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I love to learn.
I love to learn.

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Spread the word! We keep growing and growing and growing.....

Positions available:
-Account Manager
-PPC Advertising Analyst
-Internet Marketing Specialist
-SEO Strategist
-Senior Account Executive

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Very cool new Majestic SEO features! So glad we have a subscription at work so I can play with this today...

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It's easier than you think.
Content Research: Generate Hundreds of Ideas

Generating ideas for your #contentmarketing  efforts doesn't have to be difficult! In today's post, +Arnie Kuenn offers up a few ideas for even the most boring industries.

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All too true!

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Way cool!

What is an Auto Awesome and How to Create One

Recently, Google+ announced a new feature for photos and videos known as  Auto Awesome.  An Auto Awesome is an animation created from taking a series of photos and videos, like the one below created by +martin shervington.  An Auto Awesome as a gif, video, or combined slide show of them both. With the inclusion of animated gifs from the launch of Google+, the Google + team wanted to include the feature for users to create their own content and story. 

Many influential users such as +matthew rappaport, +Guy Kawasaki and +Yifat Cohen have begun sharing Auto Awesome posts to their streams weekly, if not daily, engaging their circles in new and interesting ways. This is another way for Google+ and it’s users to set itself apart from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. 

To start using Auto Awesome, simply follow these easy steps:
1. Download the Google Plus app to your iPhone or Android
2. Go into your camera settings and make sure that Auto Awesome Backup, Auto Awesome and Auto enhance features are enabled. 
3. Start taking photos and videos
4. Wait for Google to create an Auto Awesome 
5. Share it 

Pro tips for getting the most out of Auto Awesome:

•Share Auto Awesomes on other social networks, including Pinterest. 
•Upload multiple images of the same object or scene with different exposures (low, normal and high) and Auto Awesome will merge them together to create a picture with the most optimal clarity and contrast.
•Take multiple photos of a group of people, and Auto Awesome will attempt to choose the best shots of each individual and merge them into one photo.
•For those of you without the iPhone, take a series of photos panning across a screen to cue Auto Awesome to merge them together into a panoramic image. 
•You can adjust Auto Awesome to auto enhance in low or high settings. Low meaning it will take it easy on the photo enhancement, or you can turn it off altogether.  
•Take multiple images of the same subject, with different focus areas to see what Auto Awesome will put together for you.  
•Check out Google Plus’ new feature, Explore, to discover new Auto Awesomes people are sharing by visiting and typing in #autoawesome  into the search bar. 

Authors: +Sarah Schager and +Brooke Brown 

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Animated Photo

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What does the Torch say? I'm not sure but it heard quite  a few things! #olympics2014 #sochi #sochiproblems  

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Top 10 Questions You Should Ask a PPC Agency Before Hiring Them

Hiring a PPC agency can be a difficult task since, more often than not, you’re hiring one because you’re not an expert yourself. Wading through sales people and trying to understand industry specific lingo you’re not familiar with can be challenging, so we suggest focusing on finding an agency that is transparent, produces quality results, and provides excellent customer service. Here are the questions we suggest you ask to make sure you’re hiring a top quality agency:

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Since Pagerank is very hit or miss, here are some metrics you might not know about to get you through this dark time. 
What Are Alternatives to Google’s Pagerank?

It’s been publicly said by +Matt Cutts that Google is no longer interested in updating Pagerank. So how are SEOs and webmasters now supposed to evaluate a website’s relevance and authority? In this video you will find some viable Pagerank alternatives that contain great data, and remind us that we shouldn’t ever rely solely on one metric.

Full post by +Brynna Baldauf:

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Billboard skeletons, who knew those were a thing?
Gotta love a good billboard skeleton! ...From the song "Reverie Pilgrims", the last song off of The Commandeer EP.

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Yay, +Kaila Strong!!
10 Link Building Strategies for The Post Holiday Slump

Don't let your link building strategy suffer because of the holidays. +Kaila Strong offers a list of tips to keep you inspired and on track!

#linkbuilding   #seo  
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