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Write Your Way to Success
Write Your Way to Success

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Want to write a book?

If you’re a new writer and you want to finish your book, this in-depth walkthrough and video I put together will help you do just that. Feedback or comments welcome.

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Want an ultimate guide for writing a book?

I wrote a 2500 word article that will help you (and new writers) do just that.

Feedback welcome.

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My latest post is all about creating online courses..

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When was the last time you asked yourself if you’re becoming a better writer?
Do you want to know what you should write next and what you should stop doing?
Is it difficult to balance writing with other parts of your life?
There’s a simple strategy that will help you answer these questions and gain clarity in what you’re doing.
It’s called the weekly review.

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The Walt Disney Guide to Building An Insanely Loyal Audience

We all want it...

Dozens of appreciative and thoughtful comments whenever we write a new post. Hundreds of tweets and shares. Lots and lots of kudos, thank yous, and attaboys.

In short, a loyal audience -- eager followers craving to read our latest posts as soon as we click the PUBLISH button. That's the dream, but how do we obtain it?

In her splendid guest post, +Mel Wicks shows us how Walt +Disney  managed to do it. Yep, Walt Disney.

Read it here:

Some awesome people/sites Will mentions or links to in his article include: +Barrie Davenport (via +Sue Anne Dunlevie), +Entrepreneur, +Leah Manderson (via +Tiny Buddha), +Bernadette Jiwa, +Leanne Regalla, +Boost Blog Traffic, Inc., +Jon Morrow, +Brian Honigman (via +Huffington Post), +Ruben Garcia, +Bryan Collins, +Pooja L, +Henneke Duistermaat, +Copyblogger, +James Chartrand, and +Jeff Goins.

#bloggingtips   #loyalaudience   #waltdisney   #beabetterblogger  

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Wanna become a freelance writer? +Elna Cain has got you covered. 

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Do you want to create a landing page for your book?

Would you like to increase the number of people who subscribe to your blog?

Is LeadPages worth it?

I’ve spent the last few months trying to answer these questions.

Read the review

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Is Audible worth it? Find out here

#books   #amreading  

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From blogs to articles and social media posts, short-form content is in demand and popular.

But sometimes, short form doesn’t work.

Whether you study and have to complete an essay or try to write a book, writing long-form content is a challenge on its own.

”What is so challenging about it?”, you may ask.

+Mike Hanski 

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Marketing for Writers: 19 Top Writers On Their Greatest Challenges 


The hard work is done.

You’ve written your book, you’ve made that final round of edits, it’s been proofed by a professional, and you’ve hired a designer to create the perfect ebook cover.

Now, all you have to do is upload your book to Amazon, sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Oh, how I wish it were that easy.
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