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Bruno Bowald
You can do anything and everthing with EXCEL
You can do anything and everthing with EXCEL


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Allgemeines Excel Referenzwerk
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Gratis Seminar (50 min) zum neuen, mehrere 1000 seitigen Excel Unterstützungs-Programm kann ab sofort gebucht werden (E-Mail mit Wohn- oder Arbeits-Ort)
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Hi Richard
your notice about an hour ago appeared on my PC with a POP up, without me doing anything - pretty neat.
I 've not had much time to work on the circles, as I seem to be doing to many other things right now. (My most important project at present is to build up a group of people, who are willing and able to provide competent support for the excel programs that I am creating - this will of course become its own circle or even several, depending on skill levels)
It is all very exiting and interesting.
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I see your new picture
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here is a internetaddress I found, which is pretty explicit regarding this program:
It does have an English version, which you can open with a click - it does not let me in, as I am in Google as a German language user. This answers another question of mine at the same time - the one about the language.
From reading the FAQ's I conclude that the best would be to have different circles for different language contacts.
It is then still possible to share streams/feeds, by using the same keywords in all languages.
have a great day
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