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Bud Gibson (PhD)
I'm writing a book on the search marketing program I created at Eastern Michigan University
I'm writing a book on the search marketing program I created at Eastern Michigan University

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Broken link in Unit 4, Lesson 3. Under "read more on this topic," the link supposedly leads to use cases for the analytics API. NOT.

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BUG REPORT: The test your understanding in Unit 4 item 2, building reports with dimensions and metrics, does not include a check for question 4. It only reports back results for questions 1-3.

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Thought you knew google analytics? Unless, you've been following it closely for the last year, you don't. Google has finally put the right amount of resources into its analytics training materials. The coverage has switched from just websites to all online activity. Check out this excellent starter resource. (h/t +Justin Cutroni, btw any idea when you will update your book?)

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I don't think google and its partners will have the logistics prowess #OMA   #retail  
Google is building an Amazon Prime competitor. I signed up for Prime last year when Amazon emailed me saying that I had spent a whopping $2 more than the annual Prime fees in shipping the year before. I LOVE the service and we can watch instant videos with it as well. I'm not a crazy conspiracy fanatic (ok, maybe occasionally) but with so much of my life depending on Google, if all things were equal, I would just stick with Prime. But, if Google can offer same day delivery (as rumored), that's a big draw. Do you use Amazon Prime?

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Interesting conversation with a former student. People seem more concerned about privacy in the midwest than on the west coast. #OMA   #mobile   #security  
This is just kind of an interesting article on protecting yourself from people attempting to hack your smartphone. Aside from the usual screen lock, there are a few other things that the user can do to eliminate the threat. You can download the apps for lost phones that will help locate the lost phone, you can look out for malware by only downloading apps that you know are 100% legitimate, and finally, you can minimize location sharing in your apps by not allowing them use your location while you use them.
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