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For anyone needing a domain name with wildcard subdomains pointing at their local machine, I just registered to do just that. All A and MX records point to Also, * has all the AAAA records in case you need to test IPv6 stuff locally. Cheers.

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Watched the Munk Debate on Internet Surveillance between Hayden and Greenwald (with their rather unfortunate sidekicks, Dershowitz and Ohanian).

Ohanian just embarrassed himself repeating the same line about weakening security over & over again without bothering to explain or reference evidence as to how or why. He seemed to come into the debate assuming everyone understood his stance as fact. He also seems to believe that telling people you're a nerd/technologist/entrepreneur would serve as proof that he is oh so clearly right. Cringworthy. In way over his head.

Dershowitz, the lawyer, rather predictably got distracted by unimportant semantics, which he argued vehemently.

Hayden over-downplayed his hand aver being called out for his initial strategy of hyperbolic scare-tactics. He trusts the protection policies in place, even though they don't technically govern or change the fact that everything's being sucked up.

Greenwald, the only one who came armed with at least a little fact-based information, very easily tore down Dershowitz's "trust our policy's" statement by pointing out Snowden's ability to steal all those documents without leaving a trace. For the most part his points were fine if not old news. Unfortunately he too slipped into hyperbole, slightly undermining his authority, though he was still easily effective at discrediting Hayden.

Nothing new to speak of. I left very disappointed.

Yikes, what happened to facebook? It's like all the web-safe fonts got drunk together for st patty's day and just puked all over the page.

The missmatch of font faces/sizes is just awful.

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RIP Winamp. Long Live Spotiamp!

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Now here's a disruptive startup (backed by Google Ventures). Commission free trading, with plans to offer API access. Compare that to E*TRADE's $9.99 per trade on their clunky old website.

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So cool! Everyone should get one of these...

Getting a solid 8GHPS out of my new 7GHPS ButterflyLabs ASIC Miner which finally arrived today. If only they shipped all these "little" miners before they shipped the big ones, the difficulty wouldn't be so damn high.

Woohoo! Got my Google+ vanity URL. I'm now findable at

Guess I should start checking in here more often.
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