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The official video for "It Will Rain," featured on The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn soundtrack
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creativity is the key to a great artist. And kid, you got it haha;; I have watched this 3 times and still cry every time I see you kiss her lmao. I still love your video to "Grenade" though. It has to be my all time favorite. It was so creative and so "bruno" that I don't really think I have seen any artist or anything relatively related to that career field come up with that and actually put it in visuals. Keep up the good work!! ♥
deamm this song is a very remerme a my love..paulina..ja
shoot this song is soooooooooooo good it is my favorite song EVER!!!!
I'm crazy about that soon as January...!! In Chile you have many fans who admire you! I'm one of them! =) ... I hope you sing this song. is very beautiful! ... Kisses and hugs! <3
G Day
OMG BRUNO!!!!! I love this song so much!
i cn help u...if u want me to...i cn speak english nd spanish
i heard this when it came out
Kool video,Bruno! It will be #1 on VH1 soon...
nic 1

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this video is the bomb and i would so like to be the girl in it because she got to kiss Bruno mars I'm going to kill her jajajajajaja :D
really nice song''
I love the beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love ur songs!!! especially it will rain!!!! its ma fav!!!
speak by the translator sends a mesage ok in Portuguese
Really like the song!! I think you are one of the few true vocalists that sings some real quality music!! ;-)
great video. and fantastic voice =)
great lyric.. as good as grenade !
very good video and very good letter gets to the heart I congratulate you brother very good success bruno mars
many many successful friends
awesum video man.... u r one of the best singers in the world....
I am your new fan, I listened to the Lazy Song, it attracted me and your song are so simple. I am deaf myself and its nice to recognise your song, knowing who it is! Any chance for BSL signer? it will add more fans onto your fan base! :) x
i like it. plus u are freaked amazingggg
Amazing! You are a true artist. One day I hope my career will be as succsesful as your's.
sometimes i wish stars like britney spears and bruno mars actually did their own posts instead of a's a sad world we live in
sorry for disturbing brother,i want to become a great entertainer,can you help?
My favorite song on the album. Good job Bruno! Awesome video too!
one of the most beautiful sung song ever.
love,love,love...#wish dat kinda love existed#
love love love
Bruno u r awesome of the awesomeness
but twilight just bunch of gays and lesbians
anyway i luv the song
I always love your songs and music videos!
But this song has an impact on me, because I feel something like that right now...
I love every one of your songs!! Thier GREAT!! (: This song is the best so far!
I Love You Bruno Mars ,especially loved that music video Bjs♥
I love this song. I got the breaking dawn soundtrack just so I could listen to his beautiful voice
excellent song beautiful, i like so much and the video very good!!!! =)
u r just a ruler man,, :) its awesome..
"If you walk away, everyday it will rain". Bruno Mars I love your music, you're awesome, I'm your fan !!!
not listening or by grenade, just the way you are and lighters
just saw dis video 2days ago..."Sooooooo Pure".
I truly thank God 4 U!!!
wud b a delight to work wit U someday.
Bruno, Hope you run the table at the Grammys, especially since two of my favorites, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the old 90s band, Collective Soul, aren't in the running...or Baby Face, for that matter. Good luck!
A história da minha vida está nessa musica! Parabéns!
muito linda a musica do bruno..
Such a beautiful song.... brings tears to my eyes! Love you, Bruno!!
adoro suas musicas sou muito sua fã...
tenho muitos cds seus
te amoooooooooooooo
LOVE THIS SONG! Such a good song! One of his best! <3
Ótimoo, perfeitoo. Como sempre Bruno Mars arraza#
this song is amazing! Bruno Mars is so inspiring
all of bruno's songs are amazing ...
really i like it ...
it's a great song.. i love it..
People say that this video became famous because of the film. I think that's the film that became famous for the video =) Love this song...!
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your an awesome singer!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Sobrang gusto ko to. :)) Ito ang bago kong pampatulog tuwing gabi. I <3 Bruno Mars
amazinggggg.....i realy love that song
da la impresion que es todo un caballero
Our video's too good to hear you all day
LOVE ! ! ! What an awesome voice for wonderful lyrics. . . :)
super cute(:
found my #1 love.
his voice is good listening,,,,,,,,,,
hopefully better yet...................
omg i luuuuv this song i listen 2 it 24/7
i freaking love this song sooo much<3<3<3
send kisses for me? hehehe I love you ♥
i love this song, i am your biggest fan....i love you!
Bruno when's "runaway baby" getting a video?
you really have a talent
I'm obsessed with this song and i love the movie too. GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!
I like talking to the moon better, but this is pretty good too! :)
great song! i'm lovein'
I love this song. its go good and sweet! :))
This song really touches me everytime I listen to it.Your voice makes so intense and amazing.I love you and always will.Keep up the good work!
Omg this is my fav song! Keep writing songs! You rock!!
You said so much of what I want to say in this song. Absolutely love it and your voice. Truly appreciate your music.
OMG! my sister and i loooooovvvvveeeeee this song! just keep singing
lamia s
i luv this song,,keep it on :P
I love that song more than i love justin bieber and i love justin alot!
your music are really coooooooooool!!!!!!
I love so much that song ! simply PERFECT ♥
zen zen
i like this song
AMO d+ a saga crepusculoo amanhecer parte 1, e vc na trilha sonora della ♥ ameii esse video
Ruby M
Amazing ♥<3
that girl is lucky i wanna be her cause she is on a video with you
.....ooohhh dear bruno y do u have to be so hot!!!??<3<3<3<3XD i hope you go a long way!BEST WISHES!
I love the video and also reflects a lot of feeling is so good point bruno mars cool jejejejeje
I loooooooooove this song!!!! But, the music video is definetly NOT the best music video. It's actually pretty bad. But, I still really like Bruno Mars and ALL songs by him.
To tell you the truth there all my favorites except the way you are ...sorry, Bruno
talking to the moon is awsome
looooove this song!!!!
totally perfect for breaking dawn! great job bruno!!!
i absolutely love your music and really cute
i love this song too and so does my little bro!!! he sings it!
wow gr8 song , my fav is still grenade
im in love with this song <3333
misha s
MMMMM this song makes me ffeel like im in a sad music video.... but in a good way :)
desculpe mais eu falo espanhol e seu soh portugues
sam bay
best music ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
You are so awesome on the Twilight CD!!
Alex Ss
i like this song Bruno
would love to hear an acoustic version of this song, as I already love it...
awww thats my favorite song and talking to the moon
Wow Bruno how did you know it was going to rain today!?
A beautiful song
what struck me very much ,
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee this song...its so amazing:) :)
Music simply beautiful! Bruno Mars forever!!!! forever... forever!!!
love this video but its so sad :(
"there'll be no sunlight, if i lose yo baby" is that how it goes?
by the way awesome song
1 of the Best of Bruno perfectly suits the in the movie it <3
I think that this is one of his BEST songs ever!!!!!!!!
i loved breaking dawn and your song totally made it 100% better
awesum.....truly gud....come to india once plzzzz wanna c u live....bruno....
I absolutely LOVE this song!! It is one of my favorite songs EVER!!! :D
i love this song it is sad and amazing love it and love u
hello bruno mars i love you baby i am falling in love with you can you come to long beach ny hey Bruno Call me some time 1-516-897-2476 i love the lazy song marry you and runaway baby
if i were you i wouldn't be putting my number on the internet....
OH mei Gosh.. that was the first ever song that made me cry :)) and it because it is awesome yeah ..
hello bruno mars i love all your video and your music i am falling in love with you one day i would love to marry you
Mr Koba
hey bruno i love ur music and ur the best dancer ive EVER seen ur amazing :)
i dont really like this song
nice i love Bruno
this and grenade r my 2 fave songs!!!!
love It Will Rain Brunooooooooooooo Love
i like the song it will rain.
thats so good u r the best big fan
I am bi fan Bruno Mars I Love YOU
i luv that song! I luv you bruno marrs!!! (:
i love this song its my favourite song and just the way you are i love u bruno
ur the second fan boo the world knows that i am the biggest fan!! luv u bruno!!
what u kw bout me yoww.....i wud jump in front of ah train for bruno,,i wud take ah bullet threw my brain for bruno and i wud also catch ah grenade for bruno soo i guess ur the second biggest fan now!!!!!
I love your voice..I am crazy about this song!!!!
i <3 the song how u make songs? bruno?tell me!
it is st-pen-dddddd. ma si scrive ks???? bah!
is she really his girlfriend?
she's beautiful
its true it is a perfect song for breaking dawn
Taja T
me too :)
i love the lyrics of the song :)) top list of my favorite songs
I love all the music,but It will rain is my favorite ! Love You,Bruno ! You're Perfect .
Love Twilight and Bruno Mars and it will rain!!!
Love youu Bruno Mars!
You are the best!!
Buenisimo este vídeo. Se paso Bruno Mars.
u r amazing! yay 500th coment!!!
It will rain is my fav song!!!!!!!!!
Bruno Mars + Breaking Dawn.... insuperable, Just perfect!!!
Twilight + Bruno Mars = Unglaublich
Make me wanna get freaking tonight with you.. bruno. Give me motherfucker
love Bruno Marz love Twilight. they be together and i be happy
i love your music and I know you dont look at these mesages but if u r looking im 11 and I need edvice reply I will tell u what plese iknow bissy  please im not going to wast your time
This one is ma favorite..! Go viral today ight, with Authenticview$ |.]com, you can go viral, and get them MAD hits to ANY video!?
I'm still crying whenever I hear this song! I love you so much Bruno!
I love your Bruno, and I love you too..... <3
This is my favorite song from all songs that are ever made!!!!!!!! I love you !!!!
Una de mis canciones favoritas ♥
+Gloria Mars la mia igual esa cancion me hace llorar cuando la escucho me recuerda a un amigo que lastimosamente me dejo en la fiendzone ( nose porque mierdas te cuento eso >.<) xD
+catalina trujillo cardoso xD te liberastes conmigo :3 . . Pasame tu face Hoolie c: o si quieres buscame en Face "Gloria Mars" ♥ Family Hooligan ♥
I love this song is one of my favorites.:-)
Fine, horrible, nothing extraordinary... only just take a listen and figure out by yourself! But I absolutely absolutely love them
My beloved band from now on!
Take a look at the youtube URL to find out
You are so awesome Bruno Mars stay blessed!:}
extremely...beautiful :)
Ouais c'est vrai elle est TROP BONNE votre musique !
My girlfriend broke up with me don't know the truth why she knows in her heart I loved her so much like the song I will catch a grenade 4 you .natalia Fernandez will always have a spot in my heart . but she has moved on and I have to as well I cry and I'm in pain but its OK god has a plan for me .I don't want to try to keep asking her back in typeing she wants him cool I'm OK with that . she was my golden star .now I'm better off without her like she is without me .natalia knows I was a good man to her treated her good but she will never tell she will lie to her family and friends why she broke up .in a relationship you are post to be there for one another no matter how hard it gets . I'm not saying this to get her back she acts like I don't exist straight cut me off don't want to see me on any website she won't say a word to me if she saw me walking down the street .I don't understand how some one can be that cold blooded to a guy that you was with for 8 months and he met the hole family and the kids liked me . and you said you love me but look at you now what would Jesus do. 
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