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Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Serving Beekeepers the Best for 40 Years
Serving Beekeepers the Best for 40 Years

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Have you Pre-Ordered your Honey Bees for 2017?

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Our 2017 Catalog is Now Available!

Call 1-800-233-7929 to request your free copy or flip through our digital version at

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Time to Collect Honey, Part 2: Extracting
Let's talk about extractors. Extracting your honey frames is
exciting but poses many questions. Do I need an extractor? What size extractor
should I get? Which is better, hand cranked or powered? There are three main
questions you need to ask yourself and t...

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Time to Collect Honey, Part 1: Harvesting
Colonies that survived through winter grown enough in
population going into the nectar flow to store an excess amount of honey in
late spring/early summer. Those fortunate beekeepers will be able to harvest
and extract this sweet reward. Harvesting and extr...

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Come join us for a full day of beekeeping seminars and hands-on workshops that bring together some of the best and brightest beekeepers and honey bee researchers throughout the nation. Whether you're an experienced beekeeper, a new-bee or someone who has always been intrigued by beekeeping, there will be something new and exciting for everyone.

Click the link below to learn more or register.

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Maintaining a Healthy Queen in your Bee Hive
(This is a sample of one of the many blogs you will find in our Monthly E-Newsletter. In the newsletter we discuss everything from beginner beekeeping to your second year with the hive; product highlights and updates on the current state of beekeeping. It's...

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Have you looked through our 2016 catalog yet? Check out our free digital catalog or request your free hard copy today!

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Around the first of each month we send out a free e-newsletter with the latest beekeeping tips and happenings with Brushy Mountain Bee Farm.

Sign up today!

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The Bee Informed Partnership Survey: Help Fight Colony Loss
Why you matter: Please take
the survey today! It is not often that a solitary beekeeper, endeavoring to help
nature, the environment and provide teachable moments to family, neighbors and
coworkers, can make a difference, but in this case, you can . It is A...

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As Beekeepers we want to make sure that
the environment inside the hive is optimum. Strong colonies can control the
temperature within the hive but sometimes you need to help them by providing
proper ventilation. Beekeepers tend to think of ventilation more...
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