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Forget the snow you see. Here is proof that spring is on the way ... soon. Really. Photo: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune.

These Pasque flowers are emerging in Nine Mile Creek Park in Bloomington. Pasque flowers are one of the first flowers to bloom on the prairie, often coming up through the snow.
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Just in time for summer vacation reading season. Join us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter from 6-9 p.m. on Thursday, May 15. GName an author or title of a book you like and tell us why - we'll give you three suggestions. #readthisnext
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Thu, May 15, 7:00 PM

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Bryan Maher

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Is it possible +Mark Goodman has out done himself? I think perhaps ... regardless this why I am a fan of his work!
Blood Moon in Minneapolis

Here's a shot from the lunar eclipse last night with the historic Gold Medal Flour in the mill district of Minneapolis.

#bloodmoon   #lunareclipse   #minneapolisphotography   #minnesotaphotography   #moonphotography  
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+Mark Goodman - as it were, I know without a doubt, I do my best work is in the small ours of the day. 
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Bryan Maher

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Mr. Goodman somehow managed to get the moon to pose for him. ;). Or could it be he has the patience of a saint?

+Mark Goodman ... Only knows which?

#BloodMoon #Wow
Another shot of the lunar eclipse this time over St. Paul, MN. That's the cross on the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Normally getting moon shots in the middle of the night because of how bright the moon is. In this case the moon was extremely faint and the cross was very bright. There was much work to balance the exposure of the moon and cross but a fun challenge.

#bloodmooneclipse   #bloodmoon2014   #lunareclipse15thapril   #moonphotography   #minnesotaphotography   #cathedralofsaintpaul  
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So I just walked to the store ...adjusting to a life without a car. No Big Whoop, I like walking the lazy streets of the most southeast part Minneapolis.

A cacophony jet engines from and traffic on the crosstown Expressway. Blended with the jingle of wind-chimes in backyards have me hypnotized.

Without a single thought except to make sure I had my wallet walking out the door. It never occurred my walk would not yield the results I'd hope. NO - Bite Size Reese's Peanut Cups_• ... On Sale two for two bucks at the corner store ... *_NO - Camel Blue Smokes... And NO - Seventy Nine Cent All-Natural • SNAPPLE • Cherry Favor Fruit Punch to enjoy at all.

The walk was a walk in vain ... A walk of Shame really. See thanks to someone that looked like a guy I know who may or may not have been a dude named Jeff "Fucking " Lewis stole / hijacked a few thing the most costly turned out to he things can't go back a undo. Cuz the one thing I have to say about this dude, he's as bright as a 100watt light build running at 85%.

With access to a pile if tossed aside mail (avoiding truthfully ... Mail scares me ... If I don't open it "the problem" in the envelope doesn't exist if I don't open it.) he was able discover enough about me, Soc Security Number, my Citizenship, Credit Card Account Numbers and so on. This information opened up door to the next level of information ... Previous Address's, myCREDITSCORE ratting and that lead to more information like 3 former boyfriends ... and the one girl I thought I was in love with in 1988.

Anyway ... The shocking part I haven't even pointed out just yet.

With a pile of what was really mostly junk mail and unpaid bills. This was able to gleen enough information about, my present and my part life's he was able assume to be me.

The Joke was on him though...

Ain't nobody wanna big me is all that bright. LoL.

Ok ... So the scary part is , all I need to open the flood gate of all about me.

Three pieces of information all of us ... You Me and Your Sister or even your childhood friend wouldn't even think twice and tell anyone that asked ... Even easier if your tipsy or even better half asleep.

With my birthday, the place I was born, and my long gone first pets name. Then boom he's got my birth certificate ... the masted key was handed to him. My mothers maiden name.

That to me is insane...

So anyway I got to the store to remember after it was just to later not giggle in my head ... Put on a pseudo smile apologize and get out the door debit dead thus declined... Cuz my checking the one that I've had 22 years ... Closed ... NSF forever.

I froze my ass of getting back home and be OK ... And don't get me wrong ... I'm still going open my mail ... If anything I'm going forward it to "unknown location" and hopefully the problem if being me goes with it.

And thanks momma nature for turn off the heat and tossing the 6" of snow ... In the middle if April what the Fuck?

Anyway ... +Michael Birch gave me the hat ... Thanks ... Just think you were worried I would get to wear until next year.

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I somehow missed the original post about what was going on, but following the hashtag, I saw it. What a terrible situation. I'm sorry to hear that you're in such a bind. Things like this always make me hope for some kind of greater justice.
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... ::: } #ArtIsFreedom { ::: ...

::: ... { #ArtForFreedom } ... :::

"NOW! #artforfreedom" -Madonna
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The Touareg is making a comeback...maybe?

The first generation wowed ... it was after all breed from the gene pool as the Q5 and Cayenne. A crowded market and still surprisingly still alive.

the second was generation was merely a long serving place holder to allow development on the top range in the for Audi and Porsche ... Lamborghini and s on.

back to the future...

I'm expecting great ... not a dumbed down North American / China specific content version. Cost is Not beside the point if it's over priced i can just get a Q5.

Is Volkswagen committing yet more corporate cannibalism?
+Volkswagen USA's 2015 Touareg has been honed for safety and toned for style:
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Dasss Auto
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Cordon bleu to go: yes I would. 
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A 19 Sixty What ... No Way?!?
1969 Ford Mustang ... hot muscle car
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+Matthew Swartz & +Daniel Meza  that is correct. there is a video on youtube some guy is building it at his body shop.
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Galena Sunset. Galena Summit a high mountain pass in central Idaho, just north of Ketchum, Idaho. It is a great place to get away from the world and enjoy nature.
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Rebuilding my life...still laughing and searching for hope wherever I can find it.  I prefer to leave everyone with smile on their face and I appreciate the power I have to do that all the's powerful stuff!  ;)


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I'd avoid this location in the evenings ... To chaotic and understaffed.
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Grossly Over Priced ... Burger was not anywhere near as good as I was expecting... it was dry and over cooked.
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Ace is the Helpful Hardware Man!
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Good Luck Finding the Front Desk.... Overall excellent...Great public areas, oddly cozy considering the vastness of the space. The restaurant was awesome. The rooms better than average. Oh, and got a great rate on priceline..$62/night
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The staff was very friendly and helpful.
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