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Filmmaker, writer, etc.


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Learning From Your Previous Work
It's hard for me to go back and look at my old work. Like, really hard. Sometimes, I try to block it out of my mind. It's not bad work, but I know I can do so much better now. I look back and think, "I'd change this. The prose could be better there. This de...

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Thoughts on National Novel Writing Month
We're two days into National Novel Writing Month. As I write this, I'm 10k words into my novel and it feels good to finally be working on it after a month of prep work. But how can NaNo help you? Well, it can do a lot of things. Personally, I think the two ...

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Why You Should Write Short Stories
In some of his books, Kurt Vonnegut lamented the diminishing magazine market because that's where you found short stories. And short stories were the best place for writers to hone their craft. There are a lot of ways this system helped writers do this, and...

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Hints for Revision
Welcome back, everyone. I've had a lot of conferences and conventions over the last month and feel like I've been neglecting all five of you who faithfully read this space. I'm sorry. I'll try to let less time pass between each post. Though I must admit, No...

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Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Schedule
It's time for another year of Salt Lake Comic Con and another hectic schedule for me. But! that doesn't mean it's not a helluva lot of fun. I hope you're able to join me at any of these panels. Especially if you like Star Wars. And please, please, please co...

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I Accidentally Won an Award
Some of you may remember that I'm working on a short film. It's been a long process. We started filming in April. I'm still working on post-production. The film only clocks in at 19:11, even with credits, but there's a lot of work packed into those minutes....

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My Dragon Con 2017 Schedule
It's time again for another year of Dragon Con. This is one of my favorite conventions every year and they keep me busy. Here is my tentative schedule and I hope to see you there. (Especially for my reading. There's nothing worse than reading to an empty ro...

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Anatomy of a Scene: The Third Man
It's time again to break a scene down. I've done some from books (like The End of the Affair   and Starship Troopers ) and other movies (like Citizen Kane , City Lights , Raiders of the Lost Ark , and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ), but now it's time ...

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Character Development
After my last post about side characters, I was asked to write about main character development and I thought it would be useful to offer you some of the quirks of my process and how I think of characters. For one, like anything in writing, this comes down ...

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Side Characters
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an expert in creating side-characters. I think those that I've created have worked well in my stories and part of that comes from a bit of a sixth sense. So, I wouldn't take any of this advice as anything but the ramb...
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