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Bryan Stoudt

Hi, I received a personalized lead magnet designed by the Leadpages team some time ago as part of a promotion, but can no longer find it. I must have deleted it somehow. Can you please resend it to me at bryan [at] bryanstoudt [dot] com? I can't find another way to contact you. :(

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing LeadPages, but I have a few questions first.  I love the simplicity that LP offers to, for example, create a landing page that delivers a resource guide as a lead magnet.

Here are my questions:

1. From what I can gather LP doesn't include templates I could use to create whatever I would give away, correct?  I.e., if I want to give a resource guide away, that's something I need to figure out on my own or with a designer.

2. If that's the case, what FREE resources would you guys recommend to EASILY create something like a resource guide or short PDF that LP would deliver for me?  It doesn't have to look awesome, but it should look decent and not be text-only.

I don't mind creating content (something I do pretty well with), but I'm worried that making it look decent could get really time-consuming and/or expensive.

THANKS for any help you can offer!
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