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You don't see this everyday! Just stunning...

"The eclipse from central Tokyo -" /by @tamegoeswild#Eclipse
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wow this is wonderful
Thanks, seeing it!
haha that's right it looks like "The Ring" but it is stunning!
Beautiful. I'm sorry I missed it. Is there a way I could put that as a screen saver on my Android. I am absolutely tech illiterate. Thanks
Tim Lee
Really amazing.
Just beautiful. We didn't see much of it here in Nashville, TN.
Does this mean I'm gonna die in seven days?
Looks like it's true that the moon's orbit is getting farther away; this is the first eclipse I've seen where the actual surface of the son can be seen behind the moon...usually all that can be seen of the sun is its corona.
how did you take the photo without blinding yourself?
Would make great album art work :-)
the same way a ton of little kids stare at the sun on a normal day, just deal with blindness later. that said, I need to get new glasses....
Wish I were on the west coast today
Awesome timing on this shot. Just could not get a clear view from the Atlanta, GA area this evening, too many clouds and the sun was already too far down on the horizon. I am so jealous that you were able to get this shot, well done!
Have any "Heroes" gained or lossed power today? hehe
Everybody who saw the eclipse will die in seven days.
And nature makes an x-box halo refference
ECLIPSE!?! What the hell? Why do I miss all the good stuff?
You guys now that is not from the current eclipse right.....
It's not the current one you fools
Thank you very much for taking this very spectacular picture!!! :) =) ^^
+Shem Abel No it's just an annular eclipse. This is actually a more common eclipse than a total eclipse. However you are correct the moon is indeed moving away from the Earth at a rate of about 3.7 ~ 3.8 cm per year.

It will take about 1.4 billion years for the moon to move to a distance of about 24,000 km. At the same time the sun is getting bigger (as it's hydrogen fuel gets less and less). Thus it is hard to estimate exactly when the last eclipse will happen on Earth, but good guesses are anywhere between 900 million and 1.6 billion years.

I do want to point out, even though the moon is moving further away from the Earth, we will still have total eclipses for the next couple of hundred millenia. Three to four centimeters a year is really difficult to visualize when compared to between 362 to 405 thousand kilometers.
Brilliant photo, have shared it with the owners name in FB.
Thanks for sharing - not viewable on the east coast in the U.S. ..

So wish I could see this in ontario
This is the coolest thing I've seen all day
why cant you just not say bad words?? it doesnt make you any cooler its just making you sound like an idiot
"everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon!" ~ Pink Floyd
This the SIGN for things to come , shes an envoy from the all the above and the beyond from a HEART broken mother in the heavens beyond wailing , crying for her children REPENTANCE SHE is DESPERATE about the DANGER , FACING ALL humans. A DANGER SO BIG AND HORRENDOUS ,SHE IS WILLING TO FIGHT
unforgettable! Thanks a million i may see this in my next lifetime
OMG!!!... Heroes...dibs on Hiro Nakumara's powers
Very Cool, I was looking at it through a welding mask, lol
Wow perfect ring O
A cloud passed in front of the one I was watching and I missed the halo...
that a eclipse!! it look like evil sprit block the moon
Lol this looks like THE RING.... lol!
WOW indeed. Humankind could never create this even if they wanted to. How mighty and powerful our creator is to allow the elements of the universe to be able to create such a magnificent sight. Breath taking :)
wow this is wonderful ....
cool pic were did you take it
it looks good, i tried but i don't have chance to capture it! excellent!!
That is so cool. I missed it but. Since I am in Saskatchewan and I was watching AFV so I don't blame my self. But cool picture. 👌
me to i missed it
here in Philippines started at 21 May, 04:59 - 21 May, 07:06
Really cool moon. Where we're you when you took this photo?
i see this every day its so cool but i got sick of it im jk this is spectacular
David H
This is amazing. Tokyotes must have it good.
awsm ..but We in India missed the ring !!
that looks like a ring in the sky is it real?? ;p
it is so prety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More interesting than the last supermoon.
a light circle in the sky. very nice.
think about nature that there is some one who can do each n every things he is not other than Allah the almighty.
there is someone who is controlling the all events of nature.
wow wow wow very very amazing ............
Perfect Shot!!!!!!!!!! Perfect Ring!!!!
Hallo K
thanks for sharing
You don't see this everyday! Just stunning...
Anyone have a higher resolution version of this? Very nice.
Beautiful pic of a natural occurring "Ring Of Fire"
Oh God! Quick. Make a copy of the movie and send it to someone you don't like....
muito lindo um espetáculo único da natureza.
I found the trick of not hurting your eyes
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