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Find what you love. that's the truth!
lucky for us you love to do tutorials! btw. that's great!
I love doing tutorials too, but I haven't learn anything that worth making a tutorial yet. Wish you continue doing what you like.
"steal ideas and say they're yours" - steve jobs
true for some it's creating wonderful technology for others abusing child labour by the millions, Steve Jobs loved the second choice.
I just quit my web developer job to pursue my childhood/adulthood dream of becoming a game developer now that I've finished university. My web developer job was with one of Australia's largest companies, full-time, was with a brilliant team and paid well. I was offered a permanent position - I was set for the rest foreseeable future of my life.

However, I just quit, I only have 2 weeks left here. Why? Because my love lies with GAMES, not WEB.

What's said in that picture above is my philosophy in life, word for word, and i'd never seen this before or had any idea Steve Jobs said it. In my opinion, Steve Jobs' photo and name is irrelevant in this picture, I just think it's a wonderful philosophy to live by.
June Ng
Totally agree
android said it first. This cunt copied it and patented it. #whatawanker

Great thought by a great guy. Just that he's not with us anyone makes me sad :( world really needs more of such people.
no, we need more innovators. Not this businessman.
Shame he was a shit boss and had lots of complaints against him, making others unable to enjoy their jobs.
I don't think any google employee can complain the same.
is that seriously your first name?
they're called iSheep. They're the ones that bought his products.
And he sure found what he loved.... Money and the elated feeling that can only come from stealing other people's ideas and products plastering "hip" to them and selling them at 3 or 4 times the dough.
Mac OS rip off of Unix and Linux
Iphone- stolen technology from Motorola( motorola only invented cellphones or some such nonsense), built by samsung and sold by apple
Ipad- taplet pc's have been around for a long time already, much more powerful ones for about the same price, Oh and you had the choice to install whatever os or programs you wanted to on those. Oh for time to turn back to when you could buy a product to own not just the license to use it and forever be worried about being sued for "unlocking its potential"
Mac anything Computer related - last year tech restricted with hobbles and chains with next year price tag with a wonderful 1 year warrantee thats so nice to have the day it runs out and your left with a POS.

Ps. Im a PC and Im a PC, but.... im different..maybe even special( spelled with a capital R).. they like to call me a mac for some odd reason. They get mad when i call myself PC. I thinks its something to do with the fact that they are trying to set me apart, make me into something im not, Something hip, cool, with it, american designed(chinese made)...guess they gotto excuse the price tag and restrictions somehow?

Pss. I dont get viruses like pc's do cause im not a computer built with the same parts as all those pc things. Viruses dont exist for mac os cuz they is like gay people in iran and if viruses did ever exist big brother apple will make it all better.(if you dont understand this, you need to brush up on you tech political and cultural schooling.)
This is a great quote by Steve. He may have had many bad sides to his personality, but he sure had a passion for designing great products and a drive for perfection. It would be great if the people who seem to have found their passion on only bitching on the internet about other people's choice of computers could instead learn from Steve's drive and passion and actually focus their energy on producing something great themselves.

And +Bucky Roberts, thanks a lot for all your great tutorials! I really appreciate the work you have done. You have helped me a great deal with your tutorials.
lol. how about you do some actual research into subjects instead of "bitching" about "bitching". As any person well versed in recent and past technological politics knows. Steve did anything but "designing great products" What in your opinion did he "design" other than the idea of a unified company and product platform. Il give him that atleast. Im not a monster.
Steve jobs (and apple alike) designed incredibly little. Apple is a MARKETING MACHINE. Nothing they have ever produced has been a) new, b) revolutionary. They patent everything not already patented and leech of IBM, Android, Nokia. You think apple owns multitouch? lol. no.

Do you think microsoft have made money on their mobile phone market? Microsoft have made MORE money due to licencing and patent royalty payments from nokia, HTC, apple etc. than their whole handset marketing endeavour has.

Tablets were around (as an idea) in 1980, mp3 players far outdated the iPod, and shit son, I've been using a touch screen smartphone for over a decade before Jobs made them popular.

I will forever admire Steve Jobs for his incredible business sense and success, but I will never respect him or his business practices.
I really am not interested in, or have the time for, getting into an internet argument to prove who is more "versed in recent and past technological politics". I just don't see the point in spending one's time dissing people's work, or criticizing other people's choice in computers for that matter. If you don't like Macs of iOS devices, then don't buy them, and move along and do something productive yourself with whatever tools you like. The subject of this post is the quote, which I do like, and not the man of the products he worked on.
The potency of this quote is dictated by the practices of the man who said it. Unfortunately this weighs fuck all when you know what Steve Jobs was all about.
+Bharti Sharma , you're going to have to plustag someone to let them know you agree.... posting doesn't do shit.
A really brilliant man, the world truly miss Steve jobs...
sam sam
i am the great fan of steve jobs he is verrrrryyyyy nice person he is saying right me sam
Love what you do and you'll never "work" again.
"creative people exhibit a continuous discontent with uniformity.Decide you reach for the best,and experience the joy of getting there.
Steal ideas and then sue anyone who's ideas/design come close to the ones you taken in the first place.
absolutely said by late mr. Jobs...
Stupid quote, it is statements like these by my generation's teachers that lead to the occupy movement and high unemployment because of poorly choosen education paths by US students. (Not to say that income inequality isn't at an all time high) By hey, I like foreign food, bring on the H1 visas and the people/cultures intelligent enough to pick a proper college major. There is more to life than work people. Provide for yourself, next your family, then see how happy or unhappy you are.
I have a macbook pro, I love it.

But otherwise I use linux when able to because I believe that open source contributes ten times more than a closed source product will ever do. Just because it's open source doesn't mean it's gonna be free.
Coming from a man who didn't show any love to his fellow men, I'm willing to believe him. Self absorbed and a little bit of a sociopath, I'm certain that he found satisfaction in the perfection of things.
so true, thanks for sharing this
this is very touching. everyone should follow its advice

... or just do what steve jobs did and steal technology, become the face of a hipster marketing machine, and overshadow the death of actually creative people. like Dennis Ritchie who invented C and UNIX
first of all Steve took ideas though his quote is true non of these were his ideas
Billionaire bullshit. I'm sure he gave a similar speech to the sweatshop employees during his visits.
if you want something you must be brave enough to explore things outside your world...
Works for Steve Jobs. Doesn't work so well for Peter White, who "will ne’er go right. Would you know the reason why? He follows his nose where’er he goes, And that stands all awry."
I don´t know what it is with Steve Jobs these days. Did the pope suggest he would become a saint? Following Jobs own advise lots of people left Apple to pursue their dreams instead of working in an organization which stole ideas (even from their own employees), had them produced in China under extremely hazardous conditions and get rid of the dictatorial regime Jobs created at Apple where people were afraid to tell it like it is. A bit ironic that those who took his words serious now work elsewhere... :)
Control freak! I can agree with some of his "unveils" because they are common to all human. Indeed everyone dedicated to his ideas can build something great - but is this good or bad is a matter of your habit to other. As this guy have been very smart almost genius and completely control freak - what he did? Pretty and addictive devices which works most as a digital handcuffs or even narcotic to it's user.
Great quote! But it doesn't work for most people!!!
It amazes me how people can turn a post about an inspirational quote into a chance to attack someone's traits. To try to discredit someone's argument by pointing out that person's negative characteristics is a logical fallacy.
If you refer to me +Pedro Ziviani then you are barking to the wrong tree as I just followed up on Steve´s advise.
..and be sure to deny parentage whenever possible..
+Max Huijgen I am sure that plenty of people left Apple to pursue their dreams, good for them! And I am just as sure that many people have also remained at Apple for that very same reason.
true words. Ever see a great ball player, programmer, doctor, husband, wife, father, mother who hated what they do? No, you haven't. At best you only achieve competency but never greatness at anything you don't love.
I love the juxtaposition of this challenging but optimistic statement with the silly Bill Gates list of important stuff floating around right now. That list begins with "life isn't fair. get used to it" and ends by pointing out that someday a nerd will be your boss. Inspiring. Not.
+MuF Muphistopheles As I said, insisting on an ad hominem, pointing someone's negative characteristics in order to negate his argument, is a logical fallacy. Thus, it does not contribute to the discussion of the quote or argument.
I'm sick of people need to have someone to follow like "god"... Don't you ever have to define your own point of view? Do you ever have your own slogan? At least is better to choose another person to follow up!
+MuF Muphistopheles oh yes, because that, laughing at people who admire him, is relevant to the topic of the post, which is the quote in itself. Okay, right.
No one liked Jobs at a personal level. That speaks volume about everything about him.
IMO, the only thing he loved was making a lot of money and he was smart enough to figure out a way to make people want to buy things because they were expensive. Good work, steve.
Steve Jobs was a scum bag. Great quote though.
Another Great Quote by Him: "Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." ~ Steve Jobs
Amazing to me to read all the haters, its easy to hate then it is to forgive or understand, I am sure you all are perfect in your own way and have all done the right thing, so shame on him for being human, and the rest is god :) Come On People!
In contradiction of the stupid argument here I will just point that the nazi Dr. Mengele also was loving his job. Does he did something great?
... to all blind bellievers - just beware of who you following...
Steve Jobs? Boss and manager - yes, but I don't think he has ever been person of trust ...
What a load of complete garbage. It would be great if we could all love what we do, but at some point you gotta man (or woman) up and pay for the things you take and the kids you make. This sort of "gotta find myself" attitude is why we have a nation of disconnected, unaccountable children. I don't think my father ever loved his job driving a smelly bus around Brooklyn all day, but he loved us, and that was enough. Love your family and the ones who count and you and you job will seem just fine.
Strange, I've never heard of him before he died, so why now suddenly famous. Marketing strategy? But it's still a good quote.
This is what the chinese teaching in the martial arts is about>the way of the Tao<
good good good. he liked taking ideas from open source and selling them. feels good man.
+Christopher Franko this is quite stupid thing to say. As Open Source goes, Apple was much more on contributing side (and I am not talking just about WebKit). Bottom line, before making comments like this, spend some time researching the subject.
it would be better if someone tells us how to find the things that you love. I mean not some kind of things making nonsense like sleeping, watching TV etc.
boo Jay
"The only way to become the most successful company in the world is to steal ideas from others, claim them as your own, then sue the originators after the fact. That way you make twice as much."

-Steve Jobs
Th only way, steve? the only way? What a selfish ego-maniacal business man, but with astounding tunnel vision that blinded him to anything remotely human.
I have respect for Steve jobs: RIP
hmmmmmmm this happens only vt the one who believes in it.
that's true. Sometimes I wonder how someone can lead his dreams to become real. But Im seeing now, we have to believe in ourself.
boo Jay
I do too, +Kavya Sharma, but you can't get to his position without stepping over others.
I want Steve's Book: plz suggest me where to buy in Delhi
Steve Jobs hated most of the stuff what people where working on for him and only a couple of things were worthy to meet some requirements that could actually be loved by him.
First of all - +Pedro Ziviani it is a great quote and has been for the last 2500 years when Confucious first coined it as "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life". The post is just a variation on an old theme. The negative reactions are quite valid since along with this post is picture of Steven Jobs who has rightly been accused of taking other ideas and claiming them as his own or within his company's domain. Couple this with the recent adoring and fawning elegies for the man post-mortem and a lot of people are just sickened by it. Especially considering his DESPICABLE (and that is being generous) laissez-faire labor camps that he contracted to manufacture his company's products in China. Apparently it isn't enough to profit from their misery - he needs to appropriate their historic legacy for himself as well? Since Jobs didn't make this post, the answer would be - no, this post is not Jobs' responsibility. He didn't create the post, someone else is ascribing a long known truism to Jobs based on something he probably said in an interview at one time, a phrase so often used in career counseling that there probably isn't any harm in stating again.

But the fact that this post can be created by his idolatrous fans is infuriating. The measure of a man should not just be his successes, his wealth, or his "hipness" - you need to weigh it with a cold, hard discerning look at his ethical misgivings as well and his are many. But his fans over and over refuse to acknowledge them. So don't misinterpret the negative comments as attacks on Jobs - they are indicating that these kudos as inherently flawed.
I love sleeping all day, reading and watching movies. What is out there for me?
Dumb quote, and here's an example why. Do you think Egyptian slaves loved building the Great Pyramids? Do you think they still did great work? People are capable of anything, as long as they have motivation, greed, power, money, etc...

In two thousand years no one is going to care about iAnything.
Nav H.
yawn. sick of all the praising. move on already.
Not that face in my stream... argh ... mute
Jobs was a brilliant guy, but I will be the first to say that the whole "follow your heart" bit doesn't work. In fact, it's usually the opposite with me. Do something that you don't care about, and you'll probably be successful.
Steve Jobs is an idiot. Only thing he was successful was exploiting stupid people so they buy his overpriced, under-powered, ugly (OSX that is) phones and PCs.
haha ya totally muted.. steve jobs is a horrible human being.
Or, if you're Steve Jobs, the only way to do great work is to take credit for work that others have done.
@ Pedro Ziviani

I appreciate the fact that you try to defend jobs and keep the comments on topic but the way you go about it is not effective. See you keep arguing that we are in fact attacking Jobs integrity and ignoring his great quote. The fact is that when you know a small bit about the man this quote becomes whimsical nonsense. To give you an example if Gadaffi had said something like "Live life too the fullest and give respect to your fellow man." you would not be saying "wow what a great quote from a great man" and if people started to pick apart the fact that Gadaffi only loved his money and women and tortured people there wouldn't be any strength in an argument like yours: "It amazes me how people can turn a post about an inspirational quote into a chance to attack someone's traits. To try to discredit someone's argument by pointing out that person's negative characteristics is a logical fallacy."
and "the subject of this post is the quote, which I do like, and not the man of the products he worked on."
In this case what the man has to say in is complete conflict with what his personal opinion is.

I guess what im trying to say is that people dont listen to hypocrites.

"dissing people's work" dissing who's work? what work? Oh right the work of motorolla and Linus Torvalds and IBM?, "or criticizing other people's choice in computers for that matter" how am i doing that? Im criticizing the Seller(samsung is the manufacturer and apple the seller) not the user. Just because i dissagree with america on some of its policies i would not criticize an american for choosing to remain an americain.

"move along and do something productive yourself with whatever tools you like." I wish i could. see i build and fix computers and it becomes increasingly difficult to do so whenever i go to someones house cuz there computer is a POS and lo and behold its a mac. Yes i know my way around the operating system. Yes its simple. that is the problem. Advanced features are nigh impossible to access on a mac. dont get me wrong im not a fan of Micro$ products either. especially of late particularly because they are trying to imitate mac os and ios. ive been starting to build computer with, and suggest others do the same, LINUX. Build a pc. Install Linux for FREE. Can be simple like Mac for begginers and yet advanced features and absolute freedom over your own machine for the advanced or enthusiast user.

ps. I do not appreciate the undertones with which you are attacking my integrity. In my past posts i have had nothing but respect for you. "bitching" "dissing" "criticizing peoples choices" "do something productive yourself" as if you know that im a useless layabout who hasn't? I have done none of the things YOU have accused me of. I have given my opinion and laid out my evidence which can be backed up by a quick google search. BTW Im writing this on a mac. The shock. the horror.
"And if all else fails, use sweatshops!"
Good advice. It works most of the time.
"let's shut down any program we have running that gives money to the less fortunate"
-steve jobs
That was the only thing Steve Jobs was good at... making a load of bull shit sound good.
"You were born an original, don't die as a copy." - John Mason
why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on?
+boo Jay You should have went in the comments you would see what you said was pretty much a rewrite of what I said. You will be hearing from our lawyers. :D
Follow your person, don't find another person. Your dreams and thoughts are your person. Interesting quote, very well-lived, Steve Jobs.
+Olivier Morre Nice page! Hopefully the world will never run out of insightful quotes. As long as there people who are willing to delve into problems greater than that of themselves.
posthumous eulogizing of hitherto moderately prominent figures have become a favorite pastime of media & social networking sites - seriously, its been way overdone in SJ's case too!
sam sam
absolutely right in my daily routine i use this tip it is wonder ful tip
+Daniel Rouw You saying that "Advanced features are nigh impossible to access on a mac" made me curious. What features would those be that are so close to impossible to access? Seriously, just curious.
It's weird that China slavery working style is blamed to the guy, it's been around for years before Apple's revival , and it's actually how China thrive into today's economic force, Foxconn is not exclusively producing Apple's product, and if not for such way Apple products is produced, how can you get the iPhone for 199 ? Even Samsung won't sell their Galaxy line for anything less.
It's all marketing crap that everybody does, Microsoft do it, Nokia do it, even Google do it, just that Steve ( and Apple ) can do it better , turning whatever crap into shiny things, more effectively than any other people can ... I love using Mac, I use it to code for iOS and Android, i don't hate Windows although not too crazy about it, and Linux ( and may other *nix ) is a platform of choice for servers I maintained for my clients, and for what it's worth, I adore Steve Jobs for his assholeness :p because that's what drive him to push the envelope and do good things.

Oh, and +Bucky Roberts , +1000 for all your tutorials, helps me a lot to train my new developers. Happy holiday and have a great vacation !
steve jobs is a very great person....
This picture makes me feel honor.. And I think he found what he wants and loves. I l found what I love in these days. So I am gonna go forward from now on. T.T
yeah well, i would love my job too if I was making billions of dollars.
Not a big fan of Jobs. From his hatred of Android to his belief in closed source. But I have to say. That is a dam good quote.
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