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Bryan Sherman

Gear  - 
I've always been intrigued by this. Now it is available at a killer deal. 

FYI, it looks like they have gone more upscale (they have a $1200 model now) and the list price has actually dropped to $150, but still...

Anyone ever used one of these?
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I believe the  technology is only a few years old I remember when these came out. I suspect they will get better as time moves forward. I see it is 79$ Amazon and there is no link to the customer reviews?  That is concerning.
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Bryan Sherman

Discussion  - 
Not familiar with the group, but some cool opportunities to check out some photographs.
Local excursions uncover endangered species
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Bryan Sherman

Photo Walks  - 
Do to poor planning on my part, the first attempt a CPW 10 was a bust, so I am rebooting it, and going with the same route.

We are starting at Habanero's, going down Ludlow to Burnett Woods entrance, through Burnett to MLK, and finally back down Clifton to end at Habanero's for lunch.

There is street parking near by, but the Max, the Habenro's owner gave us the thumbs up to park in the lot if you plan on going there for lunch afterwards. I plan on parking back in the lot, out of the way.

And in case it is not obvious from the previous paragraph, the after-walk is at Habanero's.
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+Bryan Sherman I think I actually might be able to make this one!
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Bryan Sherman

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Looking into potential b-day gifts for High School aged Nephew. Debating an Arduino kit. Anybody have experience with those? This is one I am considering. 
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Bryan Sherman

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Got to love a gadget giveaway. Ok, you don't have to love it, but it would be strange if you didn't.
Let’s start 2015 off with a gadget giveaway! Here’s your chance to win a bundle of seven prizes from Boxwave, InkCase, Tokyoflash, Wicked Audio, BuQu, Divoom and Scosche.  You can win this contest simply by writing a comment to this post. If you’re…
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Bryan Sherman

Discussion  - 
What kind of things do you do to get better at photography? Here's an interesting take.
From easy home photography projects you can do today to creative long-terms projects, here are 52 fantastic photo ideas you have to try this year.
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Bryan Sherman

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Trying to research the various gaming options out there, and I was surprised to find that there is an Xbox One bundle that includes the game Master Chef. I thought, how strange they turned that show into a game. Then I realized, "Halo: The Master Chief". In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "Never Mind".
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Bryan Sherman

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Sweet! Today I was asked to pick my color for my new Peeble Time Steel. And it is shipping my b-day month. 10-day battery ftw!
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I've owned the first one since the kickstarter and have been very happy. Does just what I need.
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Bryan Sherman

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Very cool animation

Apollo Mission Patches:
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Say what you will about April Fool's Day, but I do look forward to ThinkGeek's contribution. Is this an Ingress reference perhaps?
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This would make an excellent Marlboro Man logo.

#jeffwecan   #marlboro  
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Bryan Sherman

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Did not submit for this category. Had a concept, but failed to execute. Thinking mop in a bucket...
officially on DAY THREE of REVEALS
from the +14 IS sorta FABULOUS* round
of the +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!!!

What you are about to experience 
over the course of the next 9 days is pretty freaking awesome.
We play a game - 500 photographers and myself - a scavenger hunt.

What  is the scavenger hunt?
Only the most inspiring, creative and fun way to learn your camera, push your limits, experiment, and shoot things in ways you didn't think you could.

I host this event every season for anyone of any level of photography to participate.
I open the game up to 500 Photographers
I give you 10 items to shoot 
I give you a period of time to shoot and enter your photos.
Then I have them judged by amazing photographers
(this round's judges were +Ron Clifford, +Robin Griggs Wood, +Scott Jarvie, +Les Imgrund, and our winner from last round - +Carla McMahon!

I then open the albums up to the public - every morning over the course of 10 days. 
We are doing things differently this round due to technical difficulties - all albums will be revealed and THEN all winners announced at the end.
There are 10 categories:
This is the 3RD - the ROMANCE  album. See my profile page for previous reveals - the "CANDY" and "WITCH" albums.

This event is an amazing way to use your camera in new ways. 
It gets you seeing things in new ways,
It helps improve your photography skills, 
gives you a huge audience, 
and let's everyone celebrate each other's successes. 
Make new friends,
and be a part of a community of photographers who care about each other, teach each other, and inspire one another.

The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other on G+. 
Support, encouragement  friendships even some #huntsmack is enjoyed. 
We become a family over the course of the month. 

This is a negative-free zone - I have zero tolerance for any critiques that are uninvited. 
Please be respectful and remember that every person went out there and took the time to shoot these images 
and put thought into them and tried their best. 
As always, I am proud of every single one of you.

(NONE of the images were taken by ME - this is a collection of images taken by multiple photographers participating in the scavenger hunt. All copyrights apply)

With that - I present to you the  ROMANCE album,
1 item seen in 176 different ways.
(album cover image by +Paul Bagley  )
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Instructional Design and Delivery
  • Macy's
    Product Manager, e-Learning Development, 2013 - present
  • blue collar design, inc.
    Instructional Design and Delivery, 1995 - 2013
Basic Information
Other names
bsherm, bshermcincy
Everyone's entitled to an opinion... specifically mine.
Product Manager, e-Learning Development. Photographer Wannabe. Father. Urban resident. Tech Writer @ Pseudo-Foodie @ Android Aficionado. Sony Alpha Shooter.

I also curate the Cincy Photo Walk page.

I like when folks list their interests, makes it easier to determine whether to follow, so here are my primary ones on G+
  • Technology
  • Photography (rank amateur)
  • Cincinnati
  • Urban Living
  • Parenting
  • Instructional Design and Delivery
  • College Basketball (Cincinnati Bearcats)
  • MLB (Cincinnati Reds)
  • NFL (Fantasy Football, oh yeah, and those Bengals)
  • Humor
  • Expressing my opinion
And some Photo Gear Info:

I was a proud owner of a Sony Alpha 100 for about 5 years. An awesome, if old, DSLR with in-camera Stabilization. 

I recently upgraded to an a77, and am blown away by the upgrade.

My lenses, in order of use, are:
  • Sony 16-50mm/2.8
  • Sigma 24mm/1.8
  • Minolta 50mm/1.7
  • Sony 75-300 /4.5-/5.6 
  • Sony 18-70 /3.5-/5.6
And someone gave me these two:
  • Sigma 28-200 /3.5-/5.6
  • Vivitar 19-35 /3.5-4.5
Bragging rights
Did a 3-month project in Japan, but had to start in London, England, so flew around the world.
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Cincinnati, OH
Osaka, Japan - Terre Haute, In
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