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Tibs got a hold of +Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ collar, and kept asking for donations in the form of doggie treats
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Just don't tell +Ron Richards your dog got in to Google I/O too.
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Bryan Burnett

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It's hard to believe just how green things get here, it never lasts long, but it feels almost neon in person. 
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This!! I always mention that to people who haven't visited this area reminds me of turning up the "vibrance" setting on a photo, except in real life!
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Bryan Burnett

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Recently did a review on the Verizon Nokia Icon, here are the details. 

Before You Buy Video Review here

Product Page:

$199.99 on 2 year contract

$549.99 off contract

On first look the Icon doesn’t stand out, a black rectangle that reminds me of an object that i saw in a movie involving a computer named Hal. To the touch it feels well built, albeit hefty, perfectly sealed with an aluminum back, and physical buttons with exceptional fit and finish.  The curved edge to the Gorilla Glass has a nice touch for when you’re swiping across the screen. 

The two main highlights of this phone are the screen and camera.

The screen is a 5” 1080 OLED that looks very sharp in the black frame of the phone, and even in broad daylight the screen is easy to see. Performance is super snappy, a 2.2Ghz quad core under the hood keeps every transition feeling smooth as butter. I also made sure to test out the phones gaming prowess by installing an app called Purple Cherry X and playing Pokemon ;)  

The next highlight is the 20MP Camera, with all those pixels you can snap a shot and zoom/crop to your hearts content after the fact. Nokia’s are known for doing well in low light and the Icon does an exceptional job as well. The auto focus can be a little slow, and focusing on close objects can be tricky. Nokia provides a lot of different “lenses” also known as apps, that range from panorama, cinema graph, to a refocus effect much like the Lytro Camera. You have a lot of options to play with, ISO up to 4000, shutter speed, manual focus, a 2.4 f stop, and optical image stabilization. I’ve always liked the physical button used for taking pictures on Windows Phones, the half push to focus is natural feeling coming from years of using point and shoot cameras. 

Noikia Refocus

Nokia Cinemagraph 

The Icon can record at 1080p at 30fps and the audio is helped with 4 different microphones located on all sides of the phone. The front cam isn’t anything special at 1.2MP, but will allow for 720p Video Chat. 

For all those pictures you’ll be taking, the Icon comes with 32GB internal storage, and like most “premium” phones there is no Micro SD card slot, but it’s a reason for you to use OneDrive.

The 2420 mAh battery is non removable, and after a full day of use i still had 30% of juice left. 

All the spec check boxes are ticked off, NFC, Bluetooh 4.0, along with the added benefit of being capable of wireless charging. 

As far as software goes Windows Phone App Store has come a long way, but also has a bit more of a way to go. All the big apps are there, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. But most 3rd party apps are work arounds for apps you might be missing coming from iOS or Android. Surprisingly bloatware is kept to a minimum and fortunately any app can be uninstalled, hence why you won’t see Vzn Navigator or NFL Mobile on my list. 

At the time of this review, Windows 8.1 is looming on the horizon, roomers would suggest the update will fix some of the niggles i have about the Windows Phone experience. As a Moto X owner the active display has become a big part of my routine for quickly glancing at notifications. Oddly this was released on certain Windows Phones, but not on the Icon, yet… Also keeping track of notifications is a pain without some sort of drop down notification tray. 

Buy, Try, Don’t Buy

In my opinion this is the best Windows Phone on Verizon. Would this phone lure me away from my Moto X? Simply, No. The hardware is nice, great screen, snappy performance, and the above average camera. But the App store is limited, the focus can be slow, and because of it’s bulk you won’t be forgetting this phone in your pocket. 

Windows users who want a simple way to integrate with Office and are on Verizon should Buy! this phone. Android power users won’t be able to live without the apps, and iPhone users won’t be blown away by the camera or phone design. 


- 2.2 Ghz Quad Core Processor
- 32 GB
- 5” 1080p OLED Screen with Curved Gorilla Glass 3
- Four Microphones 
- Wireless Charging
- Bluetooth 4.0

Camera (rear)
- 20 MP 
- Image stabilization 
- 1080p at 30fps
- Apature f/2.4

Camera (front)
- 1.2 MP
- Video Chat 720p

- 2420 mAh

- Live tiles are cool
- 3rd party apps are work arounds
- One caveat speculate on Windows Phone 8.1

- Great Screen
- Performance
- Camera

- Limited Apps
- Slow focus
- Bulky 
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Bryan Burnett

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My little bro +Greg Burnett had never skied before, but by the end of the trip he was tackling the intermediate slopes. Here he is enjoying the view from the top of the mountain 
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+Alain Leung Google does it when i upload it to G+
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Bryan Burnett

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I don't always TD Tech News Today, but when i do, +Mike Elgan does it live! Just like Bill O'Reilly.
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Love it!  
 Bryan Burnett (

Yes, there are many Bryan Burnetts in the world - We all seem to be quite successful (except, of course, for the one in prison).
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Bryan Burnett

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Thank you for the nightmares to the person who set this up as I was leaving work
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Bryan Burnett

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Back in the saddle TD'ing one of my favorite shows, All About Android 
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+Jason Howell thanks Jason.
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Bryan Burnett

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Closest I could get to me as a Android 
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Bryan Burnett

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Up in Tahoe the snow is coming down! Looking forward to skiing tomorrow
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is that real snow ???
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Hope you all enjoyed the first day of spring as much as I did. 
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Jp D
still snowing...

Btw nice Moto
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