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I'm just this software engineer, you know?
I'm just this software engineer, you know?

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So just for fun, I signed up for Spotify yesterday. I enjoyed entering in the many musical artists that I enjoy listening to. Now, having done so, I don't see how having done so has made any difference within the app. The home page is showing me the exact same recommendations as before, so it doesn't seem to be influenced by what it now knows I like. I can see the list of artists I entered, and I can shuffle each artist's music if I want to listen to JUST that artist, but I don't see how to shuffle all my favoured artists' songs together so that I can listen to them all. That is to say, the Artists screen inside "Your Library" doesn't have a "Shuffle" button.

There must be a way to do this. What am I missing?

- Bryon

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Thursday, April 27th, we're heading to the local planetarium for the next Cosmics Nights. The last one was a blast, so if you're nearby, come and join us!

Right now I very badly need a friend with whom I can chat about ADHD over coffee. Someone with experienced, practical understanding of it. Someone who doesn't offhandedly dismiss it as a myth. 

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Thursday, January 26th, we're heading to the local planetarium for the next Cosmics Nights. The last one was a blast, so if you're nearby, come and join us! 

Every few years I switch between Android and iOS so that I can stay relevantly current on both. I've just recently bought my first iPhone in quite a while, so now that I've got it set up pretty much the way I think I want it, I'm wondering, what are your favourite third-party apps? I'm hoping some new and fun stuff have come along since my 3GS. :-)

<vent frustration_level_percentage=100>

I can say this about my LG G3: Never Again.

I've been dissatisfied with it from the beginning due to the uninstallable bloatware on it, the crappy quality of the photos it takes (when the camera doesn't outright crash), and especially the infinitely annoying "battery full" indicator that beeps at you once every minute that you leave your phone plugged in when it's at 100%, even in the middle of the night. You cannot disable this anti-feature, so if you're the kind of person who wants to always keep your phone plugged in when at home so that it's always fully charged every time you head out, tough shit.

And now, almost exactly one year later (just long enough for it to no longer be covered by any kind of warranty, which I sure must be a coincidence, right?), this $600 (Canadian) device is falling apart. The GPS is either randomly unavailable or is disappointingly inaccurate. The battery regularly runs hot, and discharges way too quickly. The whole thing randomly freezes up, sometimes when just trying to unlock the lock screen.

All of this surprises me. My Nexus 4, made by LG, was absolutely wonderful. I only upgraded away from it because I needed more storage space, and the Nexus line doesn't have memory card slots because Microsoft holds the copyright on those, and Google refuses to pay up.

Now I'm stuck. My current phone is quickly dying, but only half paid off. The new Nexus 5x still has too little built-in memory. The new Nexus 6p is physically ridiculously large. I don't trust LG's quality. Samsung's bloatware in infamous. The iPhone has a boatload of its own infuriating issues. I very badly want to gather the CEOs of this industry together in the same room and bitch-slap all of them repeatedly until they come to their senses (which is impossible; evidence clearly shows that none of them have any sense.)


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Life sometimes throws surprising coincidences at you. Just earlier this year I wish wishing for a Vancouver showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show so I could take a friend of mine who's never seen it before. I intended to see if it was playing anywhere as we approached Halloween.

Then someone someone casually mentioned this at a party I happened to be at:

So, Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 9PM, I get to introduce Jim to a tiny piece of my personal history. :-) :-)

Would anyone like to join us? I'm in the mood to do the Time Warp again...


Many, many thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday! It was a great day!

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Neat! Just got back from watching the transit of Mercury! That's the first time I've ever looked through a large telescope at the sun, and first time I've seen a planet transiting across it. Awesome!

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Some judges are just simply awesome.
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