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Take the 2017 Blog Declaration Challenge!

There's still time to set new goals and achieve great things this new year. Don't just make "resolutions" that get forgotten in a week. Instead, make a DECLARATION that has accountability tied to it. Be bold!
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How Can a New Blogger Master Content Marketing?

+Pamela Wilson understands content marketing better than most.

She's a former Executive VP of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital, the company that owns +Copyblogger (one of the world's most popular online marketing blogs.)

She also owns +Big Brand System, a business that helps online companies big or small create memorable brands that get results.

On this episode of The Blog Chronicles , we focus on You the blogger and how content marketing can be implemented into your blogging routine so you can reach MORE people, grow a wider audience and ultimately boost your sales (if you are monetized.)

Here are some things you'll discover in this episode:

--What the term "content marketing" means to the new blogger

--How content marketing works

--The skills needed to succeed at content marketing

--Why you shouldn't dread doing it

--Why "I don't have time for content marketing" is a lame excuse

--A lazy approach to content marketing

--What is a "customer journey" and why a blogger should create content that fosters their journey

--7 Essential Elements to Successful Content

If you have any questions for Pamela, leave a comment here:

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Book Excerpt from Pamela Wilson, author of Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience


At the Tribe Conference, I got to meet Pamela, someone who I highly respect in the blogging and digital marketing community.

She oversees all the content produced on the wonderful Copyblogger website. I have been learning from Copyblogger for over 4 years.

She is also an Executive VP of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital. (They own Copyblogger.)

This post gives you a free snippet of her fabulous book...

Let her know what you think in the comments:
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Romanian Blogger is a full-time blogger at age 27
If you could ask her one question, what would it be?
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+Kent Caylor Hi Kent. The interview was recorded last Friday. But your questions are addressed in the interview so be watching for it's release....if you still have questions feel free to ask in the blog comments or YouTube comments.

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Achieve What Matters in 2017

Over 30 super-successful high-achievers were asked what they do to set themselves up for a banner year. In this free PDF, you'll learn the answers from people like Amy Porterfield, Derek Halpern, and Marie Forleo. Their insights are pretty incredible. Take a look for yourself here:
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My Interview with Romanian Blogger Minuca Elena

Romainian Blogger Minuca Elena works as a full-time creator of Expert Roundup Posts in many different blog niches.

Busy influencers hire her to organize and put together these projects. She makes a nice living doing this as an independent blogger.

Listen in (or read the transcript) as she talks about her life as an expert in expert roundup posts.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this episode of The Blog Chronicles:

–How blogging has changed Minuca’s life

–Why she focuses on creating expert roundups

–How she became a full-time blogger

–What expert roundup posts can do for your website

–What her family and friends think about her career

–What Minuca likes and dislikes about full time blogging

–Where Minuca expects to be in two years

If you have any questions for Minuca, leave us a comment here on Facebook and I’ll make sure Minuca see’s your question or comment.

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Hat tip to Kate L. from +Invoice2go for reaching out and collaborating with me on this sweet infographic.

Some good bite-sized takeaways for the small online business owner and freelancer.

You can steal this infographic and post it on your blog or social share it.

Supercharge Time!
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When You're Ready to Be a Prolific Blogger Who Never Stops Posting Great Content, Follow +Mike Allton

This episode is two episodes in one--90 minutes of Mike's content marketing expertise. What you'll find:

–His personal blogging journey
–How to come up with an endless supply of post ideas
–His best source for blog traffic
–His biggest blogging strengths and weaknesses
–Which social media platforms work best for getting traffic
–Which monetizations work for him and which don’t

Listen or Read:
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Hello +Roberto Fiad How are you?
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What if you could get an overall score for your life and use that information to create the life you want? Use this:
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Crazy Flash Sale Happening right now till 2 pm. Mountain Standard Time (4 p.m. Eastern) Start a new blog with this insane low price:
Step 2 includes simple instructions with screenshots to help you set up a high quality blog in 15 minutes.
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This Freelance Starter Kit is So Small Yet Provides the Tools You Need to Launch and Earn $$$

If you’re new to freelancing, here’s a handy starter kit to get your business moving.

This kit is made up of seven tools. The first two address the foundation of your freelance business–two things you need that are non negotiable: your website and your branding.

The other five tools can be used every day. Each one together helps you land clients, produce great work and get paid. 

Check out what’s inside my freelance starter kit:
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Yes, people can make a living through blogging. With some knowledge and support, you can too.
Build Your Own Blog provides instructional support and information for new bloggers who want to launch a blog but don't know where to start. 

We offer a free Dummy Proof Step-by-Step guide available on the website that holds a beginners' hand and takes them through a blog setup in just an hour. 

We also have IM customer support on the site. 
Get started today at

Reach your dreams. Find freedom. 
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