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There is a patent for that.
they r not that bad..............come on..... every house has atleast have 1 apple item!!!
I have an iPod out of lack of options. I wouldn't if Apple hadn't eradicated competition with its ludicrous patent lawsuits.  

I've had maps and turn by directions that work on my Android phone for 4 years... What took Apple so long?  Too busy patenting rounded corners?
+Nick Wagner Samsung made good alternatives for iPod, the recent Galaxy Player WiFi comes to mind
I don't collect Apple products. I actually buy stuff that has REAL features that work. Not dazzle my user with a light show with no real use. I like when a company releases something with all of the current technology. Not duke my users by releasing a device lacking even the most current tech and then overcharfing to have them in the next release, which will he missing the tech for that time. Everything they put out is not business, they are toys. Don't believe me. Compare an Apple environment at work to a PC one. Lets see how much remoting, software pushing, remote security, and other business solutions you get done in that Apple environment. As a 20 year IT guy and 8 year developer, I can honestly say no to Apple. Hate supporting those limited, locked out, POSes. Recently lawsuits they are filing top the cake. They can't be innovative so they try and patent studf that the patent office shouldn't even allow. If you can patent how you can use dual touch screens then Microsoft should sue Apple for stealing it from the Surface.
I never thought about it .. it might be seen as patriotic to provide the wrong maps .. :-) 
Once again, this hatful android post just doesn't make any sense.
Oh man superb, this is the 4th post I seen today re crapple maps, keep em coming.
kinda sad... im reading Steve Jobs' Biography... n here evrybody is taking apple's case!
I'm guilty myself poking fun on apple (see my pins on pinterest about it) but wait.....damn I've got an iPhone WTF LOL
I wonder how far is cybertron from my house using Apple maps? 
There's no point +Rasha Ashik You see, if you talk about Apple at all, you will get bashed by all the angry Droid users. This too will die down when #Samsung comes out with something "original". Google+ has turned into Droid+. That's why ALL my social media has moved to a non-biased company like Twitter. They don't argue like a bunch of kids on Twitter. It's just pure, solid info. It's the Apple haters that are going to drive away Plussers and it too. +Google & +Google Developers I'm sure are wishing they would shut up already. 
ya i am an indian you but hediscovered ameria but discoverer of india 
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Well, so what? Discovering is just the first step to... greed?
+Rasha Ashik actually no. My home has no apple products whatsoever. And never has done. Why? Because there always much much better alternatives for much much less. And no, I don't have any apple software either, not even quicktime. Again, the same reasons apply.
All those people crying about people making fun (or attacking in apple lingo) need to shut up. Go over to any Android forum and you will see tons of apple fanboys trolling away. If you don't think that apple deserves some criticism you're blinded by your fanboyism and you'll be stuck with inferior products. Us Android users are the first to point out when something isn't right with our devices and Google and the OEMs listen (most times) and those issues get resolved. Otherwise we'd be stuck with it for at least a year. Android appreciates apple setting the bar high, but that doesn't entitle them to a monopoly on smartphones.
True, I just think that Apple is being a turd to other companies.
+Mazhar Ali They aren't making fun of India. The joke here is that Columbus was trying to find a faster route to India and when he landed in America he thought it was India. Native Americans were known as "Indians" for hundreds of years and the name still persists today because of his initial belief that it was India.
+Rasha Ashik You're right in saying that Apple is not that bad. Apple maps on the other hand...
I experimented with it on my wife's phone last night for several nearby locations. 1) successfully gave direction to a restaurant 2) gave directions to a grocery store that would have led me to the party city across the street (we'll count that as successful 3) successfully located a grocery that closed 19 years ago, but navigated to the opposite side of town. 4) gave inaccurate directions to the nearest Barnes & Noble,
Totally anecdotal, but 50% failure rate is unacceptable for a navigation app.
OMG This Is Great Doctor.........
I'm not Apple fan boy, but it's just first step of Apple and sure it will get improved over time.
you're not an apple fan boy but yet you quote their press release nearly word for word, offering it as your own internalized reasoning for offering them a pass
It will get better until Motorola/Google wins their case against apple.
Amerigo sure did have Google Maps.
1490's Columbus went to India and found America ,,,, ( one of the big bad joke of the life , an big mistake ) ,,, today I looking for Samsung and.......... Oh no ! You again !!
Okay so this is why I have an iPhone instead of an android device. I worked in a sprint store for a year and 9 out of every 10 phones that had issues where android devices. That's why I got an iPhone, reliability. I don't need turn by turn direction cause I'm not a retard. And my phone doesn't get malware or any other annoying nuisance that comes with an open market place. I got what I paid for reliability. I dot need 4g or 4g lte because I download stuff on My computer or I'm on wifi. So quit thinking android is better when androids from the time when apples iPhone first launched are so out dated when an original iPhone works perfectly with no software errors. Android has been playing catch up for years and finnally when you catch up you start talking shit? Good for you. You proved your self to be an ignorant dumb ass. And if you didn't already know apples uses the same maps android does.... So please shut up and stop blowing up my google plus

Thanks again ,
An annoyed observer
^Lmfao dumb apple fans. Definitely not the same maps... tsk tsk.
Hmm that's odd because if you look at the maps on an iPhone they have a little word in the bottom left hand corner that resembles a provider for the mapping system on android. They are the same maps android just has more
Capabilities because they are a product of google and because of that google holds the right they update their maps faster then they update apples. But it's not enough of a delay to say it makes a difference. And yes there is malware on iPhones but the amount of malware is minimal in comparison. I'm not an apple fan either I love my pc and I won't ever get an iPad. iTunes is out dated and needs to me redone. But to group all apple products into your hate towards the iPhone is kinda dumb considering in set a standard to beat when first launched. All companies are trying to beat the iPhone. Apple is standerd you base your arguments on. If apple wasn't so loved you'd have nothing to hate on. 
+Tony Macklin i am not an apple fan. I like my iPhone because of the reasons I stated earlier. I dislike apple the way they think they were the first for everything in this industry. Come on we all know we can move forward until we improve on others ideas its not patent infringement, it's progress. But when people try to argue that android is better in EVERY aspect it's simply ignorant. And frankly very annoying enjoy your shit quietly because, as apple has been a prime example, eventually you'll look like the jack ass. 
+Dezmond Grzenia you do realize that they are the same maps right ? It's not like google only releases half the streets to apple. Apple pays them to have a complete map, not the mapping system. The navigation and features like I said are better on android I'm not arguing that. Ignorant android fans 
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