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I have had great success with the R community on Google+. I've now joined the Google+ developers community.
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So, my latest project is to develop a Google+ auto grader in R. This should be fun. I think the advantage something like R has over say Python is that R is purpose built for analysis. That said, Python has an overall richer ecosystem, so R's advantage is slight but still real.
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I'm testing out the time lag on the Google+ API.
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I don't care what people say about the cloud, the two barriers to analytical accessibility are:
1. Can I run it on my laptop?
2. Can I run it in my browser?
The minute setup transgresses those boundaries, you've lost 99% of your potential audience.
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Bud Gibson

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Despite it's early promise, I generally find articles on Medium dissatisfying. There's no meat, and the rhetoric is over blown.
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it doesn't seem like a very good platform for sharing photos.  :)
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Bud Gibson

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Interested in learning data science (and specifically the R programming language)? I quickly review two MOOCs from prestigious universities and point out what I think is hole not currently fulfilled by any MOOC.
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Didn't see that one, but it's not hard to imagine. It's really all just data still.
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Bud Gibson

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My question for the new Godzilla movie: Can anything possibly top the Kraken? Anything other creature pales in comparison. Plus, it's all getting just a little overdone.
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As I continue to pursue this MOOC, one of the clear issues is context for exploratory analysis. You have to be in touch with the domain to know what matters and what doesn't. All analytical models build on that foundation.
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So, careful targeting of a post to a google+ community specifically on that topic has led to one of my highest blog interaction rates ever.
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That's at least food for thought. 
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The short answer is no, you shouldn't pay for MOOC-based certifications in R, but there are some things, that if they changed, could make me say yes.
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This is really convenient to our house. The salad bar is tremendous, and I like the staff.
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