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"Quality Home Care In The Comfort of Your Home"
"Quality Home Care In The Comfort of Your Home"

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5 Things Seniors Can Benefit from Walking

Aging can take a toll on your senior's overall health. While aging is imminent in life, there are many ways you can delay the ill effects of aging and bypass those health concerns.

Aside from eating healthily, developing an active lifestyle is one way to remain healthy and strong. Walking is an easy, effective, and practical solution for seniors who wish to beat the odds that come with their golden years. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Improve their blood pressure
2. Promote better posture
3. Improve their mood
4. Enhance their mobility
5. Limit their risk of common health diseases

Go ahead and take a walk with your beloved seniors today!

#SeniorCare #HealthHacks #HealthTips
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Get Used to a Lifestyle of Comfort, Let a Professional Take Care of You at Home

We offer care for those who are recovering from a surgery or injury, nursing a wound, or managing a health condition. Buckeye Home Health Care's skilled services make this possible. Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-home care assessment.

#HomeHealthCare #Nursing #HealthCare
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Experience the Many Benefits of Staying and Recovering at Home

Leaving home is so taxing for homebound individuals or those with special care needs. That’s why their primary care practitioners would recommend home health care services. This way, patients can just stay in the comforts of their residences while securing their needed medical attention.

Many families across Westerville, Ohio have enjoyed and benefited from Buckeye Home Health Care’s quality services. We provide affordable and convenient care solutions for those who are recuperating from a surgery or injury, treating a wound, aging in place, or managing a chronic illness.

Please take time to explore our home health care services. You can check it through our website or call us directly.

#HomeHealthCare #Recovery #HealthTips
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5 Medication Tips to Avoid Adverse Reactions

You can benefit from your medicines without worrying about adverse drug reactions through these tips:

1. Have a medication history list that includes your current and previous prescriptions, OTC drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements.
2. Carry this list whenever you visit your physician or pharmacist.
3. Be knowledgeable about your prescriptions and know the reason why you're taking them.
4. Ask for alternatives when you're taking multiple pills a day.
5. Manage your medications wisely.

Stay vigilant with your medications and be proactive on your health. Buckeye Home Health Care’s skilled experts are willing to help you achieve wellness right at home. Contact us for more details.

#HomeHealthCare #HealthTips #MedicationTips
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Health Tip: Having a Good Company Can Ward off Many Health Concerns, Too!

A senior's happiness and fulfillment give positive impacts to their overall health. That's why you need to work on improving your beloved's emotional health, in as much as you secure their physical health. Get started by providing companionship.

#HealthTips #HomeHealthCare #Companionship
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Caregiving Tips: 5 Hacks to Simplify Your Medication Management

Let's face it: It is difficult to manage our medications when our minds wander around other to-dos and bulk of personal appointments. Lucky for you, we've rounded up these 5 medication management hacks to simplify the process:

1. Make use of prescription pillboxes.
2. Build a calendar of medication schedule.
3. Set a medication alarm system.
4. Have visual reminders and place it in strategic areas at home.
5. Ask a loved one to help you be reminded.

Have other tips to share? Feel free to tell us in the comments. For your home health care needs, call us today! Buckeye Home Health Care will be pleased to assist you and your family.

#HomeHealthCare #HealthTips #MedicationManagement
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Important Nutrients For Our Senior Loved Ones

#SeniorCare #Nutrients
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5 Helpful Tips For Seniors and their Social Lives

Everyone needs a social life to be able to maintain a healthy life. However, as we become seniors, our social life might diminish over the years for a number of reasons. Here are some tips to help seniors make the most out of the relationships they still got as well as to be more sociable:

1. Be friendly with everyone.
2. Do your best to make new friends.
3. Spend quality time together with loved ones whenever possible.
4. Give friends and family a call.
5. Join a support group if necessary.

Share with senior loved ones today!

#Seniors #SocialLife
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PT For Recovery

If ever your senior loved one is recovering from an injury or stroke, you can help them by letting them undergo Physical Therapy (PT). It helps relieve pain and improves movement.

Buckeye Home Health Care can provide PT for your loved one.

#PhysicalTherapy #Recovery #SeniorCare
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How Speech Therapy Can Help the Elderly

Medical conditions might cause some of our senior loved ones to have difficulties in speaking. Luckily, speech therapy can help them triumph over these obstacles. Here are some of ways speech therapy can be exactly just what our senior loved one needs.

• It helps their ability to articulate.
• It helps their ability to understand words better.
• It can help strengthen a senior’s vocal cords.
• It can make swallowing food easier.

If you think your loved one needs speech therapy, you can try Buckeye Home Health Care. We provide speech therapy. Share this today!

#SpeechTherapy #Elderly
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