And while business owners may intellectually know negative customer feedback is critical to improving their business — a 10-percent increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) can correlate with a six to seven-percent increase in revenue — the hard bit is constructively incorporating it.
Related: Got a Bad Yelp Review? Here’s What to Do
The following are seven things every business, small or large, can do to extract as much value as possible from negative feedback.
1. Gather competitive intelligence.
While you likely monitor your own reviews closely, it’s also important to scour the public reviews of competitors. By reading their reviews, especially negative ones, it’s possible to get a sense for how your products and services stack up to theirs and see if their customers have similar complaints. Careful reading of competitor reviews can also help you determine their weaknesses and find opportunities to win over their customers.
2. Benchmark performance against industry.
If 60 percent of your customers are very happy with the service they received, is that good? How does it compare to others in your industry? SurveyMonkey offers a tool to help you gauge this using their benchmarks. Similarly, some review sites offer detailed customer ratings on metrics such as service, value, quality, returns and shipping, which can also be used to benchmark performance. Read full article here…

Entrepreneur definitely puts out some great information. One of the most important points that we agree with is to train employees!
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No More Ads on Right Side of Google Search
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