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Time for a quick survey to decide what I should implement next. Which of these two is more important to you? Tutorial for division or having and endless/marathon mode where you can answer as many questions as you want?
8 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Tutorial for division
Marathon (endless) mode
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Rocky exoplanet, short commute from Earth (39 light years). Plenty of space and friendly neighborhood, orbiting elegant red dwarf star. Must like warm temperatures.
Though likely uninhabitable, planet is rocky, Earth-sized, and near enough for study of its atmosphere.
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Only extremophile bacteria are accepted as pets, as cats and dogs might evaporate.
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What's your favorite Soroban theme in the latest version of Simple Soroban?

Qual o seu tema favorito na última versão do Simple Soroban?


(Classic, Shiro-Ume, Shiro-Mikan, Shiro-Mint, Kuro-Lemon, Kuro-Mikan, Mokuzai, Hotaru, Enpitsu, Tetsu)
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Thanks! Yeah, I have to make more themes like the original blue one.
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I now have a custom ASCII table wallet. So practical. How many times were you out on the streets and needed to quickly look up what's the hexadecimal ASCII code for the ampersand, or needed to know what comes after the backslash? Answers: 26h and ]. How do I know? I just looked it up now. On my wallet. See? Useful.

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Welcome to the Simple Soroban community! Use this community to discuss the application, report bugs, request features or anything else related to the app.

You can download Simple Soroban here:
This application is a simple Japanese abacus (soroban / そろばん). It has a fre...
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That's hilarious 
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So, "so" is pronounced like "sow", unless "sow" refers to a female pig rather than agriculture, in which case "sow" is pronouced more like "bow", as long as that "bow" refers to a bending of the body, but not if it refers to archery, in which case that "bow" is not the same, and instead is pronounced more like "low", but different from the "sew" of a tailor, which is close to "sow" only in the agricultural sense; but if "bow" is a part of a ship, then it's not pronounced as the agricultural "sow" at all. English: an intuitive language.
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If bow is part of a ship then it's not like low or the agricultural sow but it is like slough but only in the swampy sense, which is entirely unlike the nearby lough.
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[日本語: 下記をご参照]
Simple Soroban users: I've just published an update (version 1.1.1) to Simple Soroban featuring the ability to select a Soroban theme. I also added a setting to control whether or not the device will vibrate when you give a correct answer. Please install the new version and let me know if you have feedback!

シンプルそろばんを利用している方: 今日はアプリが更新されました。(バージョン 1.1.1)。 この最新のバージョンで、そろばんのテーマを選択することが出来るようになりました 。 それに、新しい設定で正解の時のバイブレーションをオン・オッフにすることが出来ます。どうぞインストールしてください。ご感想があれば、お遠慮なく聞かせて下さい。
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This application is a simple Japanese abacus (soroban / そろばん). It has a fre...
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Starting the Simple Soroban community for the users of the Simple Soroban app. Join if you use the app or are interested in the use of a japanese abacus in general!
Simple Soroban App
Users of the Simple Soroban App for Android
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How do you defeat monsters from outer space? With mental math, of course!

I just published a simple game for those of you who like to practice mental arithmetic and defend your city at the same time. It features creatures that come from space and require math to defeat, so it's appropriately named Math Creatures from Space! Try it out!
How do you beat monsters from outer space? With mental math, of course! Typ...
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Software Engineer - Google
Android, Java, C, C++, HTML5, Javascript, Bash, Python, Perl, Photography
  • Google
    Software Engineer, 2010 - present
Basic Information
I am a Software Engineer at Google. I love code, photography, sci-fi and I have a weakness for old/retro games where you can see the pixels and hear the square waves.
Born in Brazil, default language pt_BR, been around for approx 9.78265e8 seconds at the time of this writing. I work as a Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, California.
Bragging rights
know what 42 is; actually used 5 1/4" floppy disks; can cook an egg; know the relationship between shutter speed and aperture; loved C++ STL while hating C++ STL; modified a Perl program without rewriting; recovered a hard disk using /bin/cat; retained >= 50% sanity after previous 2 items
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Mountain View, CA
Sao Paulo, Brazil