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Budokan New Jersey Martial Arts Academy

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Congratulations to Mrs. Skibicki, Mr. Skibicki and Ms. McKeown for earning their first stripes toward Jr. Yellow Belt (Roku Kyu)!! Great job on your blocks! Keep up the good work! Mr. Jones

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Naihanshi Kata Full

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Early Morning Aiki

Early morning Aiki Practice

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Early morning (0530) Yoko Otoshi from various applications

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Some early morning Kaiten Nage / Wheel Throw.... #NGA, #Aikido, #Aikijujutsu

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Spent time with Conti Sensei, working Tai Sabaki on June 25th and Celebrated an early birthday with him. Excellent training and fun.
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We had a wonderful opportunity to host a member of the Daito Ryu Kodokai this past Saturday. Jimenez Sensei was very open and helpful to all of the students in attendance.

It was a pleasure to see, feel and train the concepts and techniques currently being disseminated under Kiyama Shihan in the U.S.

It aligns well with the history of our dojo and our past association with the Kodokai through Conti Sensei. 
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A Quick Jab variation on Irimi Nage we call Arm Over Shoulder.

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Irimi Nage Example
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