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Any suggestions for me?  I would like to make a bench power supply.
I have this transformer that transform 220V AC to about 10V AC.  with  rectifier bridge I make DC from it...    I use a 2200 uF capacitor to get a steady voltage.   the LED and resistor are just there to indicate it's on and to discharge the capacitor when it's off.   I then feed it into a voltage regulator (LM317T) to be able to fine tune the voltage.

I am actually thinking of connecting a couple voltage regulators in parallel (connection to point A en B) to provide me with 1V, 3V, 6V and 9V.    I also think I should build a current limiter in there. (maybe the easiest way would be a simple fuse) 

What I am still struggling with is the value of the smoothing capacitor.  2200uF seems to work...  but I am not sure if this is the best choice. I found a general formula for the value of a smoothing capacitor:  C = I * t / dV   (where t  time and dV is the voltage drop to be compensated by the capacitor.     In my case it is easy...  mains come at 50Hz and the 10V AC as well, so the gap between the peaks is 0.01 second.  Voltage drop seems to be around 12 V when I measure it...   However, I have no clue what the current is.  I tried to measure it using a crappy multimeter (used the 10A socket) and the meter read 19.5  ...  I suppose the thing would fuse over 10A ...  and it didnt.. so maybe it's 2A?   Also not sure if i measured it correctly..basically shortened it with the meter.

anyway...  any suggestions are welcome! :) 
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Replace the flux capacitor
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Did a small "Blair Witch Project" walk in the forest... amazing how dark it is in a forest when it's foggy! Glad my batteries didn't die on me..only wild life I saw was a mouse :) 
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+Joaquin G  yep..dodged the bullet there
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You have to know
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haha.. scherp! 
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This is a bit worry some... a webshop considers it "Great News" that an order has been shipped... i would hope this is business as usual... 
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Maxxter ... why printing the manual in the tiniest font available???
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genuinely wondering here... when Americans say "God bless America" .. what do they actually mean?
* do they ask God for a blessing? Like: God, please bless America?
* do they tell God to bless? Like: Hey God, you gotta bless America!
* do they establish a fact? Like: God obviously blessed America!

Not being a religious person myself, I assume that for religious people only the first option is acceptable.

I can think of a fourth option.. that it actually has nothing to do with God and what they actually mean: "America is the best" ... i am actually afraid that is what a lot of Americans mean when they say God bless America. Don't get me wrong.. it's perfectly fine to say "this is the best country for me to live in.. i was born here and i like it the best".. however, to generally state/believe one nation is better than other nations is the core of fascism. So I would have an issue with the fourth option..

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Well, a lot of people in Ireland think Ireland is the best country in the world, and I definitely encountered my fair share of fascism there, so you may well be right. ;)
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another photo I took the other day... this one took quite some editing... removing a full line of barbed wire...
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Visited a ghost town in Belgium today (Doel) ... a small village in between a nuclear plant and the Antwerp port... interesting 
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