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Sometimes trolling the trolls can be such evil fun. I almost felt sorry for this guy. Almost. I wonder what he thought when he actually dialed the number I gave him...
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+100 ! haha :)
would be fun to see the charge's source on his phone bill
Yup! I have no qualms about doing this sort of thing. If it means he thinks twice before he harasses some other woman on G+ then that's a good thing. +A.V. Flox perhaps this should be a new line of defense against this sort of thing :D
Excellent. Remind me when I got one of these nigerian scam emails. I decided to answer to the guy with a "scan of my bank details ". I sent him a 4Mb image of Mars landscape.
Oups, forget to say it was in 97-98. In Nigeria, fastest Internet was around 16kbps...
Never got any answer.
+Olivier Malinur LOL! That is awesome, I think it's great to waste their time like that. This one time a woman was trying to sell me a BMW from Switzerland and wanted a Western Union money transfer, I emailed her back and forth wasting her time and then insisted my (fake) sister who will be visiting Zurich for a conference on internet security would be happy to have a look at the car before I send the money over...she never replied me :D
I know! FWIW I don't usually make fun of people for bad spelling, especially when it's obvious that English is not their first language. But when it's outright harassment like this all bets are off.
haha! sure, if you want to :P not sure how much that call will cost you though so be mindful of that!
This is pure gold! But I don't think that fuckwit even understood that it was a gay sex something something. People can be that dumb.
+Sach S Thank you :D I don't know if he realized or not...I never tried phoning the number I gave him to find out what the welcome message is :D
Nope, not worth it. Next time you get a troll, make sure he's/she's closer to me!
Maybe I should call your troll instead. But that's not gonna work because, well, he wouldn't want a chick with a male voice.
You could try a high-pitched girly voice. Try something like "hellooo you toll me to coll you! So I am colling you!". Oh man. If you do it, you HAVE to record it.
By the way this reminds me of something happened a four or five years ago. One day some random dude added me on Skype probably thinking that I was a girl (I didn't have a profile pic and I had not entered gender either) because as you know my name could be taken as both male and female. That was a day I was so bored, and so we proceeded to have a lovely (even romantic in a way) conversation. It so happened that he was from the city I am from and we wound out that we even had a couple of mutual friends. We ended the chat after about an hour that day, and even continued the following day. Oh and me being evil me, I called our mutual friends and informed them to play their part, and sure enough the bugger had called them to confirm my identity. And by day three he was almost ready to 'propose' me if you know what I mean so I had to put an end to his romantic story.

Ah the good times.
+Robert Kappenhagen, yeah it seems that he prefers 'anything that moves'. But I'm not going to call him anyway, I just realized that the cost of a phone call from Japan to USA is not worth the trouble. Haha.
I don't like the phone number, I have free national calling, but that area code bothers me, it's not supposed to be in use. So it leads me to believe it's a throw-away phone or just something I don't want to be involved in. With my luck he's a kidnapper or something and law enforcement will be all over me trying to figure out why I called him.
Good point - I think the best tactic is to troll people like this back by giving them expensive premium-rate numbers to waste their time/money on.
+Buddhini Samarasinghe , I actually know some of these scammers in Nigeria. They are called Yahoo boys down there. Operating from internet cafe in Apapa or Ikeja. Basically, you come there after 10pm and it's only these boys working there. Mainly igbos, from eastern Nigeria.

When they win something, they burn all the cash in few days, spreading between families and relative. Their tricks are so gross and their greed so big that it is easy to trick them.
When I've received junk phone calls (ie actual phone calls) I've found that asking about their sex lives with their father usually gets you removed form their call lists, possibly not a good idea in comments though ;)
wow, blast from the past, Eliza was a hoot to play with back in the days
Jun C
When scientists have fun... ;)
HAHAHAHAHA! My hero. Can I put this in the Random Sexual Harassment album?
LOL, more like an album of shame. On my blood electron micrograph post, this guy kept asking me silly questions and then asked me which ones were the 'tickle cells" (he was a crackpot, so I don't know what that meant). I said he must be thinking of sickle cells, as in the disease. Just the other day, another one kept posting inane comments (u r online, hi how r u) that I kept deleting. Finally, I said he must be an exception to the myth that we only use 10% of our brains (that was the topic of the post) and if he did not stop I would block him. Not only did he stop, he also plus one-d my comment! <shakes head>
Trolls must have a ferrous component to be so attracted to G+
It's pretty sad actually. They must suffer from some kind of esteem issues if they think they have to go online and hit on someone, or maybe it's some other issue? I don't know, but i don't get it.
+Gnotic Pasta , some of them are truly clueless, I believe. These are the ones who hope we will call them. The others are simply harassing us because they think we are easy targets. I'm guessing they get some amusement from it.
Hmm...yes it could very well be that. I'm sure some psychologist could explain it. :D. My first reaction to that kind of ignorance is not repeatable on G+, so I just try to pretend we're not the same species. :)
I do think that some of them are truly that clueless, but that shouldn't be an excuse for it. If I were out at a cafe with friends and some guy came up to me from nowhere and repeatedly insisted that I 'coll' him I would feel a mixture of threatened, intimidated, annoyed, irritated, and incredulous. Imagine if this happened every single time someone went out in public? It wouldn't be acceptable in real life, and I think it shouldn't be acceptable online, where the mask of anonymity makes some of these come-ons particularly vile.

I think calling them out on it and shaming them is the way to go about it, because hopefully it means they get the message that this is not how you approach women, even on a social network, and this will not be tolerated. We're not on G+ to respond to their insistence that we give them attention and we flatter their egos. I certainly don't want G+ to become a place where women have to think twice before posting Publicly due to trolls like this showing up.
To be honest, +Buddhini Samarasinghe , these types actually make me nervous. That is why I simply delete comments rather than engage. I don't want to tick them off, because I really don't know how crazy they are. But hey, you are having a wonderful strengthening effect on my spine :)
+Rajini Rao Hah, yeah I totally understand what you mean - and it's quite possible for one of these rejects to nurse a grudge and start a scary stalking campaign. But I console myself with the fact that A) it would take a fair amount of effort for them to figure out my personal details, B) G+ does have a great 'report and block' feature which I used on this guy after I 'engaged' him, C) I do live on the 'world's most isolated archipelago', it would be pretty hardcore for someone to come all the way out here :D

But I am very glad to hear about my effect on your spine haha! Reading +A.V. Flox's take on this through her posts and comments in the past has strengthened mine :)
I think your doing the right thing +Buddhini Samarasinghe No reason to let these clowns get away with what they want. And hopefully they will be shamed enough not to do anything further.
+Buddhini Samarasinghe , what was the post about originally, so I can add that. It helps people to see how far off topic these guys go.
+A.V. Flox Haha cool! Thus far it's just mild annoyance, I've never felt concerned or threatened...yet. And hey, it can provide good entertainment fodder sometimes, such as this instance :) The truly offensive stuff I delete and block automatically. And yes, I have had that too unfortunately.
+sachintha peiris Haha thanks :) It's actually very easy to be sarcastic and witty behind a computer screen. Not so much when this sort of thing happens in real life on a daily basis in Sri Lanka... :(
OMGWTFBBQ!! Are there men that really "bark" at women? I thought that was just a movie thing.....
That's seriously part of daily life +Buddhini Samarasinghe ??? Where I live at, that kind of behavior usually leads to a bloody nose. It's not well tolerated. Interesting article +sachintha peiris again though, things of that nature don't go over well here. (except maybe in the sleazy bars)
Do not underestimate the capability of random Internet strangers for trolling...
+Robert Kappenhagen I once recall being howled at, a bad imitation of a rabid wolf or something. Not nice.

+Gnotic Pasta Sadly yes, for Sri Lanka at least. For example if a woman takes public transport daily, chances are that she would be groped, flashed at, rubbed up against about 50% of the time. A lechy comment would be so common-place that it wouldn't even be noticed. The buses tend to be extremely crowded most of the time, so there is no escape. No one says or does anything if they witness a woman being harassed like this, at least it's very unusual for someone else to intervene. It's just accepted as the norm. So most women have their own cars if they can afford it, or get rides from friends, avoid traveling alone, especially towards evening and so on. A male companion (be it husband, boyfriend or friend) is a must, in order to avoid this sort of harassment. Reporting it to the police is not even an option that women would consider, most of the time even outright sexual assaults and rapes go unreported because the police can be very unsympathetic. +David Ratnasabapathy, a maths teacher who has mostly female students will tell you horror stories about what his students relate to him regarding flashers and masturbators on public transport. As could +sachintha peiris I'm sure. I don't mean to trivialize the issues that +A.V. Flox highlights with harassment online, because that stuff can be pretty nasty, but I am so very glad that the internet is nothing like what life in most other countries can be like for women.
I could. I could give you horror stories. That's the sad truth.
+Buddhini Samarasinghe , I don't think it trivializes anything. All of these horrible things are symptoms of the same lack of regard for woman as a person. When you see woman as nothing but an object for your pleasure, you act in ways that reflect that conviction: you ignore her conversations online and demand she call you, you ignore she is holding her child in a crowded bus and grab her ass, you disregard that she is reading and pull out your dick to swing in front of her face, and so on. This disregard for woman as human is what makes it easy to ignore her when she says "no," what drives frat boys to chant "no means yes, yes means anal" and every other horrible, morally bankrupt injustice against women.

We shouldn't look at these incidents on a scale and arrange them from most to least horrible because that doesn't help. This is the sort of approach that results in a skeptic asshat saying, "well, so what if a guy talked to you in an elevator, at least you're not in the Middle East." This approach is wrong. It's not about the symptom, it's about the root. And the root is the same thing in every one of these situations: women are not people.
I was trying to think of an adequate response on my drive to work but find it so appalling i don't even know what to say...that type of behavior goes completely against how I was raised to treat a woman. I am truly sorry you or any other woman has had to deal with this bs. Nice resposne +A.V. Flox you put in to words my thoughts better than i ever could.
+Buddhini Samarasinghe happens here too, my sister got groped a few times while on her commute too, it got so bad that the subway management dedicated a whole subway car only for women. One would think that in this day age, people would have grown out of such misogynistic and immature acts, but we still have lightyears to go

+A.V. Flox yes, that was not one of RD's finest moments, I would not have expected such narrow-minded comparisons from him
+Gnotic Pasta you're not alone in that. Being a somewhat intelligent and rational person, screaming or catcalling at a woman as i drive or walk doesn't lead me to believe that she is going to be impressed by it and instantaneously fall in love with me and run away with me forever. It's more common sense than it is the way I was raised.

Normally when I am face to face with a woman I find attractive, i stutter, sweat, fumble out a barely coherent sentence that has nothing to do with reality and then decide to just walk away. That's how I roll.
+Gnotic Pasta unfortunately old age has just made it worse for me. You look to be about the same age as me and it looks like you have some of the same interests as me. I am just a very socially awkward person, new people make things difficult for me, add physical attraction to it and it's sensory overload for me.
I read it, i think you posted it in your feed +Rajini Rao.

Mine is a bit different. I have been diagnosed (not by my self) with Asperger's, OCD and OCPD. Social interaction of any kind is an immense struggle for me sometimes. I do much better behind the safety of a keyboard.
Interesting study +Rajini Rao and it makes perfect sense...that's where I think as a man, you have to control that...for lack of a better term...animal self, and relate to the woman as an individual with a brain. I don't know what to tell you +Robert Kappenhagen I imagine there are various types of therapy that would be helpful, as well as my personal favorite, meditation. :-)
No +Rajini Rao not bad at all =)

The bad part was when I was self medicating with drugs and alcohol in my youth, because i couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

Now that I know, it makes it much easier to deal with. Since I know, I can prepare for and deal with social activities better. I am still not a social butterfly, fluttering to parties and large group events. I still don't fit in well, but now when i meet someone who i want to spend time with, if i can get over that initial hurdle, I can explain to them that things are a bit different with me. It kind of forces open communication in a relationship, just to help both of us understand things. I like communication in a relationship.

Psychology and neuroscience helped me with that. The pastor at my old church just told me to pray for things to get better. It's why i love science, it gave me answers so that I could better prepare myself and it helped my life improve.
Good to hear, +Robert Kappenhagen . It's better to seek out answers, however unwelcome they may be, than to pray in the dark.
Actually +Gnotic Pasta, my psychiatrist has helped me immensely. I don't think I could ever thank her enough. She's opened my eyes to a lot of things over the years. That woman deserves a Nobel Prize in my mind.

Most of my relationships started when I wasn't even looking for a relationship, I was just being me. I work on electronics, computers, love technology and I have a massive love affair with science and astronomy.

I had a relationship start after helping a girl in the library with HTML. She was trying to code a website and she had leaned back and muttered "Shit, i HATE HTML". I asked her if she needed help. I then helped her resolve the bug she had, she thanked me. I went back to what I was doing and then she started talking to me and it just kind of blossomed from there. I had no trouble talking to her because I am confident in my technical skills and knew I could resolve the issue, I didn't do it to impress her, I did it to help her, she needed help. I hadn't even thought about the social attraction issues.

Meditation helps, buy my meditation comes in different forms than the norm. Telescopes, motorcycles and building things that I enjoy. That and just being out in nature relaxes me immensely.
For what it's worth, I've heard catcalling, barking, and whistling many times when I lived in Ottawa as a student and thus was out late at night near pubs.  Almost never directed at me, but I witnessed it aplenty.

So it's not just Sri Lanka.  Supposedly polite Canadians can turn into asshats pretty easily too.
It's only happened to me a couple of times, when I was in my late teens or early 20s, and it messed me up.  Part of me wanted to be flattered to finally get something that pretty girls get, but I also recognized it for the piggish, uncivilized, sexist crap that it was.  So then I had shame for wanting to be flattered.  Then I'd get myself wrapped up in a whole nasty bag of conflicting emotions that left me tired and sad.

Now I'm cynical and jaded so if it happened, I'd probably blink at them and ask, "Are you serious?  WTF?"
+Kimberly Chapman, I remember not liking it either when I was young. One time an aunt came to visit from Ottawa (small world, isn't it) and she, my mother and sister were walking out of a bistro when some guys started making their noises. I was thirteen or so and in my great teenage wisdom I said, "I do wish I had a gun so I could shoot everyone who looked at me." My aunt, horrified, stopped walking completely. Noting her discomfort at the epiphany that her niece might be completely unhinged, I quickly added, "but then, oh, just think of the massacre." My sister has never let me forget it, but while it immediately comes off as narcissistic, the fact that I was aware and disturbed enough to say something that violent at that age has stayed with me forever. 
+A.V. Flox if you want the screengrab of the post that started all this for your hall of shame album let me know and I can email it to you!
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