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Poor extroverts. It must be awful to be one, constantly wondering if it 'looks bad to be seen eating alone'. I'd much rather eat alone or go to the cinema alone (admittedly something new for me but wonderfully liberating) than wait around for someone else to crave the same food/movie as me.
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When I lived on my own in a new city, I used to go out to dinner with a good book :)
I would never go out dine alone! Im a major extrovert.
Wasn't like I had much choice +Annelie Karlsson . I hadn't got a microwave, I lived in a single bedroom, and the city was full of cheap and lovely food at the time. :)
+Annelie Karlsson It depends on the situation. If there was a fancy new restaurant I wanted to check out, I probably wouldn't go by myself for dinner (dinner feels a more formal meal than lunch). But I wouldn't skip a meal if I was in a strange city because I had no one to eat with. The venue matters; fancy formal restaurant can feel awkward to eat in alone. Cafe with a book, cakes and hot chocolate is fun!
Aww heck, fancy or not, if I'm going to do something, I'll do it and damn the reactions of others! :D
I've been supermarket shopping in the morning wearing my "best" dress and full evening makeup just for kicks, and I wore a PVC ballgown for work on some charity day. (One of my favourite dresses, as it happens.)
+Amber Petchey Haha! Good for you :) This 'doing stuff alone' thing is a bit new for me, I've always more or less had friends who were of the same wavelength as me and thus I always had company when it came to eating out, cinema, concerts etc. But since moving to Hawaii it's been a bit different, not everyone is into the same things as me, so it can get a bit frustrating waiting around for people to be okay to watch a certain film that I'm keen to watch. So that's why I decided to go alone; can you believe I went to the cinema by myself for the first time only a few months ago? I'm 28 years old! But yes, I'm slowly getting on board with the 'damn their reactions' attitude :)
Really? Heh, you don't need to go with people to the cinema! You're all sat in the dark not talking to each other anyway. :P
Grand on you. :D
I also recommend overdressing when going out for a drink on your own, particularly if you can get stockings with a line up that back. You rarely buy your own drinks, and get chaps very confused if you're "for hire or for keeps".
When alone then I tend to favor fast food places probably because it feels more "ok" there.
Then, my dear +Zaid El-Hoiydi , you need to book yourself a table at the swankiest place you can justify affording, and have the works. You'll look like a flash, visiting businessman, too busy to be messing around with day to day nonsense like commoners. (Terribly good fun, just as a treat you know.)
Ok I might go out tolunch or a quick sandwich or something by myself, but rather not. Dinner, never :D (unless off course, I have no choice)
I spent time getting to know a few of my favourite restaurants in Bath - the best one used to let me bring my beardie, Kyle with me - and they made her a side salad on the house too :)
I must go back that way at some point - Kyle's no longer with us, but I have FIVE dragons eager for a Rouge salad now! :D
:-) in fact, being overly pragmatic, this way I simply get more time to explore the usually new place I am spending the evening in, and this typically ends with a long and nice walk back to the hotel.
I hate going out for dinner or movies alone. I don't want to sit beside complete stranger(s)... I would rather eat at my desk and wait for DVD release, I guess I'm at the other end of the spectrum...
+Yuen King Ho Aww. I used to eat my lunch alone at my desk in the lab until I realized that A) I'm in Hawaii, B) it's gorgeous outside most days and C) sandwiches taste better when sitting outside under a palm tree. Baby steps :)
Jun C
+Amber Petchey I like the way u think! Sometimes, the best way to enjoy something is by yourself... :)
Sometimes me too used to long for a lonely lunch to get away from crazy mad rush at my horror, sometimes the eating joint played some stupid karoake music videos which made the situ :))
In Germany if you show up for lunch in a cafeteria on your own the default assumption of everyone else is that you don't want to be disturbed unless you clearly signal otherwise.
Going to the movies alone is, frankly, amazing.
+Nathan Grubbs In fact if the movie is good enough it renders you automatically alone. Best is a bad movie so that you can joyfully criticize it with those next to you :-)
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