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Computer laptop/notebook deals, discounts, coupon codes, and promo codes
Computer laptop/notebook deals, discounts, coupon codes, and promo codes

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Best Ultrabook Hybrid
The times of the inconvenient PC are long behind us. With the presentation of the MacBook Air, Apple demonstrated to us that compactness and force were not totally unrelated. That portable workstations can be great, and not torque your spine lopsided when put into a dispatcher pack. To rival the Air, the Ultrabook was conceived, and with it came an entire exhibit of versatile PCs that adjusted shocking screen resolutions with SSD (Sold-State Drives) which were superior to their hard-drive begetters. These smooth titans bear Intel Core processors, extend periods of time of battery life, but can in any case fall between the pads of your sofa.

Truly, the main issue with this new slimmer, slighter type of PC is knowing which ones really measure up, and which are disappointing, underpowered hunks of equipment. To isolate the good product from the waste, we've found the 14 best lightweight portable workstations for 2016.

Lenovo Yoga 900

Power Packed: It may be a cross breed Ultrabook, however there's a lot of Ultra to run around with an i7 Core processor and a 13.3in QHD right out of the crate. At 13-crawls, it's expansive when flipped into tablet mode, however not as bulky nor as cumbersome the same number of cheap ultrabook hybrid and it is somewhat thick at more than 5lbs., however includes an overflow of blast for every ounce.

Buy: $1,220

Asus Zenbook UX305UA The 14 Best Lightweight Laptops, Hybrids, and Ultrabooks

The Basics: Asus may compromise on their guarantees, yet they make a fine showing with regards to of making a quality bit of gear requiring little to no effort. Tipping the scales at under 3lbs and a sparse couple of centimeters tall, this aluminum excellence additionally has a SSD you can bob a quarter off of and a cherry i5 that can be turboed up to 2.8 GHz.

Buy: $750

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 lightweight portable PC 960x640 The 14 Best Lightweight Laptops, Hybrids, and Ultrabooks

Stuffed with Perks: It appears as though simply one more Ultrabook clone, however the Folio can toss elbows when it needs to. To begin off with, it has unique mark checking and undertaking security, which is better for the business master who needs his information carefully guarded, and additionally behind a firewall. Somewhat light on force, it's still a totable decision on the off chance that you yearn for something more secure.

Buy: $886

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 - lightweight tablet

Super Specs: Firing the beginning gun with an i7 Core processor and 4K showcase, it's difficult to comprehend why the Radius doesn't bear a greater sticker price. Purpose of certainty: it's because of the battery life and spotty history of Satellite models. On account of the lovely pictures it pumps out, the Radius passes on in only a few hours, however any individual who couldn't care less about portability will be excited with this media wonder.

Buy: $888

Acer Aspire S7 Splendidly Imperfect: Linux clients, observe. The Aspire is a wonderful piece with a white body and an i7 Core processor that shouts along in a very compact body, with 8 gigs of RAM for taking the necessary steps. It additionally accompanies a huge amount of bloatware that you must hack through, unless you put on an option OS or like hitting the "erase" key. The presentation sticks at 1080p, which is the most compelling motivation for the shortened expense.

Buy: $900

Dell's XPS 13

New Standard: Though it bears an entire 13.3-inch screen with eye-popping 3,200 x 1,800 determination, the XPS 13 still just takes up as much space around your work area as a 11-inch. Indeed, even the most minimal end model accompanies an i5, giving it enough pull to keep running with the enormous canines. Notwithstanding the force and the notoriety show, the carbon fiber inside and aluminum case make it look right natty.

Buy: $925

HP Specter x360

Undying: Able to run boot to toe with any cross breed available, and some full-sized portable PCs, the x360 is a spotless, smart little workhorse. In spite of the fact that it utilizes the fifth era of the Intel Core i7 processor, you can get all that could possibly be needed execution for substantial office work, and with the right RAM bundle, it can deal with a genuine measure of multi-tasking.

Buy: $1,071

Dell Latitude 13 7000

Touch Typist: The Latitude line has a storied history, and that story isn't generally great. With the 7000, Dell has figured out how to redo the outline to make it into a business portable PC you'll really need when you're in the field. The Infinity show gives you the most modest of bezels around the screen's edge, and with a material console, it's less excruciating to use for long stretches. Simply be careful: The Core M processor needs coarseness.

Buy: $1,100

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tapped Out: For tablet aficionados who despise half breeds, yet at the same time need something that can work like a portable PC/cross-breed, the Surface Pro 4 still brings a bigger number of hits than whatever else out there. Despite the fact that somewhat more seasoned, the wide processor and RAM choices give it a size that will fit any individual who despises consoles (more often than not).

Buy: $1,177

Mac 12-inch MacBook (2016)

Small One: Though 2016 didn't see numerous upgrades to the vaunted 12-inch MacBook, in case you're a first-time purchaser, it merits looking at. It keeps the same featherweight outline and smooth aluminum look as the 2015 model, while wrenching up the showcase thickness to a respectable 2,304 x 1,440. It isn't excessively gaudy, additionally keeps the cost sensible. The trackpad is the best in the business, and the vibe is out and out lovely for the typist progressing.

Buy: $1,299

Microsoft Surface Book

Liberated Access: While the Surface Pro will give tablet enthusiasts a semi-portable PC, the Surface Book goes the other way, offering a tablet to the individuals who very much want a bulkier piece, yet don't need the bother of a cross breed. The 3000 x 2000 QHD presentation is staggering to bear, and when snapped into the base, gives you space to give the Core processor a chance to run free.

Buy: $1,328

Razer Blade Stealth

Wonderful Monster: The Stealth is some place between a thin Ultrabook and a lightweight gaming rig for fragging on the go. Not at all like different Razers, it doesn't transport with a video card for gaming, however you can include that on the off chance that you wish with the Razer Core. The genuine 4K show makes the Stealth a showy piece, without a doubt, and a sight and sound delight royal residence that fits in your pocket (well, in your folder case, at any rate).

Buy: $1,600

Vaio Z Flip

Paying for Packaging: in all actuality basic, the Flip is an awesome $1,200 half and half that heaps in an i5-6267U, 8 gigs worth of RAM, and a pleasant SSD that can risk everything. The issue Sony has is they didn't give you whatever else – other than a decent matte dark body – to hang the additional $500 cost on. In the event that it makes a difference that your lightweight portable PC is beautiful, and you have the scratch to save, the Flip's a fine purchase. Something else, look up.

Buy: $1,779

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Great At Last: The Carbon is on its fourth era, and it appears like they at last hit the nail on the head. Where others ration battery life, console size, or hack pixels out of the showcase, the Carbon appears to have at long last made its mark. A green filler's more than 2.5lbs., yet easily 14 inches for all the more land, you'll cherish driving up the i5 Skylake to quit fooling around about work.

Buy: $1,800
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Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under 500

It's simple for the easygoing gamer to get ignored with regards to purchasing equipment. Certainly, there's a couple of hundred apparatuses that can be had for little fortunes which will speak to the resolute player, yet not everybody needs that. There's a huge unforeseen of spending plan minded gamers who like the incidental frag-fest, yet truly simply jump at the chance to loosen up with some more seasoned or more fundamental recreations. They need an a reasonable laptop that gives them energy to play, additionally adaptability for more than just pandemonium and butcher. Shoddy gaming laptops are as legendary as unicorns according to most gamers and discovering them online can be a genuine task. We invest hours of exploration consistently scouring the web for the top portable diversion stations and show them right here for anybody on the chase for another versatile machine. These reasonable gaming laptops will most likely be unable to play the most advanced amusements on the most noteworthy settings, yet that doesn't bring down the wonderfulness of having the capacity to diversion progressing without verging on using up every last cent. Whichever way in respect to the measure of amusements out there (blasts from the past and late titles included) you'd be shocked how the measure of diversions you can play stacks up against those that you can't. These financial plan PCs will journey through prominent diversions like Minecraft and DOTA 2 effortlessly and in addition numerous more up to date titles. Our top level manual for the best gaming laptops of 2015 likewise offers a diagram of all financial plan netbook equipment in the event that you have to look at specs for any laptop. More power clients will need to checkout our manual for the best gaming laptops under $1000 and our manual for the best top of the line gaming laptops highlighting some more premium gaming laptops adequate to maximize all the more requesting diversions. In the event that you aren't a gamer then you'll need to go to our standard manual for laptops under $500 for non-gaming laptops or perpetually hold your peace.

When we investigated the best gaming laptops under $1,000, we were chasing for the most value for your money. We needed high specs that could slide in under the wire. Here, despite everything we're hoping to give you a lot of force, strong benchmark specs, and a nice presentation, however implied for the plenitude of recreations that don't should be keep running on ultra settings. We will probably trim away the fat so you get an agreeable involvement with blast from the past diversions, outside the box titles, and standard stuff that you play for no particular reason, not rivalry. For the gamers who like to spend their scratch on different things, here's the 6 best gaming laptops for under $500. On the off chance that you are new to figuring we recommend looking at Budget-laptop's modest windows ultrabook laptop purchasing guide for a down and out on some inquiries you ought to ask yourself. These gaming laptops are all either as of now on unique on or are not kidding deals in their own right, offering some ball busting bargains for the financial backing versatile gaming specialist. Despite the fact that we've attempted to hold every one of our alternatives under the $500, now and again setting aside more can prompt a genuine support in execution, and in these cases we've snuck in a couple top gaming laptops under $600 to keep your choices open on the off chance that you need the best esteem for your cash regarding crude execution.

Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310

Ace: Inexpensive

Con: Cheap, plastic feel to body

No frills: You're not a major gamer. Generally you require a workhorse that can deal with your employment and give you the alternative of bouncing on to a League of Legends match without being a laggy, surrey repulsiveness appear. With a quad-center AMD A8-6410 processor in the engine that has been timed at 2.4 GHz, you'll have all that could possibly be needed preparing velocity to do a touch of light gaming or dive into the plenty of more established amusements that you missed. Illustrations are controlled by the AMD Radeon R5 which can tackle Skyrim or Dead Souls 2 at a sensible clasp, however it honestly doesn't care for Windows 8. 4 GB of RAM will get you by, yet it can't be updated, so remember that. [Purchase: $323]

HP TouchSmart 15-g014dx

Ace: Upgradable RAM

Con: Short battery life

It's Got the Touch: Budget touchscreens are usually an immense misuse of cash for a contrivance. That isn't the situation here. Indeed, even without the 15.6″ touchscreen with its 1366 x 768 determination, the TouchSmart is an adorable bit of rigging. The processor is an AMD Elite Quad-Core A8-5545M that runs like an Intel Core i3-310 and works at 2.0 GHz, with a 2.4 GHz turbo limit. Out of the container, it has 4GB DDR3L RAM and additionally an open space with the goal that you can twofold down or update effortlessly. Titles from a year ago and prior (we ran Bioshock: Infinite) work at mid to low rates while some more current titles (Watch Dogs) get stuck at 20 fps even with everything bottomed out. That isn't to say the AMD Radeon R5 representation chip is a sluggard. It wrenches comparable to most mid-evaluation Intel coordinated design at a small amount of the cost. [Purchase: $450]

Lenovo Z50

Professional: Easy to introduce a SSD

Con: Integrated design chip

Most for the Money: Looking to crush your financial plan gaming laptop for each ounce? The Z50 is a pleasantly spec'd machine that makes the most out of every segment. 8 GB of DDR3 RAM help it to jump along cheerfully and keep both your profitability high and gaming abilities respectable. Behind the 1366 x 768 HD presentation is a Radeon R6 Graphics from AMD that renders well and does as well as can be expected with the to some degree frustrating determination. Sound quality is crushing and the operation is by and large extremely cool so you won't cook anything in your lap. For best execution, dump Windows 8 and you'll see miles of change. As a rule, amusements for the last era of consoles (we utilized The Witcher 2) run well at medium to low specs, while internet diversions (World of Warcraft) can take the high settings without too overwhelming a framerate drop. [Purchase: $450]

HP Pavilion 17-F023CL

Master: Large screen

Con: Washed out hues

Enormous and Bold: To get the cost underneath the $500 imprint, you're going to need to settle on an ensured repaired model; however not getting it shiny new is a little cost to pay. For one thing, you get a 17-inch screen with a 1600 x 900 determination. That stunning screen is utilized by the AMD Radeon HD 8610G, which is a genuinely powerless GPU that works better for pre-2014 diversions, so simply realize that anything in the 2014/2015 time will without a doubt keep running on low settings. Incorporates a touchscreen, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1 TB HDD that twists at 5,400 every moment, and a Beats Audio sound chipset. In the event that you can locate a model with a superior GPU, then you'll perceive how well the 2.10GHz AMD Quad-Core shouts and sings. [Purchase: $480]

ASUS X555DA-WB11 15.6-inch

While not a gaming machine on a basic level, the ASUS X555DA-WB11 allows clients on a financial plan to experience amusements at lower resolutions. Including a Quad-Core AMD A10 APU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1TB hard drive this machine conveys awesome everyday execution. The RAM includes a surprising design with 4GB being locally available and the other 4GB being standard laptop RAM in a solitary space. The AMD Radeon R6 GPU considers worthy casing rates for more up to date amusements, be that as it may they should be keep running at lower graphical settings. The 1366×768 LED illuminated showcase offers OK complexity and great shading representation and together with the ASUS SonicMaster sound makes for an extraordinary mixed media experience. The more up to date era A10 processor has a large portion of the force utilization of its ancestor, which means a little change for the poor battery life. In any case, the disadvantage of the new A10-8700P processor is that it has a lower working recurrence than its forerunner. ASUS has additionally tended to the absence of Bluetooth and have included Bluetooth 4.0. The X555DA-WB11 figures out how to offer awesome worth for your cash and also great gaming execution and in vogue looks.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E455 14-inch - Another ThinkPad from Lenovo, the Edge E455,2817,2472352,00.asp , this machine has been finely tuned and updated by Computer Upgrade King for Amazon and sold with the full 1 year producer guarantee in addition to an extra 3 year guarantee on all redesigns. The ThinkPad Edge E455 is controlled by an AMD A6-7000 Dual Core Processor running at 2.2GHz and a redesigned 16GB of DDR3 RAM. The standard 350GB hard plate drive has been swapped out for a blasting quick 250GB strong state drive deciphering into extremely quick boot-up and stack times. The AMD R4 design in laptop is a touch of let down contrasted with the R5 and R6 found on numerous contenders, yet to some the SSD may compensate for this. It is still fit for running most more established diversions yet on lower graphical settings. The 1366×768 presentation is clear and moderately brilliant and the counter intelligent covering lessens glare in brighter conditions. The battery offers an unremarkable 4 hours of operation which is just beneath normal at this cost point. This is an awesome laptop for the easygoing gamer on a financial plan who doesn't require Full-HD gaming at 60fps.

Acer Aspire E5-571G-38VF

Expert: Dedicated design chip

Con: Hard to redesign

Bombproof Foundation: The Acer Aspire line is for the most part the approach in case you're searching for a dedicated spending plan pick, since they have a number of the best specs at the least costs. This is one of our top choices, however we had to do a bit of burrowing to discover it under our own willful value point. A committed NVIDIA GeForce 820M illustrations chip wails along, standing head and shoulders above numerous incorporated frameworks. It truly makes the 1366 x 768 appear like a toy as opposed to a genuine screen. Our decision accompanies an Intel Core i3 that keeps running at 1.8 GHz, yet for about $100 more you can get it with an i5. Since you're just beginning with 4 GB DDR3L RAM, redesigning is extremely conceivable, yet access to your hard-drive and RAM is under the console, so it requires significant investment and ability. [Purchase: $490]

Acer Aspire E5-571-58CG

Professional: i5 processor

Con: Bad at 3-D rendering

Power Processor: The principal thing to note here is that as opposed to running with a committed design chip, this Aspire utilizes a coordinated Intel HD Graphics 5500. This isn't genuinely a negative, yet even low-end devoted chips will be around 25% quicker, particularly while doing 3-D rendering. What you get rather is a fifth Gen Intel Core i5-5200U processor that can be turboed to 2.7 GHz for awesome application execution on the off chance that you tend to act as hard as you play. 6 GB of DDR3L SDRAM cushion out its capacity to whip through different screens, skimming, and give you predominant activity in all cases. The double band Wi-Fi is a pleasant expansion, just like the almost 7 hours worth of battery life. You'll have to keep most fresher recreations on low settings, and even that won't generally be sufficient. Front line 4 is playable, while Thief is timed at 20+: Tolerable, however just barely. [Purchase: $499]
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Considerations When Purchasing Laptops for Senior Citizens: The 10 Best Laptops for Senior Citizens

Before looking for another laptop, remember the accompanying contemplations. How agreeable would you say you are with PCs? A few seniors are shiny new to the universe of PCs, while others have utilized them for work or distractions for a long time. The individuals who are new to PCs may profit by present day touch-screen innovation or brands with more natural route and applications.

Openness: Some senior subjects can utilize any laptop without an issue, yet others may require versatile gadgets to utilize their laptops. Extras can be added to a laptop, for example, a mouse, vast key console, utility chiefs and more to make them less demanding to utilize.

In what capacity will the laptop be utilized? Knowing ahead of time how you wish to utilize your laptop can help you explore the apparently unlimited decisions with regards to laptops for parents

On the off chance that you require your laptop for email, web associations and pictures, a financial plan model might be fine. Those running more broad programming or business programming may require a heartier laptop with extra memory or preparing power. Make a rundown ahead of time of looking for your laptop of the considerable number of things you know you will do on your laptop and the things you are envisioning about doing. At that point compose the rundown into "absolute necessities" and "pleasant to haves". This will help you contract your decisions as you shop for a laptop.

What programming will you require? Your rundown will likewise help you figure out which programming programs you may need to keep running on your new laptop. A few laptops for senior subjects come preloaded with fundamental programming, while others surrender it over to the client to buy and introduce extra programming. Programming buys add up, so keep some financial plan put aside for extra programming in the event that you think you will require it. Some product bundles you may wish to consider incorporate strong email administration frameworks like Microsoft Outlook, visual communication and picture programming, for example, Illustrator or Photoshop, or Microsoft Office for Word, Excel and different projects. Most laptops do, be that as it may, accompany essential word handling programming and web program as of now introduced. You can likewise begin off with the product that accompanies your laptop and extra from that point as required.

What is your financial plan? PC and laptop costs have dropped fundamentally in the course of the most recent couple of years to the point where a laptop with incredible processing power costs altogether less now than it did years back. Financial plan, be that as it may, is still a variable. Pretty much as when looking for an auto you can burn through $50,000 or $10,000, when looking for a laptop you can purchase a supercharged model for a great many dollars or a straightforward, utilitarian model for a couple of hundred.

While most laptops are prepared to utilize right out of the case, on the off chance that you think you require help getting your new laptop set up and looking after it, make sure to investigate administration bundles, as well.

HP TouchSmart 600-1055 Desktop PC for parents or elderly

Useful for: All around supercomputing and taking care of the prerequisites and requirements of each relative

This cool machine uses touch innovation—a genuinely new component on desktop PCs—which permits straightforward finger swipes to oversee photographs, recordings, music, recreations, email and desktop applications. Touch makes it simple for guardians on-the-go to rapidly check date-books, plans for the day, or virtual sticky notes as they're running out the entryway. The PC additionally comes incorporated with a Blu-beam player and DVD copier for family motion picture night.

MOST PORTABLE LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

HP Mini 210

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend a fortune on another PC for your more established children, or danger having them break yours, the HP Mini 210 is a minimal and cost-proficient alternative. The Mini accompanies an amazing 8.75 hours of battery life, 250 GB hard drive, 10.1" screen, worked in webcam and the sky is the limit from there. Additionally, it comes in five great hues.

Generally PRACTICAL for parents or elderly:

Toshiba L635 (Kids' Spark PC line)

In the event that a children's laptop isn't highlight sufficiently rich, and a customary PC offers excessively numerous extravagant accessories for your youngster, consider the Toshiba L635, a devoted children's PC sold only through Best Buy. This is a full-sized laptop that gives the components they need, (for example, a 250GB hard drive, 13" screen, amusements, word preparing and the sky is the limit from there), and in addition elements to comfort guardians' brains (Net Nanny web separating programming and safe Internet skimming).

BEST PERFORMANCE LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

Lenovo ThinkPad T410

Useful for: Incredible execution and force in a smooth configuration

Worked on account of execution and usefulness, this laptop has a six-hour battery life and incorporates Wi-Fi and worked in versatile broadband, for network anyplace. We like the inherent webcam, ideal for Skype sessions with the grandparents.

BEST VALUE LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

Acer Aspire AS5745-7247

Useful for: Portable fun and usefulness and top notch sound and show

A cool differentiator of this laptop is its astounding 640GB hard drive—which is bigger than some desktop frameworks. Four inherent USB ports bolster devices for the entire family, permitting various gadgets to be connected to or charging in the meantime. The PC likewise has a 5-in-1 card peruser, which acknowledges diverse memory-card groups (streak, minimal, XD, and so forth.), offering quick and simple access to all the photographs on your camera.

BEST MULTIMEDIA/GAMING DESKTOP for parents or elderly:

Gamer Paladin F875-SB

Useful for: Blow-your-hair-back sound and visual impacts

Bad-to-the-bone gamers and media purchasers in your family unit will love the iBuypower Gamer Paladin F870-SB. It's certainly on the costly side, however the fresh, energetic sound and visual innovation make the value justified, despite all the trouble for gaming. Also, for motion picture watching, the implicit Blu-beam/DVD player and tremendous LCD screen truly make you have an inclination that you're at the theater.

BEST MULTIMEDIA/GAMING LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

Toshiba Qosmio X505

Useful for: Stunning visual showcase with elite components

With an immense high-def 18.4" screen, Dolby encompass sound and inconceivably quick preparing speeds, the gamers in your home can get down to business with their quick paced 3D pursues on this compact gaming framework. The PC highlights all the fancy odds and ends of a superior laptop, including desktop applications, quick preparing speeds and an extensive memory, which non-gamers will appreciate.

BEST SPACE-SAVING DESKTOP for parents or elderly:

Passage One ZX4300-01e

Useful for: Families who need the force and speed of a desktop PC, yet don't have the space for it

Blending structure with capacity, the Gateway One ZX4300-01e components a smooth, space-sparing configuration that will fit into any niche. Door still figured out how to incorporate a 20" show in this model for your superior quality survey delight, and the machine offers touch-screen innovation with an assortment of applications (photograph, video, music) to captivate and oversee day by day family unit errands.

BEST SPACE-SAVING LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

MacBook Air

Useful for: Powerful (and excellent) figuring with streamlined configuration

You've seen the most recent Apple plugs that hotshot the slenderness and unbelievable outline of the new MacBook Air. Slim as air, truly! Utilizing an amazingly quick processor, you can do any undertaking, enormous or little, on what Apple says, "weighs not exactly a Sunday paper." It likewise incorporates a multi-touch trackpad for route, which implies that every one of those little finger swipes, squeezes and drags your children have culminated from utilizing your iPhone will come as a part of convenient.

BEST TRENDY DESKTOP for parents or elderly:


Useful for: Powerful processing with a cutting edge stylish

Apple takes the cake again for its inconceivable configuration sense with the iMac: a processor is incorporated with the screen, and the framework utilizes a remote console and mouse. Besides, you can pick either the 21.5" or the 27" show for in-your-face HD illustrations. Everybody will appreciate utilizing iPhoto, iChat and iMovie, and the entire family can even figure out how to play guitar or piano with the implicit GarageBand programming.

BEST TRENDY LAPTOP for parents or elderly:

Asus U43Jc-X1

Useful for: Eco-cognizant clients

Join a rich bamboo complete with Altec Lansing speakers and you have one in vogue laptop, however there's a whole other world to this machine than looks alone. The mind blowing battery life of 10.5 hours permits each relative to take a turn before the machine needs a charge. We like the "super-speed" USB 3.0 association, which Asus cases is all the more naturally well disposed in light of the fact that it charges peripherals, similar to telephones or cameras, speedier on less power.
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Best mini PC of 2016
Best mini PC of 2016
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Best mini PC of 2016. Cheapest mini PC. Top mini PC. Cheap mini pc on sale right now

Small PCs and inexpensive micro media machines are a popular choice as well. There are small desktop PCs that are intended to be used in the living room, designed to look attractive and provide a quick way to access all sorts of digital media. You can hook one up to a surround sound system and your main TV, to enjoy Netflix or your own media files with software such as Plex.

And, of course, the traditional desktop tower keeps trucking on. Whether you leave it on your desk or underneath it, this form factor gives you the freedom to choose whatever components and specification you like, from an inexpensive family computer that can be used for office tasks such as word processing and spreadsheets, to a powerful video editing workstation, with a top-end processor and graphics card.

The term "microcomputer" has its origins in the 1970s—the "micro" of the personal computers emerging then lay in stark contrast to the room-size mainframe beasts of the day. But fast-forward 40 or so years, and oh, micro—how you have changed!

Indeed, most of the acceleration toward super-small in desktop PCs has happened over the last five years. Of course, it's still easy enough to find ordinary business boxes and hulking power towers packed with big video cards and multiple drives. But starting with the "small-form-factor" (SFF) PC revolution of the '00s, many desktops have gone from half-size towers to compact cubes to, in their most extreme reduction, sticks not a whole lot bigger than a USB flash drive. (A big reason why? Graphics acceleration and other essential features, handled in the past by separate chips or bulky cards, have been subsumed under the CPU.) Nowadays, small-ification is getting to the point where you can't go all that much smaller; you need to leave some space for ports to plug in a thing or two!

The NUC PCs and their ilk tend to be around 6 inches square. Separate from those is a host of Windows PCs that are undeniably small but follow their own shape and size rules. Zotac, a major player in small PCs (and one of the category's unsung pioneers), offers a huge range of Zbox PCs that range in size from a fat smartphone (Zbox Pico PI320$179.99 at Amazon) to a bulky Discman (Zbox EN760). Systems in HP's Mini line, meanwhile, are roughly the size and shape of a child's cereal bowl.

You need to factor those parts and a Windows license into the total cost. The parts you will need, mind you, will be small: the kind that you'd typically find in a laptop, not a desktop. Most micro-PCs make use of SO-DIMMs—laptop-style RAM modules—for their main memory.

Storage varies more. Depending on the mini PC you are looking at, you may need a 2.5-inch drive (solid-state or hard drive, the size that goes into most full-size laptops), or a new-generation variety of solid-state drive (SSD) that goes by the name "mSATA" or "M.2." Meant mainly for use in laptops, these small, specialized SSDs look like little circuit boards. (See our 2016 Guide: The Best M.2 SSDs, Tested and Buying a Solid-State Drive: 20 Terms You Need to Know.)

DEDICATED GRAPHICS OR NO? Most micro-PCs are as "micro" as they are because they rely on the basic-grade graphics acceleration built into the CPU to power their video outputs—no separate video card is involved. The graphics silicon will suffice for productivity work and video playback.

A few outlying models, though, do incorporate the same kind of separate, dedicated mobile graphics chips that appear in gaming laptops. Two notables we've tested of late are the Alienware Alpha $549.99 at Dell and the Zotac Zbox Magnus EN970$749.99 at Amazon, which are generally muscular enough for PC gaming at reasonable detail settings at 1080p (1,920x1,080). Check out those two models in particular below, if gaming is on the agenda. It does not matter from you are buying the mini PC - just don't buy it from cheap chinese websites like gearbest. They offer sub standard mini PCs and it will be hard to get warranty from gearbest if something goes wrong. Find out why here

You'll see a variety of mobile-grade CPUs in the micro-PCs out there, ranging from Intel Atom chips (very basic, and good at best for simple productivity work, e-mailing, and Web browsing) up to Core i5 and i7 processors that can do some modest media-crunching and rendering work. (That said, none of the mobile-grade chips in these small PCs is a real substitute for a desktop chip for media pros who need real muscle.) The CPU is generally the single biggest factor in the cost of a micro-PC, so keep an eye on the performance numbers in our reviews for a relative idea of what you are getting. (Rule of thumb? Light office work can easily get by with a Core i3 or Atom-based mini-PC, but you'll want to err on the side of a Core chip if you'll need extra pep now and then.) 
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Cheapest Windows 7 laptop for business and work - A business laptop requires you to be using Windows operating system with good enough specifications to run applications like Microsoft Office smoothly and effectively. While some business men use their laptop plugged in all the day, some work on the move and thus require good battery life. Best cheap business laptop with Windows 7 operating […] The post Cheapest Windows 7 laptop for business and work appeared first on Bu...
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Best budget Windows 8 laptop with dedicated graphics card - Laptops with dedicated graphics card are getting very popular lately. This is mainly because of two reasons. First they want to ensure that their laptop plays high definition content smoothly and going with laptop that comes with dedicated graphics card makes perfect sense. Second even budget laptops feature dedicated GPU that allows even the students [] The post Best budget Windows 8 laptop with dedicated grap...
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Really cheap Windows 8 laptop for 200 dollars in 2014-2015 - So you are really tight on budget and need a cheap laptop with windows 8 pre loaded. Worry not as laptop experts at budget laptop are there to rescue you. We have tested all of these laptops at our office and we are assure that these under 200 dollars Windows 8 laptops work great for [] The post Really cheap Windows 8 laptop for 200 dollars in 2014-2015 appeared first on
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List of Cheapest Windows 8.1 laptops under $400 that are best for students and business
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Best Detachable Laptop of 2014. Find out which 2 in 1 PC is recommended by experts
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