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Yes, people can make a living through blogging. With some knowledge and support, you can too.
Yes, people can make a living through blogging. With some knowledge and support, you can too.

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14 Successful Bloggers to Follow

Intriguing list from digital nomad +RB Biddulph It's humbling to see yourself included on a list like this. 

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Exclusive Free Masterclass Training with Nick Stephenson: Find your First 10k Readers

Link Below: 

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How to Live Your Legend Through Adventurous Blogging

Scott Dinsmore was an amazing blogger…

After learning the basics with a few previous blogs, Scott launched a new website called Live Your Legend.

For the first four years, not much happened.

Then suddenly, the seeds he had sown began growing rapidly!

Within a couple of years, he had 100,000 subscribers.

Then tragedy struck…

That’s where my guest comes in…

Chelsea Dinsmore was his devoted wife, who traveled the world with him, and gleaned some of Scott’s business sense along the way apparently…

Because now SHE is the CEO of Live Your Legend dot net.

What happened to Scott? How did Chelsea step into the role of CEO without any prior business experience? Then proceed to take the blog up to 250,000 subscribers?

You’ll have to tune in or read the transcript to find out. ;)

Here are a few things you can expect to find in this amazing story…

–What happened to Scott up on Kilimanjaro while hiking with Chelsea
–What the purpose of Live Your Legend blog is all about
–Did they use any paid advertising to grow?
–How Live Your Legend is helping people reach their dreams around the world
–How blogging has changed Chelsea’s life
–Much more

If you have a question or message for Chelsea Dinsmore, be sure to leave it in the comments. I’ll make sure she see’s it.


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How to Spread Goodness in Practical Ways Through a Spiritual Blog

Interview with +Cylon George

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Full Time Public School Teacher Builds Blog Audience for Retirement Plan

She loves to teach and has carried her passion and skills over to her own gig for the future.

We talked about her journey of building an online audience in her spare time while working full time. She also shares some blogging tips.

My interview with teacher and blogger +Janice Wald

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+Mi Muba has put together a minimalist guide to income streams through a Green Blog.

Lots of good feedback from folks on this one. Enjoy!

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1 blogging limiting belief trips up many aspiring bloggers.

Learn what it is and how to defeat this denizen of the blogging dark through this guest post by Ryan Biddulph. 
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