Get More From Each Piece of Content
How to create 20+ snippets for easy sharing

A variation on reposting to social media is to share the original link along with a new tagline or snippet. As time goes on, you can continue to mine the original content by grabbing snippets from different sections of the post and sharing to social. Think quotables and stats.

You could even develop a timeline for your social sharing, like this one from KISSmetrics.

Coming up with 20 snippets from a single article might seem like a tall task. It gets a lot simpler when you break things down.

Start with subheads as snippets. Here are some from our How Often to Post to Social Media article:

>How to strike the balance between informative and annoying
>Learn how frequently Buffer shares to social media
>The optimal frequency for posting to social media
>How often you should post to Facebook
>How often you should post to Twitter
>How often you should post to Google+ and LinkedIn
>The incredibly short life cycle of a tweet
>The (relatively) long life cycle of a Facebook post
>How to schedule your posts when your audience is online
>What is the Late-night Infomercial Effect?

Next, dig out the stats.

>Top brands average 1 post per day on Facebook
>Big Twitter engagement starts at 3 tweets per day
>If you want to wring the most value out of every tweet you send, tweet about 5 times each day
>Best practice for LinkedIn? 1 post per weekday
>It takes 18 minutes for a tweet to be over the hill
>Facebook posts reach their half-life at 90 minutes, nearly four times longer than Twitter

Finally, search for quotables. (We make this a little easier by bolding important, quotable bits inside the original story when we first write it.)

>The 3-step guide to frequency: Predict. Measure. Repeat.
>Publish as often as you have fresh, compelling content to share.
>When there’s little else being tweeted, your tweets are more likely to be noticed.

Voila! There’re 20+ snippets for sharing. Once you have your list, you can toss them into a shareable document for quick reference later, or you can schedule a batch to post over time.

20 more ways to extend the life of your content:

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