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An ingrown hair is when the tip of the hair grows inside the skin (inwards) to form a firm to hard bump over the skin.

It is common in the vaginal area, as hair here are curly and have a tendency to grow inwards.

Ingrown hair usually result due to improper shaving methods. Read here about shaving the genital region.

Treatment involves removing the hair. But you need to be gentle, without traumatizing or infecting it.

Do warm compress over them twice a day. This will help softening the skin over the bump. Gradually, as the bump softens, the hair would come out.

Vaginal pimples do resemble ingrown hair but are different.

Read more on ingrown hair-

Depression rates similar in men and women - New study says
1/3rd of males and females meet the criteria of depression if all traditional and alternative symptoms are included. Study was published in JAMA Psychiatry by Lisa Martin of University of Michigan.
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A Green vegetable that saves from aging joints
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