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Now you don't have to guess at your umpiring!  Learn the right way to umpire, the proper professional way.  Check out our Christmas Sale! 

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Free 1 day trial! Hey "come on down" amateur umpires, it's time to think like a pro and let me help you advance in your association!

We always talk about the rules but did you know: if you go to Pro school and you aced every written test, you still might not get a Pro job!??  Did you know that?!  

That's right, FIELD MECHANICS is the foundation you must have to succeed as an umpire and knowing how to apply the rules and their interpretations on the field is what makes you a good umpire.

You can know the rules inside out but if your field mechanics lack, you'll be missing calls and situations that you would otherwise handle properly if you have good PRO field mechanics.

So think about it.  The guys that get Pro minor league jobs, they're not "rule wizards", they are strong on the field first and that's why in many cases so many guys are surprised when the names are announced at Pro school as to who is getting a shot at Pro ball (minor leagues, to begin with).

Now with that said, am I saying "don't worry about learning the rules"?  Of course not!  But don't just be a "rule nerd", there's much more to umpiring then just the rules.  

Make learning proper Pro field mechanics just as important as learning the rules.  And focus on the "Big Rules" first and then go from there.

And yes, Pro field mechanics DO apply to the amateur game of baseball.

Any questions?

Here's a good question from one of my Twitter followers:@UmpireTeacher Runner on second/1K. Ball hit up middle and strikes runner(standing still on 2nd base) on the shoulder. Interference?

What say you umpires?  Is it interference? If so, who's called out?  What happens to the batter runner if he's not called out or is he called out?

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BIG SALE!!  25% off *All DVDs!  Through Feb. 21, 2014 - ends midnight

Go to and buy as many as you like and type in the coupon code word of "Preseason" in the box on the checkout page.

Or even better yet, grab the "Complete System" already marked down at it's everyday price of $149.95 (32% discount) with Free S/H.

Expedited shipping options available.

Be the Best Umpire you can be and take the guess work out of your umpiring!

Exception to the Sale (25%) is the "Complete System" package which includes all 16 DVDs and Free S/H.  But the Complete System is already marked down (32%) at it's everyday price.

Free S/H - allow 7-14 business days for delivery.  If you need your DVDs sooner, there are expedited shipping options on the checkout page.

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Umpire Teacher says: 
• Now is the time to start getting ready for the upcoming season
• Get your gear out, wash it up, dry it out and put it on and re-strap it to fit
• Get your nose back into the rule book, 30 minutes a day minimum
• Review all DVDs from beginning to end and get your brain cells cookin again!
• Wash and iron your uniform and polish your shoes and get back into "Umpire Mode"
• *you guys and gals in CA, FL, TX, etc. you're already on the field so now more than ever is the time to review and make sure you're on the right page!
25% off training DVDs
2 Day Sale
Use the coupon code word: "Preseason" at checkout to receive your 25% discount.Whether you're a rookie or veteran, start out with the right training foundation for Youth, High School and Mens amateur baseball.
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**All DVDs are discounted 25% except for the "Complete System" package (all 16 DVDs) which is already discounted over 30% at it's everyday price of $149.95  Sale good through Saturday at Midnight-Feb. 15th.

Questions or inquiries contact Bugsy:

Call or text: 702-577-1985

• Hire Bugsy and Vic Voltaggio for your next clinic or camp.
• Hire Bugsy for one on one instruction.  Inquire with Bugsy on his "Skype Instruction".  With Skype Instruction Bugsy can focus on your particular needs with diagrams and more.

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7 Day Sale-25% off *all DVDs! Just use the coupon code word: "Preseason".  

Free shipping and handling too!
Sale good through February 14th.
*does not include "Complete System-16 DVDs", which is already marked down 32%. 

Either way you can't go wrong.

Field mechanics are the bread and butter of umpiring, learn the right way to umpire.

Of course you have to learn the rules too but more importantly, you have to know how to apply them on the field and if you don't know where you're going on the field...what a mess!!  :)
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