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My +Nexus 5 suddenly died.

I had it plugged in the night before last, so it was fully charged late yesterday afternoon as I had used it very little throughout the day. Last evening I was surprised when I picked it up and discovered that it appeared off, but it was not just off, rather, it was completely dead.

At first I thought, although it would be very odd, that the battery was completely run out, so I plugged it in and tried to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on. Well, that's curious, isn't it? So, I let it 'charge' for a couple of hours, even though there was no indication that it was in fact charging while plugged in. Nope, still nothing. This morning, still nothing. No charge light; won't turn on at all. Nothing. :(

What the heck? Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Yesterday, during the couple of brief moments I did use it, the browser was terribly slow, but I could still access G+. A couple of weeks ago it dropped from the seat of my car onto the pavement, but that was only from a height of about 2 feet and it was in the case. Even though it was a short drop, the screen did crack. Even with a cracked screen it still worked fine, but could the drop have somehow caused a delayed deadness? 

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Yeah, New toys are always fun!
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Brynn Brown

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K, this Hoff thing is too good to pass up. Selfie time!

Does anyone know if the photo has to be made public at the time of upload? Or can it be uploaded with a private setting and then shared after the Hoff is added?
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But, it got us a new Brynn pic and with both eyes even :)
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On the upside of awful weather, because most people are driving wimps, the roads are almost empty making it highly improbable that I will die in a fiery collision. Instead, I will inevitably slide off the road and land in a cloud of marshmallow fluff.



PS: I am fairly certain this is going to be the first time ever that we skip spring/summer/fall and just carry on with winter until June 2015.
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If you want to see driving wimps--perhaps tops in the nation--come to Texas during the rain. 
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New favourite song!
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Do you think homemade turkey soup is still good after being in the fridge for four days? I made it on Friday night and put it in the fridge within 90 minutes of making it. My fridge is set at 34F.
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I never eat anything more than 2 days old. Nothing I cook is that tasty that I'd risk it.
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What should I have for lunch?!

Pad Thai

Five Guys Burger

A giant healthy but yucky salad
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I love 5 guys
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My head looks ginormous, a look that I am declaring the cool new thing.
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Ginourmous Heads, the new Sexy? Imagine how some models will look on the Giant Billboards in New York City.
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Brynn Brown

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This morning.

While I was taking the photo of the tracks, I was being dive-bombed by nuthatches! The other photo, even though it would appear to be heavily shooped, hasn't been heavily edited. It has only been converted to black and white, contrast slightly increased, and a frame added. The rest was achieved with on-lens filters.

Hope you are staying warm this Saturday!

PS: If you have circled me, but don't often see posts from me, it is because I primarily post to extended circles. If you interact on my public posts, I am more likely to check out your profile and posts! Say hi! I don't bite!
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Hi xx

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Brynn Brown

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What the heck happened to +Google Maps?

It no longer announces exit numbers or road names, which makes finding the correct turn difficult when in a complicated and unfamiliar metro area. In order to find my way, before I start out, I have to look at the map first to memorise street names and exit numbers.

Do any of you know of a better navigation app?
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bing maps? Apple Maps. Just kidding about that one.
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Courage - the criterion.
I write.

It is not a career choice nor something I even want to do. I write because I have stories churning and rumbling around inside me, bouncing off the serous membranes that bind my gut, only to have them rebound and collide. They recombine, multiply, and divide. Story math in my innards. The stories are sticky, and messy, and take odd forms. But they are not brown, never brown. In my quiet, poorly lit office, I pull them, the long viscous strands of jumbled words, out through the wounds inflicted by life. A surgery, of sorts. I roll them between my fingers, manipulating the mess, changing their order and shape. I use some as bandages to cover the wounds from which they were delivered. I use others as insulation to keep me warm, and I give away to be used as needed the cleaned-up, prettier ones which I wrap neatly in ribbons and bows.

I write because I have to.

This is what I know for sure:
  • Logic is beautiful.
  • Loyalty is rare.
  • Love is even more rare.
  • I am my actions. You are yours.
  • Today is never going to happen again - I will never have this day again, nor will I be this age again. The train keeps moving even if I don't want it to. It waits for no one.
  • And when we lay dying, and each of us will, nothing is going to matter more than the relationships we've had with others.
  • Every writer needs a good editor.

Things I love:
  • Fitness - I run, dance, cycle, and am a Zumba fanatic.
  • Music - I can't live without it.
  • The smell of books.
  • Travel - because people everywhere are amazing.
  • Philosophy and ethics - tasty.
  • Photography - especially food photography. I post only my own photos (credit is always given if the photo is not taken by me)
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • My fellow Canadians. :)

This is how I roll! :P

I moderate my page, which means attacking, baiting, disrespectful and vulgar comments, as well as fallacious arguments, will be deleted!. (Brief descriptions of fallacious arguments:

My heart is occupied. :)

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I am Canadian! :D
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