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Posted by Jenny Kenny
A good Easter project and a follow up from the last post.
Check out more gorgeous photos sent in by clever DIYers
using Buildeazy plan
These wonderful playhouses have been built for their children ,grandchildren charity and would you believe one very spoilt dog.
You can see them all here
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BuildEazy D.I.Y.

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This is a fantastic project for the builder and recipients (check out the photos taken by DIYers who have built this project ).
Years of fun and excitement! You don’t even need to worry if you
have to move house as its been designed to be pulled apart and put back together .
Be a DIY hero for the kids in your life !!!!!
These plans are free on Buildeazy
and we also offer a downloadable option for just $5.00 here
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BuildEazy D.I.Y.

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From the Blog -
Adirondack chair revisited
A very popular BuildEazy plan is the Adirondack chair (also called the Cape Code chair).
There is an early metric version which can be seen at (free plan), an early standard version here (free plan) and an updated version with more detail that is in both metric and standard here (free plan). There is also a downloadable version in PDF file for $5 here , and there is a bit of a video to go along with it all here
How to make a Cape Cod Chair .

Many user photos and comments have been sent in regarding the Adirondack chair project and they can be seen here and from the newer version here .
Submitted user photos and comments are a great help to other people contemplating the start of a project. A big thanks to all the people that have undertaken a BuildEazy project and taken the time to send in a photo or two of their handiwork.
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I have finally finished the TARDIS (AKA Police Watch Box) that I have been building in Melbourne. Actually, it is more of a Police Watch Box than a TARDIS.
The TARDIS idea was taken from the Police Watch Box but the props for the TV series were modified from time to time.

Mine is pretty much the real McCoy as far as design and size and sturdiness goes regarding a Police Watch Box - it is not a prop.
My Police box is very similar to the 1929 Mackenzie Trench design police box that is preserved at the National Tramway Museum in Crich,Derbyshire.
I took the measurements from the police box outside Earl's Court tube station in London. That one was built in 1997 and based on the 1929 Mackenzie Trench design.

I will eventually post all the plans online with step-by-step instructions on how to build it.
That might be a little bit down the track as I have yet to write and post two previous projects - The Irish bench seat and the London glass house.

I will however post a bit of a daily diary type thing regarding my TARDIS. Every couple of days I will give a summary of what I did on each particular day starting from day 1 up until day 17 - thats how many days it took of elapsed time to construct it to the stage in the picture.

Some days were short and some days were longer.
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Currently in Melbourne to finish building a TARDIS but first a bit of time out. Went into the City last night for the 'White Night' which is an all night type festival from dusk till dawn. Buildings lit up, music, rock 'n' rolling, - I'm sure there was a milliom people there.
No traffic in the city and the streets were packed. The photo is of the Flinders Station all lit up.
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Have them in circles
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Latest submitted photos of a Buildeazy project sent in by Bill and Pam Nethercot – How to make a Garden Wishing Well
“To buildeazy
This beauty was made for me by my husband for mothers day 2014!
Made a couple of easy changes..
Thank you for the free Buildeazy plans, ill post more photos in the summer with flowers around it!!!
with many thanks
Bill Nethercot Leicester uk (Midlands)”
The free wishing well plans can be seen at this URL
and there is also a print-friendly downloadable copy (free of ads) for only $5.00 which you can get from here
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How does she reach the crank when it's 180 degrees from its present location?
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BuildEazy D.I.Y.

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latest submitted photos of a Buildeazy project - How to build an arbor with pitched rafters
(  ) sent in by Wayne Weilbacher - Lafayette, La
"I really enjoyed building the arbor.
Your plans were very accurate and precise with easy to follow steps.
I will send an updated photo once it is painted and the gate and fencing are installed.
2 days and 2 trips to Home Depot, with the extra trip because I evidently forgot how to count.
One of the easiest projects I have ever attempted and I have extremely little woodworking skill."

This can also be viewed in the BuildEazy blog ( ).
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BuildEazy D.I.Y.

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Next project in mind (1) From the blog

With my last project 'TheTARDIS' finished - mind you, I have yet to post the plans and instructions online .  So whats next?
I have two in queue. One, a little practical project that will be easy to make and really useful - and the other, not so easy and not so useful but something I will enjoy making.
Ideas for both projects came from structures I spotted while in Melbourne, Australia.

The first is a handy little table that can be folded down and wheeled around, and the second - wait for it - A Melbourne Tram.
The old green tram that rattles up and down Chapel St from North Richmond to Prahran, Just a hop, skip, and jump from the City centre.
When I saw it and had a ride in it I immediately thought about building the first quarter (or back quarter, as both ends are the same) as a quirky type of sit-in place.
And the fact that the idea came to mind on St Patrick's day (green tram) seemed like a bit of an omen of sorts.  Yeah - whatever.
Anyway, that's the plan - a bit of research to be done but what a doozy.

Next project in mind (2)
This is a foldaway table that I spotted in Melbourne outside a restaurant or Cafe. I cant really remember exactly where, I have been carrying the photos around for so long now, but what a neat little unit. It will be something that will be easy to make (probably use left over materials from a larger project.  A very practical table - just fold it down and wheel it around or tuck it  away. It is a sort of project  that you could easily make more than one of - you know, one for all of the cousins and Aunty Mary.  This could well be the next project that I make.
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An excerpt from Buildeazy Blog
While in Melbourne building a TARDIS I ran into Melbourne's own 'The Tardis Guy' Allan, who has made a number of TARDIS boxes.
When I met up with him at his home he was making (very detailed) Captain America shields.
'The Tardis Guy' arranged the 'Police Box' signs for my TARDIS through the sign writer he uses. That saved me a fair amount of time in in looking for a signwriter, explaining what needs to be done, getting the type sorted, getting prices, etc.
The TARDIS Guy's (Allans) facebook page is here
The photo is of Allen in his work shed.
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OMG you dismantled the TARDIS! Must be the wibely wobley timey wimey stuff
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Another submitted photo of a Buildeazy project. This one sent in by Neven Galic who said
"Please find attached photos of folding picnic table made by your plans but 20 cm longer. 
Thanks for sharing such beautiful designs!
I thank Neven for sending in the photos. The plans and instructions for the two piece folding picnic table can be seen here
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Have them in circles
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Making woodworking projects and other things
This page is all about do-it-yourself projects - woodworking, concrete, or whatever.
Here we will post notification of new projects recently posted on the BuildEazy website, some of the latest submitted photos and comments by people that have undertaken a BuildEazy project and are proud to show us all their handiwork, and also other stuff.