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Want to build an app that runs on Nintendo DS, DOS, Android, iOS, Web and a bunch others with no code changes?  Ta-Da.

Oh yeah.  That's right.  A full IDE for the Lunduke programming language.  And it is AWESOME.
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What?!?! You added Nintendo DS support!

When I went to Google I/O I told everyone about ISC especially teachers now I regret not buying it when it was less expensive :-\ ... but still worth every penny. I am just broke right now.

Keep up the great work +Bryan Lunduke 

_EDIT: forgot to mention what app I was promoting :-P _
Hi Bryan, any chance that ISC and LDE will run in Fedora 64 bit mode?
Sounds great! What sort of access to the distinct hardware do you get? (e.g. Dual screens in DS, GPS/camera etc in iOS etc etc)
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