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BuildSafe Environmental, LTD.
Upholding Integrity in Colorado's Asbestos Industry through Teamwork
Upholding Integrity in Colorado's Asbestos Industry through Teamwork

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When one of BuildSafe’s clients encounter an environmental hazard, such as an asbestos spill, we call in Shasta, BuildSafe’s Comfort & Cuddle Specialist, to sniff out the best solutions. Shasta provides companionship to our technical asbestos expert, Inspector Blake Weise. When the call for emergency response arises, Shasta puts down her bouncy ball and helps Inspector Blake review Colorado’s State Regulation No. 8 to determine the protocol for remediating asbestos hazards. She knows we have to act fast to educate BuildSafe clients and get their construction project back-on-track!

Shasta wants to ensure that all Colorado families and their pets have a healthy home to live in and a safe place to work. She believes in the BuildSafe mission to provide peace-of-mind to our clients while upholding construction industry standards and regulatory compliance.

At the end of the day, Shasta may come across as a tough cookie when enforcing OSHA and EPA regulations – but no bones about it – her intentions are to keep Colorado workers, families and business owners up-to-snuff on hazardous air pollutants. She believes education is the key to putting safety first, ensuring that all hard-working Coloradans can go home to their pets every night to play fetch and cuddle on the couch.

Today is Shasta's birthday and she has one birthday wish! Please help her to educate Colorado about Asbestos Testing Requirements for renovation and demolition projects. Visit our Info page at and click on the CDPHE letter for "What you need to know".

Happy birthday, Shasta! You are dearly loved.
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When investigating microbial growth (mold) in homes across Colorado's front range, BuildSafe's Mold Inspectors are often supervised by our furry feline friends.

Curious cats are some of the best investigators for finding mold growing around the house. They can smell things their humans cannot, including that musty smell coming from the wet, humid basement. They rub up on dust-settled furniture, carpets, and window draping - all possible organic foods for mold growth. They rummage through trash, containing old meats and vegetables.

Houses that have experienced a recent water loss or rooms that experience high humidity levels or condensation on windows, could be causing adverse health affects from toxic mold exposure. Stachybotris (toxic black mold) is life threatening, leading to fatal respiratory and heart conditions in both humans and cats. Aspergillus (common both indoor, outdoor, and on food products) can become parasitic inside your cat's body.

Healthy pet owners may not experience the health affects of mold; however, young kittens, older cats and cats with compromised immune systems are at greater risk and susceptibility. Common symptoms in cats include chronic sneezing, runny eyes, nasal discharge, coughing, bodily weakness, and heavy breathing. Mold may not be a regulated environmental hazard, but do not be fooled! Long-term exposure to toxic mold is extremely dangerous for humans and cats, leading to life-long respiratory and cardiac diseases and can be fatal.

To keep your kitty happy and health, BuildSafe recommends pet owners keep a healthy environment, fresh food and provide lots of playtime. If you suspect your cat is having allergic reactions to possible mold growth in your home, give BuildSafe a call today for further investigation.

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Sookie "Doo Doo" the Malamute is BuildSafe's Chief Trouble Maker. Her drool puddles are a job site hazard (watch out OSHA!). She never cleans up her fur piles after laying around in the asbestos laboratory. And when the inspection team comes over for meetings, she demands constant love and attention or will bark in their face.

Sookie may not be certified to perform asbestos inspections in Colorado, but she will win a staring competition against any of the consultants. Show Sookie some love by visiting her team's website and learning more about BuildSafe's asbestos, mold and lead inspection services.

Keep up the hard work, Sookie!


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The BuildSafe team knows that Colorado residents treat pets just like another member of the family. It is not uncommon to receive a call from a client concerned about the health of their pet. While asbestos containing materials in good condition may not be harmful to pets or people, toxic mold can certainly lead to respiratory and allergy symptoms in pets, just as they do in humans. Call us today if you have any concerns about your family (or pets) being exposed to mold.
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Many mold mitigation and asbestos abatement companies across Colorado's Front Range trust BuildSafe's team of consultants to make independent decisions regarding the quality of their abatement and mitigation efforts. When it comes to ensuring the integrity of field work, business owners and general contractors have come to trust that BuildSafe's Inspection Team will be honest, frank and forth-coming to ensure quality of work does not slip as they grow their business. We believe in partnership and sustainability. Does your environmental consulting firm represent your best interest? 
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