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🤘 The Black Hack Second Edition is finally here! Follow the link: - happy hacking! 🤘
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Hello, I'm crazy, now I've got a new idea every day. Steal it if you want, go even crazier.

Skeletal Formula for molecules = Dungeon maps.

Bonds would mean corridors. double or triple bonds would have a special meaning (traps? stairs?)
Atom nodes would mean rooms
Atom symbols (Hydrogen & Carbon nodes are implicit) would mean something (encounter, trap, monster, treasure?)

One-page dungeons? Go for Cafeine.
Mega-dungeons? Diamond crystals, or more complex molecules.

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"Everybody's on Facebook."
"Why are you all on Facebook?"
"Because everyone else is on it."

I don't like this. I don't like MeWe as a closed platform. I don't like the fact that there's no way to hyperlink inside MeWe and, because you need to register *and* subscribe to a feed, you can't hyperlink from the outside too.
We're locked in.

One of the consequences is that nobody shares posts or articles from groups to their timelines. I was using this feature of G+ as a sort of "content curation" ; not every article from a group is shared, but when it is, and by more than one person, and by persons I appreciate the tastes, it probably means that I would like this article. Now I'm bound to subscribe to a whole bunch of groups where the noise/information ratio is so poor that it might be a good idea to unsubscribe. But I can't, because unsubscribing would mean NO posts on my timeline.
Locked in again.

I don't like the gazillions notifications and the online chat where the stream of messages is out of control. And don't get me started on emojis, I feel like an idiot when I use them.

The OSR OPML file is a good idea, but I'm not sure I would like to add ALL OF THEM in my RSS feed.

And on top of this, I don't like the way that the whole RPG community (with a few exceptions), saw MeWe as the only alternative possible, within a few days, months ahead before the effective end of G+.
Call me an nonconformist or a rebel ; in fact, this is what I am.
But I don't like the way that this migration story is told. Why would we jump the cliff like lemmings?

There are so many cool people I'm following on G+, so many creative minds, persons that draw monsters and maps, create random tables, write heart-lightening articles, share their thoughts, ask questions and start mind-blowing discussions.

I feel bad today, because I still want to benefit from their online presence, but the medium they've used does not fit my ethics and the way I envision what should be a social network.
I know there's still time, but right now, I'm upset. And confused. And baffled. And sorry. And all of this at the same time, and maybe many more emotions that I can't name.
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Au détour d'un partage sur, je suis tombé sur Simple Fantasy Adventure, par +Audrey Winter, un rétroclone de Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, publiée par ICE dans les années 90, pour jouer dans les Terres du Milieu, mais bon… sans le degré de complexité de JRTM ou Rolemaster. Ce rétroclone est remarquable, à plus d'un titre, que je développe dans l'article qui suit :
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This. This guy. A huge talent and a wonderful person.
It's alive ! Alive !

Yes, I did it ! I thought I was too clunsy with computors to do one, but I succeded !
I create my own blog. It's more a gallery or some archives where I put my drawings and I talk about artists I like...

You can have a look, it's online !
And I'm proud...

So it's here :

And, of course you can share if you think it deserves.
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Ok, so let's make this clear. MeWe, Diaspora, FlagadungSpaceOnAStick are just being EVALUATED as an alternative to G+ sunsetting. We've got millions of seconds to live here. I won't stop posting here now. G+ is still the best place on the internet to talk about RPG and al.
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Let's follow this attentively...
I'm going to start creating posts to consider the good and bad things about each social media channel I come across, to see if I can work out which is actually good, as opposed to merely popular (I'm looking at you MeWe). The community I had hoped would do this has become overwhelmed with people sharing their new address, so hopefully this collection will help.

My personal criteria are as follows (in rough priority order), but I'll try to make clear what I think it good about a site rather than just giving it a star rating or whatever:
- Ability to choose what you read (inc blocking people)
- Ability to choose who reads what you write (same)
- Long-form content
- No stupid algorithm deciding the order I see things
- Decent mobile app
- No ads / unintrusive ads
- Ability to subscribe and receive notifications
- Decent search function
- Ability to independently (a) comment (b) give someone a thumbs up/plus/whatever (c) reshare something and (d) save something for later reference.
- List of places I've saved something for later reference should be separate/separable from the list of other notifications
- Comment threading

Please feel free to comment with other criteria you consider important!
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Today's #inktober prompt was "Forest" (yes, I'm using an alternative prompt list) I quite like the fact that my today's entry is also a micromap…

(My prompt list:


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yes... a cosy Hobbit hole. With beer and cider and tea leaves in the attic. with warm fire in the main hall and large windows to see the rain pouring outside, to be washed away by the wind and that would let the sun light in, or butterflies dancing in the kitchen... I would even start smoking and grow foot-hair to make it more real.
Some people want a man cave or a she shed. I want a hobbit hole. I watch tiny home shows and dream about it.
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