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Bryan Young
Filmmaker, writer, etc.
Filmmaker, writer, etc.

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The Importance of Honest Advanced Readers
A couple of weeks ago, I tried to read a book from an acquaintance. They'd been religiously promoting their book and I decided I would give it a shot. Sadly, I never made it past the free sample that Amazon offered. What I was most shocked by is that this b...

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My Origins Schedule
As many of you might know, Origins Game Fair is a convention I've been doing for the last four or five years now. Although the brunt of the convention programming is based in table-top games, there is a healthy writing track that includes people like Michae...

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Doing it Over Again
Last night was a great night. It was the last official shoot for my short film. It was a reshoot, though, and that gave me the vague sense of deja vu. It's expensive and time-consuming to reshoot something. There are a lot of balls to keep in the air. Not o...

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Not Quitting
I'm not going to quit being a writer. I've written 14 books so far. As many feature length screenplays. Hundreds of short stories. I'm not going to just give up. But for many writers, that's a thing that comes up in their mind. That they could quit. That th...

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Collaboration is Good
I'm in the midst of making my short film, which started as a story I wrote on my own. We've completed principal photography. I'm in the editing room and it looks like we were able to capture everything we needed. But in order for me to do that, I had to tru...

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I was asked by a fellow writer how to approach characterization in a way that allows one to express their personalities without putting it into plain text. And I think that's a great question. No one likes to read about how a character acts outright. They w...

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The Road to Freelancing
I've been freelancing for a long time now. I've written for websites ranging from my own like Big Shiny Robot! (and this space) to Huffington Post, HowStuffWorks, Fantasy Flight Games, and I've written for magazines and newspapers. I still hav...

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Bravery in Sharing
I was asked to take a crack at explaining to other writers how to deal the vulnerability that comes with sending out your work. I'm not sure what to do about that. That's something that comes with every piece of your soul that you bare in writing. There's n...

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Salt Lake Comic Con Schedule
I will be doing a whole pile of panels. I'll be doing a signing and lots of live podcasts and I would love to see you. Stop by. Say hi. Ask questions, etc. Friday 4:00 pm - Fauxthentic History: The Princess Bride - The History of Florin and Guilder Room 150...

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The Villain's Tool Kit
Over the weekend, I taught a panel at SaltCon, which is a gaming convention held each year in the Salt Lake City area. It's a lot of fun and there's always a lot of interest in the intersection between storytelling and roleplaying games. The panel I gave wa...
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