A guide to understanding us engineers.

[edit: I forgot to add an important one:
Working as intended = Reality is wrong, and has to be fixed to match the output of the code]
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Would be funnier/more true if both Perl lines said "I can't read this Perl script".
I don't use vi that often so that last line is totally me! Haha
"I can't read this Perl script" : I wrote this Perl script 24 hours ago
Perfect. I would only change the "I can read this Perl script". Usually this means "I'm a liar". 
You forgot it's a network fault.. let's blame that until we can work out what's really wrong.
Not all engineers are software engineers lol. Stop generalizing. 
Ktryedb jsoeu Yusuf jtf mnfye Garrett
It's Shift-ZZ
And vi is better than emacs... Why are we even discussing this??
Stu M
Let's start a flame war. Everybody needs to join the 18th century and stop using vi and emacs.
with some wording change this could some up mechanical engineering
Ask me how it feels when your house is filled with engineers
You are absolutely right, code writers are not engineers, there is no licensing for code writers such as PE (professional engineer)
Some one should make this chart to understand women
Add this one to the list, "don't flush it, compile it".
Can you please also translate "it is a demo " and "it is not optimized yet" please?
It is amazing that you are an engineer. I got some friends who are aspiring to become engineers.
Like !
We have coded word at my place its called "communication problem" it means somebody's goofed !
It tends to get used alot .
Vi is better than Emacs? Is this from a 1980s time warp?
Vi(M) is better than Emacs... Pressing ctrl or alt makes my fingers sore.
Many of my text documents I write in some other editor have :wq at the end...
Guess, I know how to exit vi :)
Last one is gold, rookie mistake!
Needs :wq  - I don't know how to quit emacs.
David P
Adam: quitting Emacs is (ctrl+x, c)... I think. I could spend 2 minutes checking it, but I'm lazy, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
That's only a temporary solution. If you're serious about quitting, consult your package manager's documentation and start a better life with vi today!
Nice one. Good start to the week.
Mobile is great. Now when something doesn't work we can just say: you must have the wrong version. Or when we are demoing the production app, we can still say "this is a development build". NEVER demo with someone else phone.
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