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Less can be more.
Less can be more.

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Just in time for Christmas, we've uploaded Grooove 1.2. It finally brings scalability. 5 different scale levels - 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200% - are available via the new scale button at the top right.

Have some pleasant holidays!
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Here comes a 100% pumpkin free advertisement:

During our NOVEMBER BRIGHTENING SALE, we give a discount of 30% on all purchases made in November 2014.

Even better: Since we have just reduced the regular price permanently to 49 Euro, this means you can get Grooove for 33 Euro until 31 November 2014.

Good news for those who have difficulties with the compactness of Grooove's GUI: The upcoming update will bring scalability.

Just a reminder: As the new header image is pointing out unmistakeably, the 50% INTRODUCTORY OFFER expires in a few days.

We are busy bees. Grooove 1.1.2 has been uploaded. Grooove is now immune to multiple identical events with identical time position.

A minor fix updates Grooove on Mac OS X to 1.1.1:
The AU version was accidentally limited to the first stereo output. Now it can fire broadside again.

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We've just uploaded Grooove 1.1. The update brings:

- Copy & paste on Keys via right-click menu. This allows for cloning (copy) a Key and applying all Key specific settings including sample assignments to other Keys (paste).
- Built-in offline activation process (stand-alone).

Furthermore, a buffer issue that caused glitches in Logic and FL Studio has been fixed.


We've just uploaded Grooove 1.0.3. An error has been fixed that could prevent the Windows version from being activated.

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