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Comic designing tool for Linux/Win/Mac. Interested? Now's the time to speak up!
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Is it national blogging day or something?
A bit unrelated: +Bryan Lunduke if you feel capable in any way a new Photoshop competitor (that isn't Gimp) is what the Linux community wants a lot. It should be GPL'd though, no matter how cool Bill and Ted are. I'll help you out with concepts to monetize it, which - I promise - will be be better than those RMS gave you... because it's quite easy to be better than nothing. :)
In all seriousness Bryan, I literally just drafted something up that I want you to take a look at. It's a Google doc if you are at all interested, I can share it with you and you just add your feedback to it.
I'm not into comics but this looks like a great idea!
You know I'll buy a copy. Besides I'm way too lazy to figure out my own way to do it
I was interested in getting this earlier, but you had stopped updating it. If you're gonna blow the dust off and polish it up, SURE!
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