Baroque Space Opera designer Mark Kowaliszyn ( +Mark Kowalizzinn ) has kindly offered a prize to one lucky purchaser of our Bundle of Fate +3. "I got a couple copies of the Baroque Space Opera map printed in a large format," Mark says. "They look amazing! One is going into a frame, and another I'm giving away."

In the fantastically colorful universe of Baroque Space Opera, the Tyrant's Dominion spans a hundred planets, and many more lie beyond the Dominated Planets. Centered on Baroque, the golden planet of the Tyrant, the Dominion stretches across a great volume of space. The known galaxy is finely detailed in the Baroqueverse map, with 63 locations described in the book.

When this Bundle of Fate +3 offer ends, Mark will award the large-size Baroqueverse map to a random customer who paid more than the bonus threshold. We'll announce the winner shortly after the offer ends on Wednesday, December 2.
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