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Atlanta's Premier Pet Sitting Company

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Love me some Boxers!

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For all you pet owners who love your pets dearly!

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Maurice & Argus enjoying Professional Pet Sitter Week!

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Introducing Pet Sitter Sara Vivanco:

Q. Tell us your funniest pet sitting memory.
A. One of the dogs I watch has this habit of burying treats under a blanket when she doesn't feel like eating (to save it for later.) During one of my first visits, she was missing her owner and I was trying to coax her into eating dinner by offering it to her from my hand. She had a few bites, then decided she didn...'t want anymore. Instead of taking the food from me and then burying it, she pushed the blanket over my hand!

Q. When did you get your first pet and what was it?
A. I was 10 years old when we got our first dog, a golden retriever mix named Bailey. She wasn't very friendly to anyone outside our family, but we loved her. (Also, fun fact: before getting Bailey, I used to be terrified of dogs!)

Q. What is your biggest challenge as a pet sitter?
A. Right now I don't have a car of my own, so I have to base my schedule around MARTA, or when I can borrow either my roommate's or fiance's car. Luckily I'll have a car of my own in a few months, but in the time being, it limits how many visits I can take on at once.

Q. Do you pet sit full time?
A. No; in addition to pet-sitting, I also work as a freelance artist, as well as a teacher's assistant in an after school art program!

Q. What advice or tips would you give a client as they are preparing to go out of town and leave their pets in your care?
A. Have enough food, bags, cat litter, cleaning supplies, etc. laid out for the entire length of your trip! Also, leaving detailed instructions is always super helpful!

Next week is Professional Pet Sitter week March 1-7

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Brrrr it is cold and damp outside. Make sure you dress your pets warmly and bring them inside.

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Buckhead Pet Pals office staff is getting ready to go to our weekly Yin class!

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Getting Ready for our pet sitter from Buckhead Pet Pals to come for dinner!

Buckhead Pet Pals wants to make sure you get your favorite sitter for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please schedule pet sitting with us online or give us a call today 404.603.5355

Call us today to book any of you holiday pet sitting needs 404.603.5355
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