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Free Open Source Router Distribution embedded FreeBSD
Free Open Source Router Distribution embedded FreeBSD

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BSDRP 1.70 is available. Main improvements are: upgraded to FreeBSD 11-stable, bird upgraded to 1.6.3 (large BGP community support), OpenVPN upgraded to 2.4.0 (AEAD GCM support), netmap-fwd added with a patch for syncing kernel FIB (experimental).

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pf/ipfw's impact on forwarding performance with FreeBSD 11-stable r312663 (used by BSDRP 1.70).

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FreeBSD 11.0 IPsec and OpenVPN (2.4.0) performance on different hardware.
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One year (2016) of FreeBSD Forwarding/pf/ipfw performance evolution on a small 8 cores Atom server and 10G Chelsio NIC.

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BSDRP 1.60 is out with new features:
* A new fresh installation needs 1GB disk size, but upgrade image are still compliant for previous installation on 512MB disks.
* Upgraded to FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p2
* Drivers added: sfxge (Solarflare 10Gb Ethernet adapter driver) and if_disc (software discard network interface)
* New package: ntraceroute (Path MTU discovery, AS lookup)

Some bugs fixes:
* Fix dhcprelya CPU usage
* Fix pf-scrub on bridge (FreeBSD's PR 185633)

A list of updated packages:
* bird to 1.6.0
* exabgp to 3.4.16
* iperf to 3.1.3
* isc-dhcp43-server to 4.3.4
* monit to 5.19
* openvpn to 3.12
* strongswan to 5.5

This release should be the last based on FreeBSD 10.3, the next will be on based on FreeBSD 11.0.

More details on the full release notes.

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One year (2015) of #FreeBSD 11-head forwarding performance (including pf/ipfw impact) evolution on a small Netgate platform. This bench needs 765 reboots (51 images, 3 config setup, 5 run with a reboot between each tests). And the RCC-VE 4860 has a very short BIOS POST delay.

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BSDRP 1.58 is out:
- Upgraded to 10.2-RELEASE-p8
- Disable Chelsio NIC features useless in a simple router (cxgbe.toecaps_allowed=0)
- Disable vlan_hwtso feature by default
- Added an installation helper option: "system install <target-disk>"
- Added userland symbols/debug in the debug archive
- Serial port default speed is now set to 115200 bauds (new installation), an upgrade will not change the previous console speed
- New packages: iperf 3.1 and flashrom

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If you want to try the experimental improvement of FreeBSD routing code, or playing with netmap-fwd: Here is a BSDRP image for tests. It need a 1Gb disk for new install, but the upgrade image is compliant with existing 512Mb BSDRP installation.

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netmap-forwarding : slides
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