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Order your dream kitchen cabinets -- Up to 40% OFF 

Different Cabinets Promotions in Each Month is tailored made for Your Kitchen!

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Brand Ambassador Referral Program

 Earn Up to 15% Commission!
-With Our Brand Ambassador Referral Program,
The Simple Referral Program Makes Money for You, for a Lifetime!

1、What is the referral program about ?
Our brand ambassador program provides a unique opportunity to make money online, or so called making money at home. This commission generating referral program is a great fit for bloggers making money online by blogging, independent sales contractors, independent manufacturers representatives, manufacturing representatives in the remodeling or home improvement industries to make commission with ease.
Our system is easy for you to track the commissions you earn, whenever your customers make a purchase on our website. All the commission is displayed after you log into your account.
You will be assigned a Unique Referral Code that you pass to your referrals, when your referrals place an order, they will enter your referral ID, so our system will automatically know they are coming through you. When the customer enters your referral ID, we will offer a 2% extra discount to them. This extra 2% discount is the incentive we provide to your referrals, so that they will not forget to enter your referral ID. 
2、What? I can get commission for a lifetime ? 
If the customer you refer to us is a repeat buyer, you can earn repeated commission because they are tied to your Unique Referral Code.
Yes! It is a Lifetime cash generating machine for you! Starting from one customer, you can build a huge customer base, thus getting commission again and again for a lifetime ! 
3、Who can/should join the referral program? Are there great potentials to make money ?
Builder Elements website provides a well-organized platform of building products and home improvement materials. is organized by category, presenting product photos, specifications, installation instruction and quality certifications in a way that is easy to navigate on the web.
It is ideal for the following professionals/ individuals, or anyone wanting to start selling the hundreds of products on our website to the contractors, builders, construction companies, designers and architects, retailers and friends you know:
Sales/ Manufacturer Representatives
Tips: Our products can be your complimentary product lines. For example, when you recommend your existing product lines to your customers, you can also recommend our product lines which you do not carry – You are selling to the same customers without extra efforts!
Contractors/ Electricians/ Plumbers
Tips: Always save money by buying from us. When your budget is fixed, your saving is your net profit. If your customers want to buy materials themselves, then get the commission from us and your customers also get a 2% extra discount! Why not? It is win-win situation.
Bloggers/ Writers for Home Improvement-related businesses, etc.
Tips: Promote our website in your blog or articles with your Unique Referral Code, since people will get extra 2% discount when entering your Unique Referral Code, they won’t forget. When they enter your Unique Referral Code, your commissions earned will automatically show up under your account. For example: After your professional blog or article, at the bottom, you can write something like “Please enter my referral code: JohnG0956 (just an example of your Unique Referral Code) when you buy from during the check out process, you will get extra 2% discount when you enter this code.
Interior Designers/Architects
Tips: By recommending our website to your clients, you can help your clients to save money on a great variety of products. With yourUnique Referral Code, they can get 2% extra saving.
Work at home persons/ professional
Tips: If you have a computer and can write in English, you can certainly work at home to make commissions by referring our website to people you know. If you go to a party, you can also pass our business card with your Unique Referral Code to people. You are making money but you are also helping them to buy great remodeling products and save money!
4、What kind of reward/commission I can make ?
You will spend a minimum effort with a generous reward:
Earn commission of TOTAL sales starting from 4% and up to 10%. Builder Elements offers aggressive commission rates from 4% to 10% based on the total net sales amount.
5、How does it work?
Returning Member
1.Sign in  2.My Account  3.I want to be a Brand Ambassador  4.Wait for Approval
New Member
1.Register  2.Sign in  3.My Account  4.I want to be a Brand Ambassador  5.Wait for Approval
6、What happens after you become our Brand Ambassador?
1.Approval  2.Expect your Unigue Referral3.Promoting Our Product 4.Your Customers Buy 5.Get Your Commission
Hurry Up to Visit Our Website:
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If you wanna decorate your bathroom in intense design feeling, you should have some skills like makeup.
By using mosaic tiles in the bathroom, it shows your personal style as well as its peace and quiet.
You may have something surprised with the following pics which are decorating with mosaic tiles,

Also, you can get more information by browsing:
For more promotions,you can visit this: 
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Customer Cases--- So beautiful, Are you tempted? 

These pictures are the customer feedback after decorating, we are glad to watch these pictures. Customer's satisfaction will be the motive force for us to push forward.

In order to thank new and old customers for buying their satisfactory Mosaics, at the beginning of the New Year, we are launching a series of marketing activities and many discount coupons. Of course, we will also ensure that customers can buy cheaper products than our competitors.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us, we will be pleasured to receive your reply.

Feel free to visit us:

For current promotion, please visit:
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I ordered tile from and not only I got a great price but their customer service is phenomenal. At all times I knew the status of my order, however the carrier lost part of my shipment and I only received a partial order. The carrier could not locate the lost packages, but once I contacted to let they know what happened, they immediately shipped another lot to replace the lost one. I am very pleased with my experience and not only I will do business with them again but also highly recommend this merchant. Thank you so much!
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Just think It may be a reference for your next home remodeling project....wall, bathroom, kitchen backsplash... sold to thousands of home improvement projects using glass mosaic tile as bathroom wall, kitchen backsplash, and floor...thanks to our customers for sharing their beautiful project photos...
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6 Billion People shout “WOW!” after seeing these. Beautiful Places in the world.

At times in life, so short, how often we can really stop what we are busy doing and learn to appreciate the beautiful things in life? Stop your work at the cubicles and spend 5 minutes staring at these photos, imagining you were there…feel the breeze, breathing the air and touch the water…

Have a nice day! 

Please click "+1" to our pages. Feel Free to share!
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Factory direct prices for Mosaic Tile, Kitchen Cabinets, Faucets, Sinks and more...
Introduction is an e-commerce site with click away convenience to order quality home improvement products including mother of pearl tiles, glass mosaic tiles, stone and glass blend mosaic tiles, kitchen and vanity cabinets, faucets, stainless steel sinks, at  unbeatable pricing. global customer support team provide the best customer service and we ship products fast, usually delivering to any US continental states within 3-5 business days! is also having unique technology to allow you to buy kitchen and vanity cabinets. We provide FREE 3D professional kitchen design with 20-year kitchen design experiences. 

Our technology allows you to track all the design communications online thus simplifying the used-to-be complicated kitchen design and ordering processes with as simple as 3-steps and just a few clicks - your dream kitchen design will be done and your dream kitchen cabinets will be delivered within 3-5 business day!
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