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Bryan Alexander hung out with 15 people.Jon Breitenbucher, Melanie Hoag, Jeremiah Parry-Hill, Peter Feltham, Duc Nguyen Minh, Tony Sindelar, niels jan van beelen, Deb Sarlin, ken phạm, Anthony Park, Sean Andrews, Gregory Esau, Alan Shteynberg, Patrick Bishop, and Damien Atanassov
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Bryan Alexander was in a video call with 15 others
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Let me know if you have issues getting in.
Also: if you don't have time, but want to contribute, let me know so I can pass on your thoughts.
Can listen in Doc but microphone port not cooperating alas..
Pleasure's all mine Doc. Will try to acquite USB cam/mike next week... Sigh
Shucks. My "short" work conversation took the whole hour. (On the up side, it was a pretty awesome conversation.) Will notes be going up at NITLE?
Wish I could have shown up. Was too busy today at work but it's good to see Rochester, NY was continued to be represented with +Jeremiah Parry-Hill.
Gosh. I raise your Oink to a hipbone Charles.
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