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"Why Linux Sucks" and "Why Linux Does Not Suck" videos from Linux Fest.
Over the past few years, I've given a presentation that I call “Why Linux Sucks” at Linux Fest Northwest. In that session I go over a whole mess of reasons why I feel Linux Sucks… and what steps w...
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Dude, I had never the opportunity to watch one of your talks, but "Why linux sucks" of 2012 is more then true ;)
I enjoyed the videos -- Chris was much better with the camera in the second video as opposed to the first ;)
Good job Bryan, I really enjoyed the videos! Pity I couldn't attend this year, but I'll see you next time.
You gotta give Chris his props with the filming. He was sitting in the aisle, as it was standing room only for this presentation. In fact, at one point they made 15 people leave for fear of being shut down by the fire marshall. Thanks Bryan for a entertaining presentation.
Love it your such a charismatic person xD
pa pi
Great Presentations. Too bad I won't ever be there live.
good for Chris in trying situation, but next time, get a seat that doesn't put laptop right on the bullets of the screen. Great rant !
Chris's angle on second vid is much improved ...
So popular it's a fire hazard!
Bryan, you are to the Linux community what Scott Hanselman is to the Microsoft community; albeit, with slightly more coding chops. I really wish you the best, and you should definitely consider stepping up your role as an evangelist for the community (and getting paid for it; yeah, i'm talking to you, Canonical, Red Hat, and any other companies that would indirectly benefit from it). You'd definitely make a great spokesman. Keep up the good work.
Bryan, do you know if there are any "Linux app store" that accept donation to the project and/or maintainers of the free package available on the store? I think that this would be better than create a payed version of that package.
Where are the presentation slides?  The video was great, but the slides were partially hidden...
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