Dear Supporters (Past, Present and Future):

I bet you have seen, or heard, the following quote attributed to Margaret Mead.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Often we see or hear a quote like this and we become energized. Sometimes this newfound energy level remains high for a while, and sometimes the enthusiasm quickly subsides as something new comes along, or as the pressures and demands of 21st century living crash over us, beating down our best intentions.

Well, if you are reading this on one of our social media pages then you are likely a supporter of Building a Bookshelf, a grass roots organization that is the embodiment of Margaret Mead’s small group of thoughtful, committed citizens.

If you want to see how easily small numbers make a BIG impact please allow me to take a few more seconds of your time and give you a brief synopsis of Building a Bookshelf’s brief history.

ONE grassroots, volunteer-driven, children’s literacy outreach organization

TWO (husband and wife) volunteers distributing books

FIVE years distributing books to children from low-income households, or to organizations that support this same constituency

TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND books distributed (yes, you read that right. Two part-time volunteers have distributed almost 25,000 new and used books to kids who want, need and love books, but cannot necessarily afford them.)

I would like to thank any reader of this message who, at any time over the last five years, assisted Building a Bookshelf, Inc. - the grassroots charity that became a reality because my wife saw a problem, rolled up her sleeves, and found a way to make an impact. Some of you have donated money. Some of you have donated books or held book drives. Others might have played matchmaker: putting Building a Bookshelf and another program, or organization, serving children living in low-income households in communication with one another. THANK YOU!

You are one of those thoughtful, committed citizens Margaret Mead references in her quote. It is real. It is not just an ephemeral quote: easily spoken, or shared, and then quickly forgotten. You are part of it! Your support helps us bring about positive influence in a young person’s life. So, celebrate it, share it, and enjoy it!

On behalf of the Building a Bookshelf organization, thank you!

Geoffrey Allison co-founder of Building a Bookshelf, Inc. - a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
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