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+John Mueller This article brings up the question regarding whether it is better to have a separate mobile site with separate URLs (there seems to be concern regarding mobile urls diluting the link equity of a site) or use a responsive design?

What are your thoughts regarding this?  I personally believe that in most cases responsive designed sites provide a better user experience than most of the mobile sites that I visit.  
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From our POV both work - sometimes there are technical reasons to choose one over the other, sometimes there are non-technical reasons (eg marketing, user-experience, etc) to do that. 
Thanks +John Mueller for such a quick reply.  I see from a crawling standpoint you can crawl each and basically no difference but what about the diluting of link equity that so many are concerned about?  Can this be handled via rel="canonical"?
Yes -- if you use separate URLs for equivalent content for mobile/desktop, we recommend using a rel=canonical pointing to the desktop version.
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