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It's not just me that gets "Dear Bug Girl"'s kind of an entomological occupational hazard.
Richard Pollack, a former public health entomologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, discovered in the 1990s that schools exaggerated their lice problem. Since then, he has accumulated thousan...
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I'm sure there are a good many people reading this and scratching their heads-- and not just because they wonder why schools exaggerate...
I imagine that as an Entenmann's-ologist you know quite a bit about tasty baked goods.
Ugh; now I'm scratching. When I got lice (as an adult, from my son), I went the other way -- I thought I was overreacting to his lice, so I ignored it.

I don't know how you deal with it. I'm a great many times removed from being an expert, but just because people know spiders are my "thing," I get blurry photos of them e-mailed to me, or horror stories told to me, that always end in "and then I got a spider bite." (They didn't.) I can't imagine being an actual expert! I've always loved your "Bug Girl will not diagnose you" page
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