Drive the Five - Central California, Ca

What's this? an actual on time post for +52 Weeks Challenge 2012 curated by +Arthur Chang ? Woohoo!

This last weekend, my wife and drove down to Los Angeles and Orange County to say goodbye to her childhood home. As I said in the last #52weeks2012 post, her parents have found a place to live in the Bay Area, and are selling their place in SoCal.

As we were driving home on Interstate 5, I figured it would be a good self portrait for the week. I was going to take a picture of my dashboard and my hand on the wheel, but I was told that it wasn't a very safe idea and that I should give the camera to my wife. (paraphrased: "what are you doing? are you nuts? give me that"). She graciously took a bunch of shots for me and we made it back to San Jose in one piece.

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