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Breaking News: Live Coverage RNC...never underestimate the stupidity of party loyalist from either party...
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Burt French

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Absolutely Great!!!!
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Burt French

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Get you some :~)
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Burt French

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0:00 "Alone Together"
6:56 "How High The Moon"
10:33 "It Neve Entered My Mind"
15:11 "'Tis Autumn"
20:29 "If You Could See Me Now"
25:47 "September Song"
28:54 "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"
33:26 "Time on My Hands"
37:58 "You and the Night and the Music"
42:06 "Early Morning Mood"
51:08 "Show Me"
57:36 "I Talk to the Trees"
1:03:28 "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"
1:08:03 "I Could Have Danced All Night"
1:11:43 "Almost Like Being in Love"

Never have two musicians seemed so alike in temperament yet differed so much in their approach to making music as Chet Baker and Bill Evans. While both were peerless masters of their instruments and shared a rich, evocatively lyrical playing style that bordered beguilingly on the introspective, Baker and Evans were polar opposites when it came to the discipline of performance.

Though both were heroin addicts, the musically-trained Evans never let it interfere with his meticulously precise flights of invention while the self-taught Baker became increasingly erratic and inconsistent. They ventured into a recording studio together on just three occasions.
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Burt French

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Burt French

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This is nice....Jeff Hamilton...
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Burt French

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It's Willis Jackson time W/ the great Pat Martino on guitar
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Burt French

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Google ever since you screwed up gplus it really sucks. This new ph app for gplus is frozen for like a minute every time I open it and you guys are always preaching to web masters about usability.

+gplus +Google 
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+Burt French Well , I tried it once and found not to have the time to go ahead. to figure things out. Anyway,  it may still be Beta, I fear.
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Jazzin' The Blues Burt "Chick" French
Seemed like a good spot to have a little hideaway...not particularly social. Spend most of my time studying music and scouring youtube for gems to share over @ my Bohemian Blues Lounge

Musical Genre's - Classical, Folk, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Jump Blues, Swing, Big Band, Be-Bop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock & Roll, Western Swing, Classic Country, Dawg and Bluegrass...


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Narcissism: Why It's So Rampant in Politics

Narcissist politicians don't serve the people; they serve themselves.

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