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Bryan Gorges
Software, birds, and science fiction
Software, birds, and science fiction

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Post has attachment Just in case you want to find out about the eclipse!

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End of Week 5 2017
Already a month into 2017. A glorious future where everyone is happy, or: Everyone is quite happy to be unhappy if given the choice. I really don’t know what to say that won’t enrage you, I would really love to say that no one has anything to worry about fr...

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Phyton: Episode 4
** Previous Episode or First Episode ** Jeff sat down next to him and pulled out a stack of papers, of course they were all blank to Al, but he saw the glasses peeking out of Jeffs shirt pocket. “Aren’t you worried that even knowing that there is alot more ...

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Manufacturing Coming to a Place Near You
It’s old news, 3d-printing, unless you just got a printer for Christmas. The manufacturing hub newly assembled. I have been following the advent of consumer 3D-printers for quite a while, and they’ve basically revolutionized how an individual (normal, not o...

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Phyton: Episode 3
“Good work Field Agent Devney, your new clearance will allow you to access information you will need in California.” Agent Flind pushed a couple of manilla folders across a clear space of desk. “Sir?” Jeff Devney couldn’t help being excited, but he thought ...

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Rogue One Review
Or bravery for consistency and stupidity for inconsistencies. Spoilers… I am surprised by this movie, but then it makes sense: They didn’t want to break too much continuity in the Star Wars universe by having heroic characters just disappear into an entire ...

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Practice Hurts
With my previous post on gaining expertise I still feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to learn with this new job. I just switched over an application to use a new database instance/schema. Of course in editing the settings I forgot to make sur...

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Worry About It, Later If Possible
It seems like an age since I wrote one of my last posts while still at COS . In it I mention learning, and I really need a bit of a pick-me-up in that area right now. I am very tired from all the constant learning that I have been doing with the new job and...

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Commute to work. Really beautiful.

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Parallel Dreams
I thought I was prepared for anything, but as the alien creature advanced on me I still sat in shock. It studied me as it came toward me, carefully stepping around what I supposed were the corpses of people I had known quite well. Its head was slightly elon...
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